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  1. I used to live on Berry Rd and walked up and down 8th ave regularly, as I don't own a car. Eventually the traffic got too dangerous. If I took the #8 bus home from work I'd get off the west side of 8th, and would have to cool my heels in Krystal while the traffic cooled down just so I could cross. The pedestrian signal at Kirkwood helped but not enough. It's among the reasons I moved out a few years ago. (That and the apartment I was in was crumbling around me...)
  2. Looks like the frame for the old Greer Stadium billboard is going up at Nashville Warehouse Company.
  3. Crane going up for Nashville Warehouse Company. Photo from Martin and Chestnut.
  4. I don't have much interest in visiting Atlanta, but absent a route straight across the Smokies, it'd be the best way to get to North Carolina and all points north. FWIW I'd welcome and use just about *any* route.
  5. Neigeville2, I was just about to post a similar article. Sometimes I "jaywalk" precisely because I don't trust drivers to actually notice or obey the pedestrian crossing signals at intersections. Darn near got run over trying out the new signal at 8th at Kirkwood a couple weeks ago.
  6. Curious if anyone else went to the MTA strategic plan meetings yesterday. It sounds like they've got a good start, in coordination with the NashvilleNext people, and now they're trying to get lots of public comment over the next couple months in particular. (I'm planning quite a missive myself.) Steve Bland talked for several minutes, took Q&A, and I came away pretty happy. Of course, results will matter most, but I'm happy that he says they're looking not just at the big, multi-year big dollar projects, but the more immediate things that can be fixed over the next year or two. Things like
  7. On reasonably recent Macs and iOS devices, the Maps app does a similar thing. A little smoother navigation, but in its version the MCC isn't done yet :/
  8. I absolutely agree that an app should exist, and not everyone is going to use Twitter... but in the absence of that it's the absolute least they could do to communicate in the case of extreme delays, and until recently they weren't even doing that.
  9. There's already a pretty good iPhone app I use that gives me the scheduled data and draws a dot on the map for where the bus *should* be. For cities that have GPS on their buses, that same app updates live. Presumably there's an Android equivalent. As far as I'm concerned, there's no need to build a new app, just release the data. I'd be happy with ticket kiosks at MCC that actually take my credit cards, or RFID cards like Metro students have. I do think some things are slowly beginning to change, by the way. I've noticed that MTA is finally regularly using Twitter to announce delays a
  10. I wonder if anyone else here tried to take the bus on the evening of the Christmas parade downtown, a rainy Friday. I boarded the extremely late #25 at Greer Stadium and it took me almost an hour just to get downtown, usually less than a 30 minute trip. Then another eternity waiting for a commuter bus, which was either exactly an hour late, or a bonus trip to get everyone who would otherwise be stranded. I don't think the blame there can be laid entirely on MTA, but between them and Metro and MNPD, there's got to be better coordination, and communication with the public. (And is rush hour
  11. Well, the #8 bus serves that area, down to Kirkwood where it heads off to Lipscomb, though it's not the most frequent route ever. I am though pleased to see that they've finally installed a pedestrian crossing signal across Franklin at Kirkwood (don't know if it's active yet). I sometimes get off the bus on the west side of the street around 5:30 and end up cooling my heels in Krystal waiting for the traffic to die down so I can cross safely. But sidewalks on the east side? Yeah!
  12. There are a few locations, the one actually in Sylvan Park closed a couple years ago. http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2012/10/02/sylvan-park-restaurant-to-close.html Years ago the one in Berry Hill used to be called the Melrose something or other, but I suppose they must've changed management.
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