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  1. Welcome to the forum, and agree that the Cumberland was a big risk at the time he built it. And, it proved to be a success in his vision for what downtown can sustain. Is it ugly? Yep. But, without it, maybe the fire never gets started for downtown residential. But I still have to agree with B2N on this one, especially on the isolation of income classes part. I'm not sure if he intentionally meant for it to be that way, and he'd likely deny if asked. But, for something to be forward thinking and innovative, it really really shouldn't be in the dystopian/classist fashion. Which is, in my opinion, what his current vision is.
  2. Since I had to google it, this is the group that runs the House of Cards, The Cash and Cline museums, and Skulls Rainbow Room, among other attractions.
  3. Gonna make his Sound of Music take on beer sound rather dumb... Dough... the stuff that buys my... juice? Ray... the guy who serves my... juice? Me... the one who drinks my juice?
  4. This isn't too dissimilar from Kings Island in Cincinnati, though. For residents on the west side of town, it's a 45-minute trek to the theme park and yet it remains an attraction for the entire region. 25 minutes (or less for the likes of Mt. Juliet) is nothing. This is very much a "If you build it they will come" scenario as far as the remaining needs with hotel, food, etc.
  5. decent pizza in the restaurant next to the stairwell ^^
  6. Captain @UTgrad09 white courtesy phone, Captain @UTgrad09 white courtesy phone
  7. While everyone else is dreaming of 750' towers, I'm just over here thinking like, "man, the JRP and Woodland Street bridges need some design to really act as gateways between downtown and the east side."
  8. I mean... y'all are basically asking for a capped version of The Shoe here at OSU, which is albeit less round and more... shoe. I don't and wouldn't expect any modern sports facility to ever replicate that style, and especially so considering the prominence of location. It's fun to dream but would never happen. Cost of the facade alone would make it unobtainable as an investment.
  9. "Why does it still smell like metal, exhaust, and Cumberland River?"
  10. Don't sleep on Burger Joint. That is one of the better burgers I've had in Nashville.
  11. I personally think, with a fair amount of quiet and smug laughter, that Palmer Plaza was once a prominent building in that frame. Oh, Alex.
  12. Wilson County getting $109M Renewable Energy-powered REI Co-op distribution facility. More from NBJ Here.
  13. If Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear/Grand Tour fame was left to assign an airport code.
  14. The owner is a good friend of 20 years. Lot of folks in Madison are stoked to have something like this in town.
  15. I say that any further discussion on the topic should occur in the coffeehouse.
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