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  1. Try not to park your car in the lower lots if big rains are on the move. the mall floods BAD!! Alberto in June of 06 swamped the place with 6 feet of water from the crabtree creek.
  2. Red Palace?? Look I am from up northeast way NJ NY, gotta say way overpriced, average at best, and have you seen the place? Dirty bathrooms, carpet is pretty worn and the ratings from the wake county sanitation are iffy over the years. But then again, every other place down here in the triangle that makes chinese is a bad buffet or takeout place that serves fried chicken with the chinese food.
  3. Cannot figure that out the N&O had an article last year that Fuquay was the biggest growing area in wake now??? Holly springs and apex are big time growth so less desrirable is in the eye of the beholder. Should have moved to Cary.
  4. Come down to Fuquay, Holly Springs Apex many homes have lowered there asking prices over 15% . And still not much is moving. Ask some of the builders around here. NOTHING is selling in many neighborhoods.
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