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  1. Hey Mark, Congratulations on your award last night. Keep up the great work.
  2. New ranking for Fayetteville...Ranked #7 in the nation for "Best Cities to Live, Work and Play" by Kiplingers Magazine. See link below: http://www.kiplinger.com/money/bestcities/
  3. Before we take up all the land around WAC for new development shouldn't we program what the Walton Art Center needs first? We get one shot at maintaining the arts here and forever to regret "sleeping at the wheel".
  4. It does seem like a double standard doesn't it? Maybe this was the city's way of saving money on Christmas lights (sarcasm button on). Seems like a real shame.
  5. "Ditto" on being proactive. I too believe that other parts of NWA deserve their highpoints. For one, I think Crystal Bridges is awesome. I commend Alice Walton for spending her money on something that will be enjoyed by the public for years to come. I am not jealous in the least that Bentonville will have this facility. I will not complain that it will take 30 minutes to drive there. It will be a great regional museum located in Bentonville. The Walton Arts Center should be the same...a terrific regional facility (expanded and improved) that is located in Fayetteville.
  6. With all the talk of an "experience economy" being the buzz around town it would be a real shame to sit back and see a larger performing arts facility built anywhere but at the WAC current location. With all due respect, regardless of how much growth Fayetteville's sister cities have seen and no matter how much "dickson envy" they may have, Fayetteville IS and WILL BE the cultural center of NWA. The UofA has a lot to do with this. The political make-up has something to do with this as well, as does the historical, funkiness that Fayetteville has at its core. The citizens, politicians, powe
  7. Nice pics! Did we loose some trees around the square?
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