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  1. It would be great to see a re-imagined 131 corridor, not just from 28th to Wealthy, but also from the I-96 split up to Rockford. The daily backups and congestion, not just on Friday's when people head north, seems worse and worse by the year. Obviously it all costs money, but the metro growth over the past 20 years is making this necessary.

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  2. All of this brings up a question I have often thought...

    The arena is almost 25 years old and I wonder what the long-term vision is as the facility continues aging. SMG/ CAA has put a ton of money in to the building to keep it looking fresh and updated over the years, but at some point it is going to feel like an old building. There is an amazing entertainment district built up all around the Van, but you can't (when the time eventually comes) just plop a new or much larger arena in the same spot.

    What do you think we'll see long-term?

  3. I shop at 54th weekly and I believe the project got started about a month ago.  It has been fun to see the progress all while keeping the store open and operating!

    From what I can tell, I think the drop ceiling is going away completely.  Back in the NE corner (Electronics), it looks like a new ceiling is in. Really makes the drop ceiling look tacky! Also- so many wires- crazy to have to keep track of which wire goes where and for what.

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