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  1. 1 hour ago, 14themoney24theshow said:

    Cumberland is his worst project by far but was his first and the city's first downtown in many decades so the risk was high.  Kudos for him for taking the risk.

    Welcome to the forum, and agree that the Cumberland was a big risk at the time he built it. And, it proved to be a success in his vision for what downtown can sustain. Is it ugly? Yep. But, without it, maybe the fire never gets started for downtown residential.


    But I still have to agree with B2N on this one, especially on the isolation of income classes part. I'm not sure if he intentionally meant for it to be that way, and he'd likely deny if asked. But, for something to be forward thinking and innovative, it really really shouldn't be in the dystopian/classist fashion. Which is, in my opinion, what his current vision is.

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  2. 1 hour ago, bigeasy said:

    My concern for this location being in Lebanon is more related to the distance from all the hotels, food, etc. If people are traveling to Nashville just for the park, would a family really want to drive the 25 min every time?  I am a huge Disney fan and staying in close proximity is part of the appeal (not on site though as their prices are insane). This location (and really overall design) has a more local and maybe regional draw, vs say a Disney/Universal that is pulling in tourists from everywhere. 

    This isn't too dissimilar from Kings Island in Cincinnati, though. For residents on the west side of town, it's a 45-minute trek to the theme park and yet it remains an attraction for the entire region. 25 minutes (or less for the likes of Mt. Juliet) is nothing. This is very much a "If you build it they will come" scenario as far as the remaining needs with hotel, food, etc.

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  3. I mean... y'all are basically asking for a capped version of The Shoe here at OSU, which is albeit less round and more... shoe. I don't and wouldn't expect any modern sports facility to ever replicate that style, and especially so considering the prominence of location. It's fun to dream but would never happen. Cost of the facade alone would make it unobtainable as an investment.

    Buckeye Stadium (OSU) Panorama | Ohio state pictures, Ohio state university  campus, Usa places to visit

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