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  1. Updated Golden Sparrow renderings (sorry if these are a repost, I didn't see them in any threads yet). Really hope this project happens. It'd transform that part of Orange:
  2. A shot this afternoon from the 55W garage, looking east down Pine Street. This thing is huge.
  3. The view from the 55 W parking garage on Pine:
  4. camstrang

    55 West

    Thank you. My business is 17 years old, I know what I'm doing haha. The only reason I posted the details about the build-out design is because a lot of the people on this board are interested in architecture and design, and what types of businesses are coming and going. An established media company is replacing a bar. That's notable. Our employees are, on average, mid-20s. Very different from the lawyer and bank offices a few blocks away. It's interesting to see the demographic shift on this part of Church, honestly. With Uproar and the co-working spaces on this block, most of the lunchtime foot traffic is trendy kids rather than accountants in suits. To me, that bodes well about the continued evolution of this part of Church. It'll be interesting to watch the next couple of years. Once it crests 15' we'll have a perfect view of it, and while maybe not mounting a webcam, I'll definitely post regular pics.
  5. camstrang

    55 West

    Quite a presumption you made about my company and staff if you don't think we know what kind of work environment fits our culture and business. We've been in the design and construction process on the new space at 55 W for a year now with plenty of input and buy-in from our team. Everyone's excited about the move, but thanks for your advice. [Now remembers why I don't post on this board.]
  6. camstrang

    55 West

    Hey everyone, I'm a near-daily reader of these boards but have posted maybe once in the last 8+ years. I appreciate everyone's passion and insight. I wanted to introduce myself because yesterday I moved my company into the big 2nd floor space in 55W adjacent to the bridge. (Bonus points if you ate at the Olive Garden there in the 90s.) Our space is still under the last bits of construction, but after 6 months of delays, we should be wrapped up and fully moved in next week. We're RELEVANT Media Group, a publishing company I founded back in 2000 -- we do a magazine, video, web, podcasting, etc. We've have been located on Orange Avenue in Winter Park near Rollins for the last 6 years. I'm looking forward to moving into the city core. Can't get more central than the fat conquistador building... And as much as I hate the exterior architecture, our space will be amazing when we're done. It's about 7,000 SF (suite 211). Previously it was some sort of bar/nightclub, but I never went to it so I don't know much about it. Apparently the 55 W owner didn't have any success doing bars/restaurants on the 2nd floor, so last year they shifted strategy and started trying to bring in businesses there. Uproar, a PR agency from Chicago, moved into the suite opposite of us across the courtyard. The Hawkers HQ and test kitchen is moving into the space across the bridge from us. We're building out an open industrial modern loft space. The front ⅔ has brick walls, 25' ceilings, concrete floors and a ton of natural light cuz of the walls of windows. The back ⅓, where they had the kitchen and offices, we've gutted and are turning into studio space (audio suites and a soundstage). It's a pretty unique thing to make a space like this in a downtown core. Anyway, starting next week I can be one of this board's eyes and ears on this stretch of Church Street. As you know, the block is about to undergo some big (and long overdue) changes. I'm all about phasing out the 80s western theme schtick, while protecting the actual character and historic buildings that we have. But also excited about seeing a new wave of modern development come on with Tremont, the Magic's plaza and whatever the new owners of Church Street Exchange are gonna do. Anyway, since I'm moving in, I figured I'd introduce myself.
  7. No pic either (I was driving), but I too can confirm the very exciting chain link fence being put up today.
  8. Her points make sense ...
  9. I heard on the news the other day that Dolce (the former Club Paris) is already closed? Is that true? Is it part of the the Hilton coming in, or did they just go out of business?
  10. camstrang


    Does that mean construction is actually starting? Having to drive by their dirt every day and seeing it just turn into a field of weeds, I've gotten really skeptical about this project ...
  11. camstrang


    There's a red notice on the front door of the sales office announcing a public hearing for a master plan amendment. Does anyone know what the changes are? They've already switched from condos to apartments (though the signage on the sales center still says condos). The rest of the development is retail and office buildings. I'm curious what more they're wanting to change.
  12. camstrang


    Any idea when construction is supposed to start? Since demolition and the remodeling of the sales office this spring, there's no activity. Are they waiting for a certain sales number before construction starts?
  13. Have people in this town never been to New York or London? H&M is a very cool -- and affordable -- clothes store. (Very popular with people under 40.) Like IKEA, it's a destination store that brings European, modern style to the masses, but only with fashion instead of furnishings. Having an H&M in our downtown would be huge. It'd bring people from all over, which is exactly what our downtown needs: destination retail.
  14. I agree with cloudship. Pseudo-old world European architecture would simply add to the fake Disney-esque stigma that Orlando already has. It's not natural, and would have zero historical validity here. The last thing we need is more styrofoam and stucco facades. We're a young city, a new city, and we need to play that up. We can't recreate Soho because that kind of character evolved naturally over the last hundred years, and we can't recreate Paris because that took hundreds more. We have the opportunity of doing something completely new and original, and high tech Tokyo/Barcelona/Beijing kind of world class architecture and outdoor technology would give Orlando something that would truly draw creatives and give us the modern edge that not many U.S. cities (especially in the South) currently have. I own a multimedia company, and I can tell you when I'm trying to move world-class designers here Orlando definitely has a negative stigma. There are pockets of cool (Winter Park, Thornton Park, College Park), but it's still a tough sell. But with the new arena going in, the new PAC, Millenia mall and some of the new downtown proposals we've seen, we have the opportunity to have ultra-modern architecture and a Tokyo-type approach to pushing the envelope redefine our city's vibe. We need more of it. You want to make a creative village? Creative companies want visually stunning spaces to work in. We want modern, modern, modern. Orlando has very few options for these kinds of buildings, and if the city fostered an area of architectural innovation, an area that's funky and completely unconventional, I'd move my company there in a second. If we make a truly innovative creative village, not something that looks like Winter Park Village, Orlando can and will change its national reputation. In 5-10 years there could be a real buzz about the city on the national stage, and I can't wait because it'll make it a lot easier for me to move designers here.
  15. camstrang


    My assumption is that it's going to be a sales center for now. But that's just a guess.
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