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  1. The 12-15 years included three football expansions, a massive renovation to the basketball arena, an indoor practice facility, a new basketball practice facility, and more. From what Niner fans in the know have said, it’s very possible the expansion to 30,000 happens all at once within the next 2.5 years. It is included in the $100 million dollar figure. football, soccer stadium, softball stadium, baseball stadium addition, and a few other things are expected to happen quickly. The other items are planned for later.
  2. Must have just missed you. I was walking around downtown monroe today too and had lunch at Main Street bistro. I’ve spent a lot of time in Union the last month and I must say life is becoming utterly miserable there, traffic is absolutely horrendous.
  3. Maybe this was posted earlier in the topic, but Good Wurst is opening a location here. my company just won a bid for a project for them here. Sounds like a summer opening.
  4. Frazier park has one. At least one more is needed though.
  5. It will be percent taphouse. The owner currently has a location in Harrisburg. He was going to simply expand his operation there but couldn’t come to an agreement with the landlord for unfit allowances, so he decided to open a second facility and found a spot in downtown concord.
  6. He’s just link building for someone trying to rank better for the term electronic music (it links to the site he’s trying to improve search rankings for). Probably a bot actually.
  7. I love the new look. The old logo was hot garbage. Looked like some 90's wordart. A block letter logo is a lot more in line with other big time institutions, at least on the athletic front. That jumbled up blob of an old logo was hard to print and limited our apparel options as well.
  8. No doubt, but the homelessness on that side of uptown also creates a massive hurdle. if you’re going to spend hundreds of millions developing a property, spending $10 million more to locate in an area not overrun with panhandlers is not going to make it break the project. while on the topic of Levine, I really wish the city would do something about that parking garage. Infuriating that it’s allowed to be left unfinished like that.
  9. The homeless are why I would never choose to live along the north tryin corridor. I know it sounds callous but they are insufferable and make spending time in those areas miserable. It would be more tolerable if there was a significant cost difference to live there, but it still has a premium price.
  10. Admission rate has declined a fair amount since I went to school there in 2005. Overall SAT/ACT scores and incoming freshman GPA have improved. With today's technology do you even have to step into a library? I went to the library one time while in college. Anything I ever needed, even books, were available online. That was 16 years ago. Surely the technology is even more robust today.
  11. Saw drilling going on at the wrecker yard today. Assuming an interested buyer is testing the soil.
  12. I went to Wesley Chapel Elementary. Sure has changed a lot since then.
  13. Honestly I never would have noticed if I hadnt read this. Now it’ll bother me every time I see them.
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