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  1. Losing the Springwater would be one of the final acts in the death of punk/alt culture in Nashville. Not a fan of reading that...
  2. Landing at Keflavik (10) tops it for me mainly because it's (300')ocean-ocean-ocean-(100')-land-(minimums)land-runway, but JWA was pretty nuts on departure. Princes Juliana on St. Maartin is also interesting for that reason and a similar takeoff to JWA.
  3. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out the perspective of this thing hanging versus on the ground.
  4. Two things that stand out, or, one that does and one that will. the AB building bridges the gap nicely from this angle "between" SoBro and the CBD. And secondly, Four Seasons is going to do for SoBro what 505 CST did for the CBD as far as height is concerned, and it's going to be spectacular. Minor callout to the Centric peeking up but it's going to be lost from this angle.
  5. Great. Now we have Crazy Gnome in Nashville and Dancing Gnome in Pittsburgh and Hopping Gnome in Wichita. That's not confusing.
  6. You just replied to a 34 year old. Back in his day, he was still a Millennial who was faced with the same problems you go on to describe. Also, hyperbole gets you nowhere when debating. There's not hundreds of millions of young Americans, we make up about 45% of the overall 320ish million total population. If you're going to suggest one of the best data gatherers on the site do research, you should do the same and be accurate in your own argument. Sincerely, another Millennial.
  7. I can actually host y'all on WebEx. I'm not limited by time (company resource). Would definitely be a bit of a cluster but at least a lot of the side conversations that usually occur could be relegated to the chat window...
  8. Hidden for that reason. No offense @nativenashville but it did actually make me slightly dizzy while it was on.
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