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  1. What an absolutely disappointing, enraging thing to read, and a terrible waste.
  2. Highly recommend watching the Richard Hammond short on youtube about JUE477, the first Land Rover off the line in 1948...
  3. So, the REAL key statement from FAA dude in Memphis is https://simpleflying.com/why-the-faa-wont-let-nashville-airport-extend-its-runway/ Which, uh, isn't any more comforting and might actually be more disconcerting.
  4. Depends on the role as to the level of "monitoring" but in general, no. We don't have software that's watching your every click as you multitask with fantasy football while you're supposed to be doing a work task. Only assholes do that kind of thing ( I worked for one in the early 2010s - the company went out of business). We can limit, by policy, what you can do on company-owned equipment, but that's it. And that's done by way of firewall rules and EDR solutions.
  5. How does the FAA deny a runway extension? I understand they do the regulations around patterns, the regulations, etc, but as long as the runway meets FAA spec, then under what authority do they say what an airport can and can't do? We need Lexy
  6. This is cool stuff. Have been working with them behind the scenes.
  7. My sentiment as well. Regardless of the type demand (industry related or whatever), BNA needs a 787-9 via either CDG or AMS as either one is a true hub into Europe. And it would sell like hot cakes. However, Schipol is reducing the number of inbound flights so that rules out AMS, and CDG is a cluster any time I fly through. Maybe we can get a TAP route via Lisbon... and none of these routes would require lengthening runways.
  8. Hey I'm not a mod anymore and have more than 13 years part of the UP community... so.... Dude, do you actually believe what you type? The world changed with Covid and that included office space and the business that runs them. It has precisely ZERO to do with the government or the "adults in the room". My generation (and Bos2Nash and SeanBlackDog and others here who are of a certain age) has been trying for a decade to change how and where work is done. Apparently it took a million plus people dying from a somewhat preventable catastrophe to get there. Yes, office space and buildings will be pared back or canceled altogether. But it's got precisely f**kall to do with "adults in the room".
  9. Working on my post, but this just hit the news today, related to the 70/315 work: https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/columbus/how-rebuilding-of-i-70-71-will-affect-downtown-columbus-streets/ The 3rd St Cap that will lead into German Village is rendered below. This link shows the current southern view leading into German Village. This specific cap will mimic the one currently situated over 670 on the north side of downtown that contains High Street and feeds into the Short North. Hopefully with better architecture.
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