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  1. Wilson County getting $109M Renewable Energy-powered REI Co-op distribution facility. More from NBJ Here.
  2. If Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear/Grand Tour fame was left to assign an airport code.
  3. Well, I feel like they kinda had to. Because it's Minneapolis. Not gonna walk around a city that's -20 and windy!
  4. The owner is a good friend of 20 years. Lot of folks in Madison are stoked to have something like this in town.
  5. I say that any further discussion on the topic should occur in the coffeehouse.
  6. I mean, Mark was originally supposed to turn 66, but due to the residents of City Lights suing, he is only turning 45 now. Happy Birthday, Mark
  7. thought for half a second that was a colorized pic of the construction of the Shoe taken from a hot air balloon.
  8. Well that's a cool as hell shot. Very Blade Runner-esque.
  9. "Okay, Guys. Guys. Great idea. Let's put a rectangle. On top of a cylinder!"
  10. Well, he clearly knows what's more valuable.
  11. I mean, it's pretty. But to the tune of the age conversation on the1010 thread, I doubt many of us will be alive to see it to fruition.
  13. RE: Parler- This is, and feel free to delete this other mods, but akin to cheering "Yay, we're relocating Storm Front from Worthington OH to Nashville! It's a corporate Relo!" Disgusting. This is slap in the face to Nashville. There is literally no value to this for the city or the state.
  14. I have half a mind to fly you to Heathrow for a day and back just to see what pics you come back with.
  15. Pretty self-explanatory. (y'all can keep going but reality is, until 2L gets lengthened, it's a pretty moot point to keep bashing especially since anything under 950' will likely skate through)
  16. Was gonna chime in again but Sean just nailed it ahead of me. The logic is this: traffic departing ahead needs to, based on destination, either clear immediate departure routes to the left or right at a designated altitude. In the example with the Antonov, because big, slow, and heavy, it's advisement from tower was to change heading toward town at 2500'. 747 would likely be closer to 3,000' elevation. 787-10 would be at about 4k, but then consider that 31 is also where the ANG planes depart, which often include C5, Globemaster, etc types. Again, big and slow. OHare gets heavy with 747s and 787-10s, but it's runways are not oriented toward the City (strong winds and you often have heave traffic going west rather than east especially for takeoff in Chicago). Also, 14.5 miles to get to altitude. Midway... that airport scares the piss out of me me but, it only gets narrow-body aircraft by comparison. 7.5 miles to tall buildings, which gives most departing aircraft there ample time to hit 4k elevation. BNA is only 4.5 miles away, by comparison to the Chicago examples.
  17. Once runway 2L is lengthened, I think the FAA rule will dissipate as the current reasoning is; Runway 31 for a take-off path takes heavy lifts (think, Atlas 747s, the occasional Antonov pitstop) toward downtown.
  18. Echoing sentiments already expressed, but this is a huge loss for the music scene in Nashville. High Watt is one of the best sounding 300-capacity venues in the city, and the character of Cannery and Mercy cannot be matched elsewhere. It is akin to losing City Hall a decade ago. This is one of the few times where I'd much rather see the existing property stay exactly as is rather than any kind of redevelopment at all. Sad and disappointed.
  19. Those are all awful. They look like political yard signs.
  20. That's so confusing to me because Parnassus really isn't all that special. But, living in Columbus now, I'm admittedly spoiled by the best of the best in unique independent book stores.
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