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  1. As far as I know (not being on the tree crew) the trees were cut up and hauled off. I don't know that for a fact but given that those trees are fairly old and mature with a deep root system it would have cost the tax payers an arm and leg to remove them intact. I know the city is Really Really big on its trees and wouldn't have taken those 3 out unless it was in the best interest of the city. I also think this new entrance looks great. Now if we could just do something with the Greenville News building across the street the flow into the West End from Main would be nearly perfect.
  2. From what I understand this is a project that the Peace Center requested of the city. I work for the city at Falls Park and also maintain the Peace Center grounds, so my partner and I were the ones removing the bushes that surrounded the fountian. The city Tree crew removed 2 or 3 trees and some larger bushes, and the concrete crew installed the new pathway. As for the empty spot you referred to we still aren't sure what is going to be installed there, but it will be something small and low growing.
  3. I do love this idea! However I don't know if anyone else noticed but it took 2 cranes and the better part of a day to put up this thing. I just don't see them spending that kind of money for every show.
  4. You guys know about as much as I do. As far as a visual from Church St. I would have to say it will have very minimal impact. At least that is the impression I get from the silt fencing they have put up. I think most of that big hill belongs to the county as part of County Square and the rest to the Park. The school seems to have a very small area to work with but they are forging ahead anyway.
  5. Construction has started at the Governor's School. Heavy equipment started breaking ground a few days ago for what I understand is to be a new dorm. If you want to check it out head down Furman College Way (the road in Falls Park) and look up the hill towards the school when you get to the loop at the bottom of the road. I'll try to put up a photo tomorrow. This construction is great news for me, as myself and my partner have to mow that huge incline every week. When construction is finished the hill should be about 2/3 the size it is now. Anyone got any more info on this new dorm? All I could
  6. The Christmas lights on the bridge are far from hubbell lighting, it is actually a frame that fits over each of the lights with colored transparency sheets. Hows that for innovation?
  7. @ Skyliner. I know what you mean about the lamp post that isn't quite straight. There are several of them throughout the park that are leaning. We figure either cars hit them, or people jump up on them for a "singing in the rain" moment. As far as I know that is a Duke Power problem since they are the ones that installed them. If it really bothers you call the Greenville Cares hotline and tell them about it. Greenville Cares has a way of getting things done when nobody else can.
  8. Should have waited a bit longer for that shot. We had those stupid orange barriers removed today. Great Shot anyway, wonderful color balance!
  9. Travo

    The West End

    Now that is funny stuff! Thanks RT. I thought i had looked through all of Denton's photos, but I do not remember seeing that one. The other photo certianly looks like it would warm my heart!
  10. The fountian in front of The Peace Center with a bit of downtown construction (or lack of) in the background. ">
  11. I don't really "know" anything, as I have signed an non-disclosure agreement with the city. I'm just making educated guesses based on hearsay.
  12. Travo

    The West End

    Although we would hate the extra litter that it would create, I don't think that any of the FP crew would turn down a hot dog, pretzel, or a cold drink! Right now Starbucks cups are enemy #1, as it seems that they just can't find their way into the trash cans. In all seriousness, I really don't know why they will not allow vendors in the park. Last year there was a Vitamin Water cart in the park handing out FREE samples, but the assistant garden manager had to run them out. It may have to do with clogging up pathways that pedestrians need to use, along with our need to use the walkways t
  13. I do know that the Bells for the carillion arrived about 2 weeks ago and are in storage at Riverplace. The square grass area above the fountain is where this will be constructed. However the structure to house the bells is larger than the space it is to occupy(or so I've been told), so that is probably the hold up. The fountian is running correctly for the moment. The "interactive" part of the fountian is currently roped off for two reasons. 1) it was closed for the winter. If you walked past it during the cold weather you no doubt saw all of the ice that accumulates in it. 2) Before it
  14. Great shot RT! I've been meaning to get be the zoo for months now. Continuing my Snow theme here is a shot of the Main St. bridge with RiverPlace in the background. I just love the contrasting colors in this shot, especially with the ice covered tree in the foreground. As you can tell my lens was a little wet..ice was still coming down at this point.
  15. Here is one I took about 5 a.m. on Jan 18th. This is a view of the Reedy River side of the Peace Center taken from River St. Parking lot. I only saw one other person in the park that early and he was taking pictures as well.
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