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  1. What if Greenville was a place where "young" only meant that youth have more time to think big & dream bigger http://t.co/vmKauA8 #whatifgvl

  2. A lone hawk comes to rest on an overhead branch while the owl stands watch from the the treetops. I live in an aviary. #signs

  3. Hoping for rain? Pray for Reign. Join the generation that's bringing resurgence and revival to a nation in need of rest. @jesusculture

  4. Slap yo' momma: I've got soul (food)! Lowcountry fare made w/ backcountry's bounty: stewed 'maters & okra, hoppin' john & watermelon. #SC

  5. Who you calling lunch lady? Chefs are take back school kitchens, trading tots for tofu: http://t.co/saBWfvM Sloppy Joe, you're on notice.

  6. I'm a hair-slicked photojournalist on the brink of unemployment. Feeling like I just roared out of the 20's; fantastic shoot THE @IanCurcio.

  7. Click. Click click clack. (Slurp) Clack click *ping* http://t.co/jNO4wJg - set for shooting w/ @iancurcio; pullin' out the Pomade.

  8. State Street Pavilion behind home plate at Fenway... Crackerjacks, anyone? @ State Street Pavillion http://instagr.am/p/IPZ5B/

  9. This concrete corner is the site of the Boston a-few-people-killed, engraved by Revere as the Bosto @ Boston, MA http://instagr.am/p/IKzhQ/

  10. Concrete contours of extraterrestrial origins, otherwise known as Montreal's Olympic Stadium. http://instagr.am/p/IGkUu/

  11. O, Canada, eh? Montreal, Quebec.

  12. Adirondack chain along the Appalachian range. The mountain's call sounds the same, no matter where it echoes. Appalachian Trail: ME to GA.

  13. Listening to the sweet voice of @alexawoodward at Woodstock under a harvest moon.. well, sort of. Doing the Catskills Mountains in the dark.

  14. Oh my Ginger: heaven smells like RandomTeaHouse in North Liberty, Philly. In the city of brotherly love, seek out this hideaway for a Chai.

  15. We the People: the United States was born here, in this hallowed hall. #freedom @ Independence Hall http://instagr.am/p/H0MW_/

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