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  1. Renovate the Nissan site with a dome but maybe buy out PSC and make room for a baseball facility as well for the future. I don't think Nashville is quite ready for 81 home baseball game support just yet. Titans could play a season at the MLS stadium (like the Chargers are doing) or at Vandy if those dope heads ever get off their money and renovate the worst facility in Power 5 athletics. Could do it with minimum local tax exposure with the $200 million subsidy the Titans/NFL will kick in, maybe a few hundred million on a hotel/motel/BnB tax, and some private partnership dollars to develop mixed use on the site. Using the existing location should save a few hundred million on site acquisition cost.
  2. Downtown is thriving, but I do think the next step on Nashville becoming an International City is becoming more diverse in its entertainment offerings. Nobody in their right mind is saying to diss the horse called country music that the town is known for. But, I do think we could diversify our musical options aside from BB King's and a few other select spots. You can't help but notice that in downtown, for a city that is probably 30-35% minority, that very few venture down there unless the Titans are playing or Beyoncé is in town.
  3. In a lot of cities, I'd lean way more to the no-new stadium front. However, in Nashville, I think you could make a case that you'd get a lot more utilization than most towns with a retractable roof stadium. Just thinking about the Titans, MCB, College Football Playoff, Final Four, CMA, X number of concerts we maybe miss out on in the cooler months, etc. I wonder if there is anywhere directly downtown where you could build one with some convenient access to the MCC or if you just build on the current East Bank site and maybe send the Titans to the MLS stadium for a year while its being redone.
  4. Sorry for your loss but glad to see you on and share this view.
  5. Agreed, this place is 5 miles from the city center. Sorry about the luck of the people in Bells Bend, but you're the final frontier in Davidson County, and it makes too much sense NOT to happen. They did it to Bellevue, they did it to Antioch, they did it to Hermitage, and all of those are much further from the center of town than Bells Bend is. I'm amazed it took this long!!!
  6. The Antioch crime deal is so completely overblown to me. Is it more crime ridden than it used to be, absolutely. But I have never for a second felt endangered in HHM. Some of you all wouldn't even leave your house in New York City the way you talk. I grew up in that neighborhood and Davidson County did the area a disservice 20 years ago when they allowed developers to build apartment alley down the Bell Road corridor and doubled the fun when Section 8 displacements were sent off of Hamilton Church Road. The Apartment renters are shorttimers that retailers can't count on long-term and the Section 8 folks don't have Macy's or Dillard's disposable income. That combination creates shopping mall flatlines. The Antioch-Cane Ridge area has so much unrealized potential, but something is going to have to be done quickly.
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