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  1. American Exceptionalism. We excepted ourselves out of the rest of the modern world. We're on the verge of excepting ourselves to being a second world entity. And heads up, Communism isn't coming.
  2. Beaman is being sold. Paywalled, but... https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/07/30/exclusive-lee-beaman-to-sell-automotive-empire.html?ana=twt
  3. American Exceptionalism. We excepted ourselves out of the rest of the planet.
  4. Search for the Neuhoff topic. Just south of the water treatment facility.
  5. This thread is the correct thread, Sean...
  6. Losing the Springwater would be one of the final acts in the death of punk/alt culture in Nashville. Not a fan of reading that...
  7. Landing at Keflavik (10) tops it for me mainly because it's (300')ocean-ocean-ocean-(100')-land-(minimums)land-runway, but JWA was pretty nuts on departure. Princes Juliana on St. Maartin is also interesting for that reason and a similar takeoff to JWA.
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