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  1. rucker

    N&O Site

    Fayetteville St is 40 stories, everything else is 20 stories or 250 feet, whichever comes first.
  2. rucker

    N&O Site

    The height of 250 ft is maxed out so you can only get 15-16 stories of office in that space. 325k of office 400+ residential units and 250 hotel keys plus all the retail alongwith it will definitely justify that land price. I really like how they are Opening up Salisbury st to Nash Square. As to more height, For better or worse I wouldn’t expect to see many developers attempting rezonings of any kind with the current climate on this council.
  3. Great news on pier 33 and Aloft. Looks like downtown is finally taking off. Riverplace poured up to 6th level now. Riverfront park breaking ground next month. Critical mass is finally coming downtown. Exciting times in the Port City
  4. yeah, no bubbas at all in Texas. This was about playing RDU and Nova for $$$$. They never had any intentions of anything other than doubling down in Austin.
  5. Believe it or not the base flood elevation in this area is set to drop 6-8 feet across all off these properties. That is if Wake County ever actually intends to adopt the new maps. The FFE on the new office building that is going up across from Macy's will sit 2 feet above the former FFE elevation of the building it is replacing, which never took on any first floor water in any of the Hurricane events since the 90's. These properties are already developed and impervious, so there is really no reason not to redevelop and modernize them at this point.
  6. The Lundy Group had nothing to do with Greenbridge. That was a guy named Tim Toben who sold a tech company for $20M or so and decided he could be a developer. He lost everything he had went Greenbridge went BK and is now living off the grid on an organic farm in Chatham County. The Lundy Group did the Exchange and Castalia buildings in Meadowmont as far as Chapel Hill goes.
  7. Based on activity it looks like the Liberty Warehouse project is now fully underway.
  8. there will be a big announcemnent on Charter Square very soon.
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