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  1. Thanks, and thank you for expressing another part of my 2 cents that didn't get typed out. I am feeling substantially more optomistic with the project now it is being revised and the stupid little hot-air balloon rides gone. I think that with the limit of new office tower construction in Nashville, limited to Pinnacle, some of the Brentwood/Franklin/Hendersonville businesses might consider taking a floor or two at the hottest building in the Southeast, thus pulling business back to the core and allowing for future projects of this magnitude. One last comment on Signature, some have speculated that Tony G. lost a substantial number of contracts in this revision - I do no believe this is true, as when I last counted, 89/107 contracts were for the 44th floor and above. With only 125 residences remaining in the revision, that is more than the required 60% for leasing from Bovis. Land a second anchor tenant for the business part of the tower (the other being an additional 3-5 floors of Palomar) and voila, construction. If he plays his cards right, we could have a winter 2011 completion date set.
  2. OK, my two cents as a resident of Nashville: This tower will be built, just like WES will and just like the 1201 Demonbreun towers will. This is part of expansion. To comment - the proposal is not dead as Monsoon has suggested in post with quote "The proposal is now dead and the developer has gone back to the drawing board." The Burj Dubia went through something like 16 revisions before a final count for business, hotel, boutique, and residences was resolved. It took several years to achieve this. My data to back that up was the Discover Channel special on Dubai, as quoted one of the developers. Provided Signature Tower is nowhere near the icon that Burj is, it is going through the same process - revisions until it is finally accepted and built. Who cares if it takes five years total to get it sorted out. That does not signify death. Only delay. To comment - I don't think her posts have been "childish" as suggested, rather I would say a little more unsympathetic to the building. I doubt seriously it is jealousy over Nashville vs. Charlotte. I believe this is the last revision needed - and it will still have the claim as the highest residences in the US when it's done. 70th floor penthouse hasn't changed at all, in fact it was the first to get a contract. (Edit: This excludes the Chicago Spire until completion of each)
  3. "Giarratana said in an interview that he has decided to cut out 25 floors of condos and will replace them with another business — possibly offices or more hotel rooms — to keep the tower at its proposed height of more than 1,000 feet." It's about time this came to be
  4. reminds me of a shot I took a few years back with an old Nikon 6mp SLR I had. I took it from the pedestrian bridge, on the landing closer to East Nashville. Link http://binaryheretic.deviantart.com/art/Nashtalgia-6802025
  5. More than where the hotel will go, where will the convention space be? Judging by the size of it, it will only have about 240,000sqf. I realize this is only an idea, but making another Schermerhorn-style building of this size with so much courtyard space... between 5th Ave and 8th Ave, would be way too much for my eyes... I don't think it's innovative enough for SoBro...
  6. After driving through Midtown Atlanta this past weekend and sitting at the corner of Peachtree NE and 10th st looking up at BOA... trying to put it in perspective at 5th and Church. The more I looked at it and discussed it with my wife, I am starting to think that it will almost look ridiculus. Tony's renders are useful enough, but being right next an actual structure makes me doubt that it will work. I am starting to think a Pickard Chilton tower, not unlike 1180 Peachtree might be a better centerpiece...
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