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  1. Does anyone know what's going on with the project that's supposed to be built at the Holiday Inn site?
  2. I'm VERY excited about this project! I'm happy to see a new office building with some character to its design.
  3. Well that definitely puts my mind to ease.
  4. Just something that's been on my mind... It's very discerning to hear a lot of the comments from people on the Virginian-Pilot articles concerning The Tide. They refer to it as "blight" rail, even the "Tide of Failure." I just don't get how these people can be so pessimistic about this project! Gas will soon top $4 a gallon! Mass transit is the ONLY solution until we have the technology to not be so dependent on fossil fuels. It takes time for an extensive system to come about and this is the first line of many to come in this area. I can't contain my excitement that one day I might not even n
  5. I remember how bustling Waterside when I was younger (early/mid '90s). The Fudgery was there, which was always my favorite highlight of going, as well as live music, clowns with balloons, and other performers. This may have been mainly during festivals, but I do have to agree that it's seen better days. It's definitely in need of a major renovation. I envision tying Waterside, Town Point Park, and Nauticus all together to create a cohesive waterfront attraction. Maybe something comparable to Pier 39 in San Francisco but not as blatantly "touristy." Nauticus could use an upgrade itself. I think
  6. I'm quite annoyed about NSU's attitude towards this project. You'd think that if anything, they'd be excited about having light rail in a close proximity to the campus. It will greatly improve the accessibility to the campus for both students and employees and is certain to be utilized by both. It's absolutely ridiculous that NSU would argue to have the stations built farther from campus. I would expect for a university to not only be thrilled about having nearby mass transit, but prefer it to run directly through the campus. And the fact that the line isn't even on campus property makes their
  7. Thanks vdogg and okinawa. Would anyone happen to know which version of the Siemens S70 model we're supposed get? The Tide website shows one identical to the LYNX in Charlotte, but I've also seen the sleeker, more aerodynamic version used in Houston with the 'The Tide' design on it. I hope it's like the one in Houston. The other one is too boxy in my opinion.
  8. Hey everyone! I've been visiting Urban Planet for a few months but this is my first post. I absolutely love this forum. It's a great way to keep myself informed of what's going on in Hampton Roads. I actually plan on majoring in Urban Studies when I go back to school, so this serves as a great outlet. The Tide is my most revered project in this area. It's one of the key components of stimulating urban growth and transforming Norfolk and eventually the whole region into one with a useable and efficient transit system. I am VERY excited about this! As for its progress, I drove past the construct
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