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  1. There are dozens. They won't fully go away for decades.
  2. I was told carolina foods was shopping for a new facility in SC and would be selling the land. This would still be several years down the road.
  3. For people sitting down, no big deal to ride for 30+ minutes, but standing on a train for that long is a bad experience.
  4. I don't hate the look, but it is an awful use of the space. It was originally supposed to have retail on the ground floor, and a fair amount of it, but of course it was value engineered because Charlotte doesn't enforce any standards.
  5. You are correct. The show I'm thinking of was called Married by Mom and Dad.
  6. They had it here again? They messaged me on instagram 2 or 3 years back asking if I would have interest in being on the show an wanted me to come in for an interview. I declined.
  7. Looks great. For once a developer exceeds my expectations. I was expecting something very half assed for this redevelopment and it sounds like it is going to really revitalize that shopping center. Hopefully later phases will continue to build on it. University City really needs this project to not be a let down.
  8. I didn't even ride the metro that much when I lived in DC, but I had many instances where it had issues. That system is a mess.
  9. First for this iteration of the checkers. The ECHL Checkers won the Kelly Cup (echl equivalent of Calder) in the 95-96 season. They existed in Charlotte from 1993-2010 until the Albany River rats moved here in 2010 and assumed the Checkers name. I dont know much about minor league hockey but it seems like the ECHL and AHL are relatively equal in stature. Both are farm leagues for the NHL and attendance figures and salaries for both leagues seem pretty equal.
  10. Checkers won echl championship four or five times, most recently in the mid 90s.
  11. I bought a swagtron scooter that looks like the birds for $250. I have about 120 miles on it so far and seems to have no issues. Unless you just don't want to take a scooter into your workplace its a good option for someone commuting the distance you are going.
  12. They've started doing site work behind these buildings. I suspect theyre just cleaning it up though since it used to be a junkyard back there.
  13. I can't get over how much the parking garage on South ruined this project for me. If they bricked it, it wouldn't be too bad, but it just looks awful the way it is.
  14. I dont know if you're being serious or making a joke because of how crapty it looks, but no, that's a cell tower disguised as a tree.
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