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  1. Even if the state doesnt pay anything. The city should approve it anyway. The state will just lose out on a opportunity of a lifetime and it will make the idiots in richmond feel stupid when we have the best arena in the mid atlantic and best shows. Bypassing richmond for top concerts like lady gaga and such. I think our city can pay for our own arena. Our city made close to 1.5 Billion in just tourism this past summer. we can do it on our own.
  2. http://hksinc.com/news/sports/press-releases.aspx Is the Architecture firm who designed this state of the art World Class Arena! For the City of Virginia Beach. Now its Virginia Beach's turn to decide to build it or not which I think they will. Mayor Sessoms is working hard to push this through! http://hksinc.com/news/sports/press-releases.aspx
  3. Yes, Cityview lost financing. They are even talking about turning the Midtown apartments into corporate housing because noone can afford the rent at Midtown at Cityview
  4. Yeah I just realized..lol. I guess I had abit too much to drink last night
  5. I do not think its possible for construction to be complete by October 5th. They still have alot of work that is not complete following the big storm that is currently in our area. The rain and wind and such will just delay the project until November at the lastest
  6. New Laser and Cosmetic Center Opens in Town Center. On the corner of Columbus and Market Street
  7. As you can see, CDE is progressing. I will be so glad when this connection is done! Here is a picture I took today!
  8. Constitution Drive Extended • Four-lane roadway from Columbus St to Bonney Rd • Completes a network linkage between Columbus St and Bonney Rd • Cost participation project with developer who is constructing the project • Total project cost: $8.8M • Fully funded • Construction 40% complete • Construction completion October 2010
  9. I rode by Town Center today. I Noticed Dr McDaniel a plastic surgeon/specialist is opening his comestic center on the corner of Market and Columbus street. Which is facing the grassy area of block 9 on the Westin block. Looks like we are getting medical offices in TC.. He can surely afford it! He has one fancy sign up for sure with plenty room to operate on his patients at this new location!.. Laser and Cosmetic Center!
  10. Yeah the lady that said ''Shame on you, All stinking of you''. What a uneducated idiot she was honestly.. She does not understand what the corridor will do for the city. I bet she is the one that voted against lightrail because she thought bringing blacks from norfolk to virginia beach would bring more crime. It should not be about race or what color you are!. This is 2010. we are in the future now. If the babyboomers are going to fuss and live in the past, let them. Don't let them ruin the opportunity for Virginia Beach for a lifetime. Lightrail is a very important project that needs to start as soon as possible. The sooner the lightrail the sooner more developers will come in and build more developments that will help the citys tax base to keep the tax burden off taxpayers.. Lightrail will decrease traffic on our streets, BRT, I think we all know what happen with BRT a couple years ago. The city council, mayor obernorf broke down on the side of the road in PUNGO.. who wants that type of transportation? Lightrail runs on tracks with electric overhead lines and continues to move smoothly. BRT would be a mistake!
  11. The bridge is about 95% Complete. They had about 5 Cement Trucks out there today pouring on the ends of the bridge where it meets the road. The trucks were driving across the bridge. the guardrails are up! and they are starting to lay the foundation for Cityview II Project. . There are at least 2 dozen steel pilings sitting there. That is defiently not part of the bridge! I will stop over this weekend and take pictures
  12. VIRGINIA BEACH City officials said Tuesday that they've struck a last-minute compromise with the state to complete a $40 million deal to buy an old rail line for a possible light rail project. The city expects to close on the 10.6-mile corridor owned by Norfolk Southern later this month. Until Tuesday afternoon, city officials were fretting that state officials might require them to commit to a light rail project to get a $20 million state grant for the rail line purchase. This would have put in an awkward position many City Council members who say they are waiting on completion of an ongoing transportation study before taking a position on light rail. It also leaves the door open for a referendum, which a majority of council members have said they support. Voters rejected light rail in a 1999. The City Council has not taken a stance on it since. Under the agreement with the state, to get and keep the $20 million, the city must use its "best efforts" to pursue light rail. Alternatives, such as a bus rapid transit system on the line, would be temporarily allowed as long as light rail remains the long-term goal, city attorney Becky Kubin told the City Council. Council members, who are scheduled to vote on the issue next week, largely praised the agreement. "We are extraordinarily close," Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson said. "We don't want to lose the ground we've covered." Under the 2009 agreement to buy the corridor paralleling Interstate 264 between Newtown and Birdneck roads, the state will put in $20 million, the city will pay $10 million, Hampton Roads Transit will contribute $5 million, and the remaining $5 million will come from a utility easement on the property. http://hamptonroads....thern-rail-line
  13. FY 2011-2016 Proposed RoadwaysCapital Improvement Program (CIP)Briefing to the City CouncilPublic Works/EngineeringPresenters:John Fowler, P.E., City EngineerPhil Pullen, P.E., Transportation Division April 20, 2010 Constitution Drive Extended • Four-lane roadway from Columbus St to Bonney Rd • Completes a network linkage between Columbus St and Bonney Rd • Cost participation project with developer who is constructing the project • Total project cost: $8.8M • Fully funded • Construction 40% complete • Construction completion October 2010
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