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  1. I can see my old house in that view! 24/Bell Road is going to be the most congested onramp in the city with this much addition, which means HH Parkway can't open up soon enough.
  2. I took some peyote after reading this and decided, no, not really. ahem. f EDIT: it's more like a troll casting a spell.
  3. Denver-based Bob Swerdling has submitted plans to Metro regarding two hotels he has envisioned for 1st Ave and Korean Veterans Blvd. One hotel would rise 36 stories with 491 rooms and potentially 450', while the one just to the south, would rise 14 stories and have 200 rooms. Swerdling and his team, alongside ESa Architects and engineering firm Ragan Smith will go before MDHA tomorrow, August 6th, to seek concept plan approval. As the site sits in MDHA's Rutledge Hill redevelopment district, committee approval is required.
  4. They're also on different ends of the technological spectrum, by and large, and the disciplines they are attracting (without Oracle having even let slip what the office would be for) would be different as well.
  5. Ah yes, the red roofs are fun. As are the cacophony of antennas that adorn them... the view from Vieux, Lyon, FR.
  6. I either ran into or nearly ran into that pole more times than I care to admit. Enough that I ended up just running in the bike lanes rather than the disjointed sidewalks along 51st.
  7. Anecdotal, but I drove a new Outlander as a rental out in Cali a couple months ago. Never again.
  8. Keeps it static (moving within submission order of the other pinned threads) on the front page, but also reduces the number of of threads visible.
  9. If this gets pinned, something gets unpinned.
  10. There's a certain hockey player that owns one of those homes in that image. He doesn't play for the Preds*. *Yet. Hopefully.
  11. If there were as many Music City Stars and tracks as there were scooters, the numbers might be worth comparing. Otherwise, that's one of the most illogical stats I've ever seen.
  12. True story, but Ron has in fact talked to brick walls in his past. He was trying to uncover additional details about a future project.
  13. Not really a travel observation since I live here now, but... Columbus Ohio as photographed by me. The recently completed overhaul of their riverfront on both sides of the Scioto is something to be envied by all cities with a river. It's one of the most pedestrian friendly cities I've been in, especially within the first two miles of the CBD.
  14. White Bison is generally pretty quiet and has decent parking. The upstairs area would be my recommendation...
  15. Also keep in mind there's 40-ish feet of difference in grade between the res tower and Renaissance,..
  16. "Welcome to Heaven's Door! Here's your whiskey-tastin' glass and a pair of black Nikes, c'mon in!"
  17. I like the activation of the cap here in Columbus for N High Street. It really begins the connection from the convention center to the miles-long-stretch of retail through the OSU campus and into Clintonville.
  18. Why'd you have the bring up the Preds power play, @markhollin??!!
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