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  1. Does anyone have a photo of the old Chrysler HQ in Highland Park? I've been looking but can't find one anywhere.
  2. One of our teams won something.
  3. A friend and I went to Greektown on Saturday and it was great. I took a bunch of pictures but now I can't find my camera! Fortunately it was only a disposable camera, which is all I can afford right now.
  4. Well, I spent the last 3 days going through this thread. These photos are great. The lobby of the David Whitney Building is amazing. Like other people have said, it looks like it just went abandoned yesterday. However, it is hard to belief people were using that building just nine years ago. It looks like it was stuck in the 1920s, like the Fischer or Guardian Building. It reminds me of a pre-WWI Cunard ship. Great photos everyone!
  5. Have any of you guys been to the Detroit Breakfast House in Merchants Row? I went there a few weeks ago and it was probably the best breakfast I've ever had. It seems like a great place for office workers to go or for families on the weekend.
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