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  1. I think the planters were funded by the neighborhood association.
  2. I used to be kind, but then I lived in the area and had homeless camps that littered my neighborhood, broke out my car windows to go through my center console, and hassled me for money regularly. Hell, I've had a homeless man stand in the middle of the street to block traffic, pull his dick out, and piss on the road in front of me. Live around it and you eventually get tired of it.
  3. Until the homeless shelters stop encouraging beggars to congregate on the North Side of Uptown, I think movement will continue to be slow. I feel bad for the Publix employees that are going to have to bear the brunt of this issue every day.
  4. They might avoid that area. Streetcar construction through there might make it a nightmare for their broadcasting setup.
  5. I said I wasn't given any details. The person that told me is a friend and I wouldn't give them even if I had them, which I don't. I'm sure details will be released relatively soon. I doubt they spent this kind of money to let the property stay as is for very long.
  6. Jamaican‘ an incorrect assumption as jerk is not a Cuban dish.
  7. I wasn’t given any details but was told by someone in the know it will be a great project that fits the vibe of the neighborhood. realistically, anything but a gas station would be an improvement over the surface lot. I hope the old buildings are kept and that awful EFIS is removed from the main strip mall piece. I’d hate to see all of those go away entirely.
  8. Don't know. Just heard the tail end of the conversation and it wasn't being spoken to me directly. If I had to think of the perfect location on Hawthorne for dog bar...the old Hackerspace building is perfect.
  9. heard some whispers that dog bar would be moving to Hawthorne from NoDa.
  10. I feel like that's the feeling Levine gets every time he wants to start a project in First Ward.
  11. They have an express store in downtown Raleigh. It has always been very busy when I was in there. It mostly just sold snack food, medication, toiletries, and some microwaveable dinners. I think one of these in third ward near the park would do well.
  12. I met with a CATS maintenance director about some work at their light rail maintenance facilities. We were just casually talking about mass transit in general during the meeting and he said the biggest challenge CATS, and other rail transit organizations encounter isn't necessarily funding, it is that people can't accept that transit systems sometimes need to be shut down for proper maintenance to occur. Instead, they constantly operate in a state where they have to rush and half ass repairs to keep everything running, or keep shutdowns to an unrealistically short period of time...then everyone wants to complain when things continue to break and they have to deal with frequent minor delays and shutdowns rather than an occasional extended shut down that is necessary for meaningful maintenance work.
  13. You're right, we totally wouldn't have seen prime uptown real estate developed if not for the Nascar Hall of Fame . Most of the development along stonewall can be directly attributed to two things 1) the city reconfiguring the interchange, freeing up land that previously didn't exist 2) diminishing amounts of real estate to develop on elsewhere in uptown. The Hall loses over a million dollars a year and it has never come anywhere close to its projections. Discovery Place is innovative and has a far broader reach, while also providing cultural and educational value to the city. It would thrive even more in a better setting. Nascar is dead and it's never coming back.
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