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  1. I was flying out of the airport over the weekend and a delta flight from ft. Lauderdale landed in nwa airlink livery. nwa airlink is still flying out of the airport for northwest but it wont be long before that route to Memphis is lost.
  2. It wont. This deal was done soley on the fact that legislators want direct air transport to the capital. I was doing a little more research and found that delta will be having its new regional partners pinnacle and shuttle America flying the Atlanta route as well as current carrier ASA. I bet it will be more of a rarity to see the MD-88 at TLH although shuttle America has a fleet of only Embraer 170 and 175's which I personally think are a great fit for the airport.
  3. Thats interesting that they would be flying those planes as deltas regional partners have been phased them out over the past five years due to the efficiency of regional jets. Delta has no partners with turboprop aircraft current but Northwests regional partner Mesaba Aviation has a huge fleet of them. Perhaps these routs will be what TLH gets from the lost memphis route from the takeover. But this is definitely an up grade from the 19 seater beachcraft that continental connection flies to a saab 340 witch seats 34 people.
  4. I doubt that Delta shift Memphis flights to Atlanta due to the extreme over crowding. That being said I think that delta will downgrade Memphis to a focus city and I would not be surprised if route to Cincinnati or Detroit was added.
  5. That is a delta charter flight but a 767 that seats 270+ seems a bit large for the short flight to atlanta. It would be cool to see the plane land when they come back to Tallahassee after the game.
  6. A delta 757 carries 183 passengers and a 737 carries 160. In comparison a MD-88 carries 142 passengers and a crj-900 carries 76. I also went on to the Delta website and they are flying embraer 175s and under the multiple stop itineraries you could stop at Memphis between ATL and Tallahassee, this should mean Delta will be continuing Northwest's Memphis route.
  7. Yea, Delta occasionally flies in 737s at times of higher passenger demand but usually only MD-88s. Who knows with Delta stopping inter florida routes and the merger with North West could make enough passengers to fly 737s and 757s into Tallahassee instead of the crjs and MD-88s.
  8. Has no one thought of Jet Blue? They would seem to be a better airline to service Tallahassee than Southwest because they have focus cities at both Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando's airports. Plus Jet Blue's fleet of Embraer 190s would fit Tallahassee's passenger demand.
  9. Avant is killing the civic plaza plan. The new design is undescribly horrendous, from two 22+ stories buildings to one 12 stories. The former plan was much better and who wants a miniature version of the Reynolds building, it is miniature its self.
  10. When Airtran first started flying into TLH they had a commuter program called Airtran jet connect (similar to Delta connection or Northwest airlink) that was operated by wisconsin air and flew crjs. The contract was canceled early to mid of this decade and Airtran kept the routes that would be profitable to fly their 737s and 717s into such as Tallahassee. Also i was looking at the airport website and under airport capital projects update Terminal Parking Facility was listed as a project is this a new parking deck or surface lot?
  11. When I read back on my post I realizes I was not very specific on what on the nose and cockpit was different. On the MD-88 the nose is round while on any crj the nose is pointed. Also on the cockpit windows the MD-88 has an eyebrow (One window pane on the side that is one pane higher than all the rest) while crjs have no eyebrows. One other noticeable difference is on the back of the engines, the crj has metal at the end of the engine past the cover and the MD-88 engine is completely enclosed by a cover. On the Mesa note I found this information: Arkansas El Dorado [service ends June 30, 2008] Harrison [service ends June 30, 2008] Hot Springs [service ends June 30, 2008] Jonesboro [service ends June 30, 2008] Texas Dallas [service ends June 30, 2008] Perhaps the ending of these routes is freeing up planes for Tallahassee. Any more info on Mesa you know of TD?
  12. Yes it is typical, I have flown into Tallahassee myself on a MD-88 from Atlanta and Delta mainly operates MD-88 flights into Tallahassee from Atlanta with a few crjs daily. Delta uses the MD-88 extensively through their fleet of 117 to domestic midsize destinations that are short or medium haul. The MD-88 is commonly mistaken for a crj but Delta MD-88s holds 142 people, about 100 more than the average 50 seater crj. The only good way to distinguish a MD-88 from a crj is by looking at the cockpit and the nose of the aircraft but the engines are much larger than one of a crj. Also the MD-88 has a wider body with a 3-2 seating configuration and first class service. American Airlines also operates many aircraft in the MD-80 series with over 340 in their fleet.
  13. Delta 737s back at Tallahassee Regional Today delta flight 1750, a Boeing 737 will depart Atlanta at 6:50 pm and land at Tallahassee at 7:53 pm. The plan will spend the night in Tallahassee before departing back for Atlanta at 6:00 am Wednesday. Also Delta is operating a 737 flight on Tuesday may 20th, that will arrive in Tallahassee at 7:53 pm.
  14. Not that I know of but I know that Piedmont Airlines operated 727s and Fokker F28s at TLH. What I find interesting is that FedEx express just built a new facility that was over 3 times the previous facilities space, what would be needed to store the 35% more cargo space that the 757 has. I would not be surprised to see FedEx express 757s operating out of the airport in the next 1 to 4 years. On my last visit to TLH I noticed that a DHL plane with covers over the engines I also noticed a DHL plane in the same spot when I was their in the summer of 2007. I checked DHL aviation
  15. Some good news for all of you who are looking forward to seeing aircraft with jets under wing return to the airport. FedEx currently operates 727s out of the airport and is replacing their ageing fleet of 90 727s with new 757s that will completely replace the 727s. FedEx currently has 7 757s with 83 orders, FedEx started adding the new 757's at the beginning of this year and will completely have the fleet replaced by 2016.
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