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  1. https://downloads.ctfassets.net/jaw4bomip9l3/4jtnV0U5IaSN6KK2ZO5eYz/1ffdee3a3f7c5cdc37cb2e6f2af61601/CLT_2020_Report_of_Achievement.pdf A 2020 newsletter for CLT. Too much to quote, but some good expansion/construction updates.
  2. Funny you should suggest that. Athens, GA applied for a SCASD grant for CLT service in 2019. The ERJ would be a vastly larger aircraft than the one US Airways traditionally used. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/could-one-of-the-nation-s-top-college-football-towns-become-new-nonstop-destination-at-clt-/979745414/
  3. CLT will get a second SCASD route. St. Augustine, FL (UST) Attached is a summary of all awards. file:///C:/Users/tyler/Downloads/DOT-OST-2020-0231-0199_attachment_1.pdf
  4. They aren’t gone completely. They are gone from November and October respectively until April. I wonder if it’s a casualty of them being really tight on gate space right now and they just can’t afford to fly marginal routes.
  5. It appears we will be getting Kalamazoo, MI (AZO) service in the very near future. https://wwmt.com/amp/news/local/kalamazoo-airport-receives-1m-grant-to-create-nonstop-flight-to-north-carolina VLD (Valdosta, GA) and SCE (State College, PA) also applied for grants to help create service to CLT. We will see if either gets awarded.
  6. They have made significant progress on the exterior of the concourse E extension. Taken this morning from the gate E 14 area around 8:30am this morning. There were several workers on the roof. It appears that the blue roofing is in the process of being installed.
  7. Already, between FNB tower, Circa Uptown, The Mint Apartments, and 500 West trade, there is a healthy amount of apartments/residential in the general area. Whenever the parking deck next to FNB is demolished and redeveloped you will likely see more apartments/hotels separate from the entertainment district. On a side note. Do we know if when the parking deck is eventually re-developed. Is the Residence Inn going to demolished or will it stay? Also don't forget. That you not only have the Carolina Panthers (10-11 home games including preseason) plus hopeful play off games
  8. https://sportsgrindentertainment.com/american-airlines-details-plans-for-charlotte-airport-expansion-hundreds-of-new-jobs/ AA is getting 3 new gates by the end of year? I suppose they might be from concourse E extension, but I didn't think they were adding any new gates there. Just creating more gate area for the existing "outside" gates. Also, here is a terminal lobby expansion update from CLT twitter. Tweet: Queen Charlotte is safely tucked away as work continues on the Terminal Lobby Expansion project. Work on the 366,000 square feet of new and renovated space is coming
  9. Wow.! $2.85 is a steal for that. I just put it in a inflation calculator. It comes out to around $26.16 today, which would still be a good deal by today's standards! Actually it was planned as mainline during covid (in the works pre-covid). 2 daily 319. It flew on 1 daily this spring before cases in Canada rose again. It still showing as operating as 2x 319s in October we see if it sticks. It goes to CR9s for the Winter before returning to 319s in April under the current schedule. As alluded to by LKN704. It's likely a play to keep AC off of YUL. Which they were consider
  10. Just posted this in the Moxy thread, but the JW Marriott appears to have opening on August 18th. Per the Marriott website.
  11. Has the resumption of the Moxy Hotel project even been confirmed yet? I think I remember it being on hold due to covid. Also the above article stated that the JW Marriott was going to open in May 2021. It is now scheduled to open on August 17th.
  12. Interesting tidbit. Spectrum has the naming rights through 2028. Funny origin story. The reason Time Warner Cable/Spectrum holds the naming rights. Was due to an agreement that allowed the Bobcats/Hornets to get out of the horrendous TV deal they had with Time Warner Cable prior to switching to Fox Sports (Now Bally Sports). https://www.fromthisseat.com/blog/19756-time-warner-cable-arena-home-of-the-charlotte-hornets-changes-name-to-the-spectrum-center.html#:~:text=Charter Communications bought out Time,home arena in Uptown Charlotte.&text=The original naming rights deal,
  13. CLT-YUL is actually currently flying once daily. So it will definitely still be there in September.
  14. In light of the US-Canada border officially re-opening. Air Canada has confirmed that service to Charlotte will re-start on September 7th. Once daily on the CRJ-200 as previously mentioned. https://aircanada.mediaroom.com/2021-07-19-Air-Canada-Ready-to-Reconnect-Canada-and-U-S-Travel-With-Up-to-220-Daily-Flights-Between-the-Two-Countries
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