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  1. A bit of good news in these rough aviation times. It appears that Southwest will be starting flights to Denver beginning on December 17th. There is no mention of it in the media press release, but it is bookable on Southwest.com https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/southwest-airlines-extends-published-flight-schedule-through-jan-4-2021-301067061.html
  2. It's honestly hard to tell where the UK campus begins and ends. Honestly, unless you are walking around the heart of campus, it really doesn't have a college campus feel to it.
  3. As a current resident of Lexington, I have to disagree. While there is a decent amount of urban sprawl in certain areas, the city has largely been able to maintain the horse/bourbon culture imho. Also, the urban sprawl that is present has fairly well defined boundaries compared to several other southern cities.
  4. I wouldn't put any thought into the changes you are seeing right now. They are likely just placeholder changes (because they took the A330's out of the system) and European route decisions for Summer 2021 will be officially made at a later date.
  5. Obviously nothing is official, but this seems like it could be the real thing. I like the touches with 1768 being when Charlotte was incorporated as a city, and the Latin phrase "ubi concordia ibi victoria" which translates to "Where there is unity, there is victory"
  6. Also, from the same thread, there's this tidbit too. Hard to say how trustworthy the source is, but could be an exciting development. GSE (Ground Support Equipment).
  7. Are we sure It isn't just going to be an announcement of record passenger numbers for 2019 as posted in the Good News Report thread?? Before rumors getting blown out of proportion. Hopefully it's both, though!
  8. Through November. CLT was already 3.1 million ahead of last years number's through November. It may not be 50 million, but it's going to be really close. If you use a growth rate of 7.25% (the average of enplanement/deplanement growth rates this year thus far) on last year's number of 46,444,380. It projects to 49,811,598 https://assets.ctfassets.net/jaw4bomip9l3/bzBcxhuI56RhvQpdat06e/055dee0576c9463f4f0a95dcb18f8952/Pages_from_1119_November_2019.pdf
  9. While a significant part of the ramp congestion can be blamed on lack of oversight and building on the cheap. With low operating costs being the major selling point of the hub, it's understandable why management has historically operated in this manner. I'd rather have our current situation than a situation like CLE, MEM, CVG, PIT, etc... It's allowed CLT to survive as a hub to the point where CLT's future is now largely secure. At the same time AA is certainly involved in any major expansion project. If adding international routes was a real priority. We would have seen new international gates/expanded FIS facilities by now. Instead AA appears to be content with adding domestic gates and expanding international down the road. Theoretically more domestic flights in the meantime could be a driver for more international flights down the road.
  10. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tedreed/2020/02/25/american-airlines-makes-peace-with-qatar-and-foresees-longhaul-flying-to-doha-africa-and-india/#405e87e428ee Well there goes that idea. Unusual to specifically pinpoint a hub like that. The widebody comment is somewhat encouraging, but is very vague at the the same time. Intentional or not, however, I do like that he didn't specifically narrow it down to Europe. "Regarding the Doha flight, Raja said the originating city could be any one of a number of cities that include American hubs and Seattle. He said Charlotte is not a candidate, but will get more widebody international service “with some future development” that involves relieving congestion on the tarmac, where too few gates can accommodate widebody aircraft."
  11. Columbia, MO is a realistic add and I think it would be successful. AA already has multiple flights with first class service to both Chicago and Dallas. I suspect CLT will be added, but it will likely be a few months before an announcement. Given that they still have to negotiate a contract and get it passed by city council.
  12. Here's another in depth summary on the new lounge https://thepointsguy.com/news/amex-centurion-lounge-charlotte-first-look/ Exciting times!
  13. Flights to Williamsport, PA beginning August 20th! Replacing the current daily AA flight to Philadelphia. It will be once daily on a CRJ-700 aircraft. https://www.northcentralpa.com/american-airlines-changes-williamsport-regional-air-service-from-philadelphia-to/article_abb37d88-533d-11ea-9167-bb2d44aaa432.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  14. It appears that the ECU-App State game could be moved to Thursday Sept. 2nd. The Georgia-Clemson game will be on Saturday Sept. 4th. It could a huge weekend for college football in Charlotte! It would also leave dates open for future announcements. The current future schedule is 2020: Wake Forest vs. Notre Dame 2021: App State vs ECU and Georgia vs Clemson 2022: None 2023: North Carolina vs South Carolina
  15. I have flown through the AA hubs at Phoenix, Dallas, and Chicago each within the past 10 days and Charlotte was suffixed with "NC" at each one. I wonder if its a universal AA requirement.
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