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  1. Hidden for that reason. No offense @nativenashville but it did actually make me slightly dizzy while it was on.
  2. The owner of this thread is updating and has been doing so since early this am. Glad to see everyone reporting in and my heart is breaking for for my hometown. Nashville is strong, and will rebound. For all who can assist, but can't necessarily help in person, please donate. I'll edit Mark's top post to include this link, as well. Keep checking in, UPers, as you get power back and get situated. https://secure.cfmt.org/WebSales/pages/DonationInfo.aspx?epguid=72098276-2ba4-41b7-afac-636dc6bdcd2f&doninfo=1215~01f452b0-719d-4168-a723-0799feb97a6e&
  3. We have a lot of buildings like this in Columbus that sit in neighborhoods dating back to the mid 1800s. I've had some trouble distinguishing new versus old in some cases, especially in Victorian Village and Italian Village, to the point that I've had to look at the property data pages to verify. Good to see Nashville finally getting something like this.
  4. You sound particularly cursed. I'd say 98% of my air travel in the last three years has been on on time or ahead of schedule. The two or three instances were SJC -> MDW which was cancelled due to winds, and forced an extra couple days in San Jose. The others were in France.
  5. Here's a brand new idea. Just ditch the pattern and paint them one uniform color, a la the screen going up at Gulch Union.
  6. Yeah dude. Have a listen:



    1. e-dub


      Man, I'm absolutely fudgeing with this. THANK YOU!

    2. e-dub


      Do you like Mux Mool?

    3. dmillsphoto


      haha, I figured it would vibe with you. I haven't heard of Mux Mool, but I'll check it out now!

  7. Seconded. Only 270 have done this so far.
  8. I've heard rumor that Cooper has actually asked Tony to begin deconstructing 505 CST.
  9. Hey @e-dub - have you gotten on the Kiefer train at all? Looking for his vinyl, he's pretty dope.
  10. I sailed through that show last week and hadn't realized that at all. Guess I'll have to go back and re-watch,
  11. COLUMBUS, OHIO. Seriously, though. We have a couple hundred thousand more residents more than Nashville and a third the traffic problems. But, there's a huge difference - we have a fairly flat and logic grid system that expands north to south, I-270 is a full ring with intersections at 71, 70, and 670 running across, and 315 to the west side of town (basically, our 440). We also have smart-lanes on 670 now, which is an E-W stretch about 8 miles long that transepts the city. Public transit, however, is still really, really poor, though.
  12. Meanwhile, In Cincinnati greenway news, have a gander at this video of the Lick Run Greenway that's currently UC. https://youtu.be/WH1RNSndP8E
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