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  1. There was a rare occurrence at CLT today. The Wednesday MUC-CLT flight diverted to IAD and after arrival to CLT was not able to be turned around in time for CLT-MUC. Therefore, there were two LH CLT-MUC flights today. The first, yesterday’s scheduled flight, pushing back at around 3:50pm on A359 equipment. The second being the regularly schedule flight but with an A346 aircraft substitution. Also bonus pictures of a nasty severe thunderstorm warned cell only a few miles north of the airport around 5:30pm. We had to make an immediate right turn after take off from 36R. The inbound flight was already delayed by an hour and we were lucky to get out without further delay.
  2. Most if not all of the shops/restaurants for the new East Terminal Expansion have been announced. https://www.charlottefive.com/shake-shack-clt-airport/ Highlights include a Shake Shack, Wicked Weed Brewery, and a second Bojangles! Not mentioned is the already annouced Centurion Lounge. Which will be on the top level.
  3. Very Interesting!! Barring some serious value engineering, CLT is going to have a world class terminal entrance!
  4. Finally! Also, if you read the comments, the use of a canopy seems to be confirmed.
  5. The date of the concourse B renovations completion seems to keep being pushed back. By the time it is done they will have been working it on for almost two years. I understand that it takes longer working with a short time window each day, but it still feels like it is taking much longer than it should. Did they mentioned anything about an updated timeline for completion of the A-Concourse renovations or the East Terminal Expansion? I'm interested to see how they separate phases for the main terminal lobby expansion. Perhaps by security area, ticketing area, canopy? Finally, on the website it has the proposed phase 2 of A North being 16 gates. Have they broken it down into three phases or are they going to cap it at 19 gates instead of 25? Was there mention of the proposed new "OAL" terminal with check in counters, baggage claim etc..?
  6. Smash Burger is finally open on Concourse A North!
  7. CLT-DUB was actually originally flown by a 757. The A321LR adds something that AA can't offer. Therefore, like you mentioned above I could see this as opportunity to go year round with an AA 332, and EI A321 in the summer, and just the EI A321 in the winter.
  8. https://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=93146 "In October 2018, the FAA completed a Runway Length Analysis as part of the EIS process. The analysis determined that a shorter runway length of 10,000 feet is adequate to accommodate aircraft that will operate at the airport in the future. The original proposed runway length was 12,000 feet." It sounds like this decision was out of CLT's hands. A bit of a bummer given that part of the reason they were building the extended runway was to accommodate longer flights. Most major airport seem to have at least one "longer" runway of 11,000 feet or more. I know it's been discussed that 18/36C is long enough to handle Trans-Pac Asia flights so hopefully this is update is due to newer aircraft technology and not an outlook that does not include a need for a longer runway. (IE Tokyo, Asia cargo, etc..)
  9. http://www.cltairport.com/News/Documents/Publications/The Navigator Feb 2019.pdf Confirmed as temporary while construction is ongoing.
  10. To celebrate 15 years of service to CLT. Lufthansa is sending the A350 on March 26th, before beginning regular service on March 31st! If we were A380 capable, I wonder if they would have considered sending one?
  11. A glimpse inside of the new East Terminal Expansion. I like what I see so far. They may be getting slightly cheap on renovations, but the latest terminal expansions (E-Checkpoint, A North) have all been really impressive imho. Hopefully they commit to making the main terminal expansion truly world class and include the proposed canopy.
  12. http://www.cltairport.com/News/Documents/Publications/The Navigator Feb 2019.pdf February Construction Update. Highlights: The elevated roadway will under go a traffic shift in March. Completion of the expanded roadway is expected for Fall 2019. Concourse B renovations are scheduled to be complete by the end of the April. The main atrium will be refreshed as part of the renovations. The final design for the terminal lobby expansion should be a approved in the coming months and will take 4 to 5 years to complete No mention of the canopy, but they didn't go into many specifics of the expansion this time around.
  13. Here's the official Spirit press release. There are no posted flight schedules yet that I can find, but each will be once daily. http://ir.spirit.com/file/Index?KeyFile=396708998
  14. Starting on March 18. Public Charter/Business shuttle airline Ultimate Air Shuttle will begin flights from CLT to Atlanta- PDK (DeKalb-Peachtree airport). They will fly 2 flights Monday through Thursday and a 1 flight on Friday Ultimate Air Shuttle has flown CLT-LUK ( Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport) since 2013 and currently flies one flight a day Monday through Thursday. Flights are operated mainly by Dornier 328 jets and occasionally by an Embraer Erj-135 You can find the flight schedule below. https://ultimateairshuttle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/022519_promo_single6.pdf They seem to have found an interesting niche and I don't see why this can't work as a convenient alternative to ATL. Worthy of note. i believe that this is their first scheduled route that neither originates or ends in Cincinnati. Edit: Just announced on the CLT Airport Twitter.
  15. CLT has actually been in the top ten of flight operations every year since 2007. Still remarkable, but not necessarily indicative of increased passengers figures. Here is a link to the lists for each year. Wikipedia is the best I could find. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_busiest_airports_by_aircraft_movements On another note. Escalator expansion in concourse D/E connector began Monday as part of the East Terminal expansion, which is on track to be completed by this summer! Also, as part of NBA All Star Weekend. The airport has painted some of the rocking chairs purple and teal and set up two pop-a-shot games in the atrium!
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