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  1. I like your reasoning on these points. I think in our guessing games we play we can logically play out any ending we would like. I could turn some of what you say to support the stand that industrial sites will not pop up along Old Hickory Blvd. as you would suggest. Neither will a commercial strip. Gallatin Road, Nolensville Road, etc.., be seen along the Blvd. This idea is absurd if you are familiar with the area. Once driving the 'Bend' and knowing the battles that played out against movement into this area it stands that the pristine land will still be seen along OHB. View sheds h
  2. It is interesting to read questions that innocently draw attention and become topics of threads here while being off base. Whether it is 9 or 10 corporate campus sites planned it means the same, these are projected to be large corporates from other geographical regions of the country. They would bring highly educated trained people who will want to reside and shop within walking distance of their workplace. These stories are in the news daily! There already exists two sod farms in Bells Bend plus an 800 acre park. When adding 900 more acres designated for conservation the area has or wi
  3. It is great to see the discussion has taken more of a compromise view than one than down grades any attempt to meet what will be our future. It is not easy to look into what the next decade will bring, but 'most' will agree that it will take somewhat of a visionary person or community to reach out and plan for what is ahead when times look so 'bleak', now. In not any particular order consider: 1). One access, bridge, will attempt to meet the needs for the immediate future, but look for a second later, 15 yrs. 2). The industrial business now existing along Centennial Blvd. will not c
  4. I continue to read individuals who have stated statistics showing "this area", referring to Bells Bend, as having produced up to 75% of the produce for Nashville or Middle Tennessee. It gives the hint that development or 'progress' has eliminated the production of produce from the Bells Bend area. I take issue with this. The majority of the land that is proposed for the MTC development has been open fields for what most of the current generation can remember. Hundreds of acres have been mowed for hay with the idea to keep the land cleaned. This hay has been used to feed cattle bu
  5. In the May Town Center proposal there are stipulations in place to stop further growth beyond the boundaries of the project. The immediate lands surrounding the building site 'have to' remain rural in nature with the possibility of residential development making up the remaining Bells Bend area. (Cluster housing can be a possibility). Drive up and down the feeding streets into the city and see the long stretches of shops and strip malls that exist a few months and then is on the market; Dickerson Road, Gallatin Road, Charlotte Avenue and others. The proximity of the 'Bend' with
  6. It has been interesting to watch some of those who comment on this subject switch back and forth on this matter, strongly against to moderately luke warm for. There are 'others of us' who live very near the land proposed for this project who are in support of Mr. May and his plans for Nashville. It is only adding nonsense to the discussion when lame suggestions are thrown out to fuel a verbal fight that should only be receiving constructive conversation at this point. Those who have seen and read the proposal presented to us at the last meeting realize extra effort will be made and so
  7. Population and debt can not be stopped! We make wise management decisions at times and struggle to deal with these societal problems at others. We tend to make band-aid style decisions neighborhood by neighborhood hoping that these problems will go away and not rear their ugly heads again. The budget proposal is before us on the local and state level. There are problems that have arisen that society as a 'whole' will suffer from and have the responsibility to solve. So, that means you and me! We can not stick our heads in the sand and want things to stay "just as it has always bee
  8. Discussion is good for working out differences when 'all' sides agree to share for the benefit of all concerned. Personal agendas only create an atmosphere of conflict and while it is productive to have 'causes' in our society they should not be used to obtain personal gain. Those outside this area of District 1 need to realize that the area in discussion, the Scottsboro/Bells Bend, is just that. It is combining the two mostly because of geographic relationship. Highway 12 separates the two and there is a distinction today that has changed over the years. The assigned role of the Plan
  9. Are saying do this without the 'bridge'? It seems to be the block that stumbles. With the MTC there seems to be some consideration of Mr. M. of coffing up some $ to help pay.
  10. I will give Mr. L. credit for getting some to continue the dialogue. How can there be some who take credit for helping the BB community with keeping RACING out of OUR neighborhood now see how popular it would look here when it fits their agenda. The fairgrounds has had it's troubles over the years from poor attendance at events to what some thought to be management problems. The city has hired the guy they think can help resurrect the FG. How many times do we make a change like moving an established proprietor like the FG and it's scheduled events only to see that the change caused it'
  11. WrdBrn, I, would have problems with living within earshot of 440, as can you imagine what a race track would have brought, think of Gladeville. I am one of those who wish to do what ever "off my front porch." Make the drive down Briley near Ashland City exit and look at the man-made mountains that a consumption hungry-obese society is content with as long as it is in someone else' front yard. I love the idea resembling Leiper sFork. The log cabin replica that was placed at the intersection of hwy 12 and OHB was a great idea and we had a big yard sale and barbecue to help. All
  12. Thanks, I will check this out. I really do want to be the best informed on this subject, MTC. I am directly effected by this I DO WANT if not need to be in on what someone else plans to do to my life. I want to be in on want comes my way, only in that I want to have some say! Would a dump have fit where you live?
  13. Excuse me for the interruption but I have a question about the NEW herd of 500 cattle curretly graising in the Bend. I have not seen this herd ater driving OHB after picking up my paper at the box this morning. I did run into (not really) a flat bed unloading heavy equipment working on one of the projects in Bells Bend Park. On my return I also saw a Metro Bus stalled along the shoulder of OHB. Are the two related? I do not, and have not, seen any proof that the Bend has been and will be a major source of food for our community. The proof is in the "not seeing it done, yet!" The cat
  14. WrdBrn, it seems you have recovered(some) from your earlier writing.(on the CP) I again apologize for others comments from yesterday. I do like more of the dialogue that comes out after each meeting occurs. Organizers on both sides have lined up their "big guns" for this debate. It should not come down to who can yell the loudest and who can get the biggest name backing. My constaint request has been to talk and bring new information to the table. If not now discussion will include the area of Centnnial Blvd. and along Ashland City Highway. This discussion is just beginning and
  15. The plans for the Bells Bend park are 'great' and I have used the walking trail along the river bank. The new construction in the park along OHB shows improvement that will enhance the parks' programs. I have seen deer and hawks and an eagle overhead. I understand educational programs are planned for the future. All of this is what our community needs, but I do not want to limit the potential for the park or for the number of visitors that could possibly come. The nearly five hundred acres proposed for the MTC is a small percentage of the possible total acreage of the park when includi
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