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  1. Ate Dinner at Martin Street Pizza last night. I got a slice w/roasted peppers and a side salad. The pizza was a little chewy for my tastes, but it tasted alright, and the ingredients were definetely fresh (i could tell the cheese was hand grated). We were expecting a more casual style of ordering at the counter, but they were actually waiting on tables for dinner. There was a good number of people there for their second night of being open. The guy who waited on us said they were also waiting for their outdoor seating permit as well as their liquor licencse.
  2. I ate there as well on Friday for dinner. I was really hoping for something more though, as their signs had been promising "gourmet" as well as a "healthy take" on chinese food. Instead we seem to have just gotten a run of the mill chinese option. I ordered Sesame Tofu, which was not on the menu, but most chinese places will make if for you. (In fact, Red Dragon is the only place that has ever refused) The tofu was not cooked all that well, it was a little soft and wet inside, and I thought the sauce was a little light on flavor. Maybe these are things they will work out in time, but
  3. Abyssinia has been there for a while, so I guess they are fairly well supported. The first time I went was when I was attending State, probably in 99 or so. Anybody know for sure how long they've been there?
  4. I ate there on Saturday to help encourage them to open up on Saturdays. When I got there, I was the only one, but a couple more folks tricked in afterwards. I really like their vegetarian sandwich options, and would love to see them open up on the weekends and evenings because I can't eat there on weekdays.
  5. I haven't been involved in the CAC that long, so i'm not totally sure, but i do think the project is a goner for now, and that's why our CAC is working to at least just get the buildings torn down.
  6. I've grown to love Capital City Grocery as well and have also been trying to do most if not all of my grocery shopping there. The hot bar is hit or miss (especially for non meat eaters), but bewteen that and the salad bar, it has become a favorite quick and conveniant dinner spot for me. The best part is that I live within easy walking/biking distance. I really hope they make it this time around...
  7. Hi all, I've been reading the boards for a while, but first time posting. As a resident of the mordecai CAC area, here's the latest update I got from our most recent meeting. The boarded up apartments as well as the white vacant shopping center share the same owner. It seems as if the owner is just sitting on the property waiting for someone to buy it, unwilling to do anything with it. Our CAC is working to try and get the buildings condemned by the city of Raleigh for something such as a mold or asbestos hazard, so they would be required to be torn down. Apparently the city's codes
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