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  1. Can't say I am surprised given how the music industry has been decimated thanks to Covid, however seeing Exit/In jeopardized like this is, especially after Rotier's closing, truly depressing. https://tennesseelookout.com/2021/02/15/exit-in-property-listed-for-sale/
  2. No crane base or tower crane for the stadium construction, all mobile cranes will be used. Same case for our Crew stadium up here in Columbus.
  3. You're thinking of <redacted to not speculate motive> and they do have a large outfit of gear downtown close to the AT&T Hub. It's not all their most critical applications but there are a lot that serve their southeast/central region operations.
  4. The broadcast harkens back to the days of the IRA, when they'd announce codified messages to prevent civilian casualties as they were targeting institutions, not people. Also agree it was targeted against AT&T but beyond that, the rest is simply without facts until they become available. As mod, having read through a few posts thus far, a couple of you are teetering awfully close to breaking the TOS rules, so please lets keep speculation on the who especially out of the conversation. I'm glad everyone is safe and this wasn't worse than it is. And I'm sorry Nashville has had to endure so much this year, this certainly isn't the cherry on top that the city deserves right now.
  5. Their jackfruit taco is hands down one of the better Americanized tacos I've had...
  6. Huh, funny. I saw this one on final as it flew over Nolensville/OHB and couldn't for the life of me figure out why an A320 was so low at that point. Pulled up flightaware and realized that no, in fact, it was an A330 but had no idea why one would originate out of Atlanta. Thanks for filling me in @Sean blackdog
  7. American Exceptionalism. We excepted ourselves out of the rest of the modern world. We're on the verge of excepting ourselves to being a second world entity. And heads up, Communism isn't coming.
  8. Beaman is being sold. Paywalled, but... https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/07/30/exclusive-lee-beaman-to-sell-automotive-empire.html?ana=twt
  9. American Exceptionalism. We excepted ourselves out of the rest of the planet.
  10. Losing the Springwater would be one of the final acts in the death of punk/alt culture in Nashville. Not a fan of reading that...
  11. Landing at Keflavik (10) tops it for me mainly because it's (300')ocean-ocean-ocean-(100')-land-(minimums)land-runway, but JWA was pretty nuts on departure. Princes Juliana on St. Maartin is also interesting for that reason and a similar takeoff to JWA.
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