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  1. The red zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in the white zone.
  2. I've worked from home for five years now, but I am also customer facing. But I don't show my face at the office cause the closest one is in Chicago or St. Louis. I don't think you or @Luvemtallcan paint with such broad brushes. Some industries work well from home, some don't.
  3. Found this quite the interesting stat, and wonder what the Nashville equivalent would be like...
  4. Nahhhh. Amazon isn't branding any sports things anytime soon. That said... maybe the Oracle Coliseum?
  5. Damn. Looking at that curved roof and thinking to myself, what an absolutely wasted opportunity for solar.
  6. Solid list, WW. Was in and out of town for a concert this weekend at Brooklyn Bowl (first time there - decent venue!) and am continually impressed by Barrique. Their lagers/barrel-aged lagers are especially good, and am always a fan of a tooth-enamel-melting sour. The head brewer came out of the same home-brewing org as the partners at Bearded Iris (Mid State Brew Crew in the Boro). Huge fan of, and friends with the guys, at SoGrist. @Nashvillain I recommend going to the new east side taproom/restaurant. They've got the most innovative gastro-pub grub in town with Lauter. Stellar concepts coming out of there.
  7. A. I can't unsee all the shocked faces. B. I can't unsee the fact it looks like drawers to a dresser all the way up. Which, IMO, makes it look rather dystopian...
  8. Here's the names and votes last night for the final (successful NO) vote on hosting the RNC
  9. 100% agreed. Actually. If there is someone who hasn't read it and has a genuine interest in understanding the topic better, I will personally ship (a lightly used) copy to them. Just DM me. While I wish I could buy everyone a copy, I'm only gonna do this once.
  10. I mean, as poorly worded as that post was, I think there's something to be said (and I will recommend this book til my dying breath) about lessons taught in The Color of Law around historically black neighborhoods, the culture, and the destruction of. Not that these islands should remain tacitly as they are, but integration needs to be carefully planned.
  11. Those tracks need some desperate attention in terms of leveling the asphalt.
  12. I'm supposed to be neutral here but... uhm... welcome to the new norm. It's terrifying. Not deleting and cannot agree more with you.
  13. From CMaL Bob Mendes Today is the day Council members get a list of legislation proposed for our next Council meeting. It includes an ordinance to approve an agreement for the RNC to be here in 2024. First reading on July 5.
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