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  1. Was an unexpected problem. My friend lived there and moved out just before construction started. I think most of the units had leaks from shoddy facade work. It wasn't just an age thing that could be planned for in the budget. Most HOAs are poorly run anyway. I just sold my place in Seigle Point. While it doesn't have any major issues like Fat City Lofts, it does badly need new paint and new roofs are needed as well. I know painting was quoted at $70,000 to the HOA manager. We had approximately $30,000 in reserves as of January...that's not even enough to draw out of to make major repairs because lenders require a certain level of reserves before they'll lend to new prospective buyers.
  2. Ate there yesterday. Unremarkable, but not in a bad way. Burger was fairly good but is never going to get nominated for best burger in Charlotte. It was busy. I think they'll do well.
  3. Barings? While they moved here before 300 South Tryon was built, I thought it was pretty much announced in conjuction with their move here and they just took temp office space until 300 South Tryon was completed.
  4. Especially, in the case of Birdsong, when you can go to the brewery and get a pint of most of their beers for $4.
  5. I hope we can get something similar to railyard or Portman in southend. Maybe not as tall but transformative and high quality. Just apartments would be very underwhelming.
  6. Heard that Levine's building is definitely starting to move forward again. 15 floors now. Apparently a helipad included lolol. Not joking. I'm assuming we'll also see unicorn stables in the parking garage.
  7. As are the portions everywhere it seems. I've eaten at Zakku, Bao and Broth, and Dumpling Lady. I've spent $15+ at every place for lunch and left still hungry each time. I don't need to eat tons of food to be satisfied, but there simply isn't enough value for me to want to go back to these places.
  8. So far so good. I think it is called a swagger 5? Coming up on 200 miles now. Starting to rattle some but I think that's because I have a flat spot on the tire frim sliding when I pulled the break hard.
  9. Soon must mean something different to him than it does to me. That place is nowhere near a soon opening.
  10. It was okay. I had a German themed one with schnitzel, mustard, and cabbage. This was honestly my first time having one so I can't compare it to others. Id get one again but it didn't blow me away or anything.
  11. went to optimist hall today. Interior space has a very cool vibe. I ate bao and broth. Had ramen and a bao bun. It was okay but slightly underwhelming. They have 4 or 5 broth options so I wont judge the whole restaurant by the one I had but it was a lot less flavorful than broths I have had in other ramen dishes.
  12. Im surprised it has taken this long to become public. While i didnt know the name, ive known about this for over a year. I forgot about it though as it was just mentioned to me in passing. I honestly thought it might have died since I never heard it mentioned again and the work on the house had seemingly stopped. Glad to see it is still alive.
  13. The parking deck for the hotel has been scrapped. It will share the CRI deck.
  14. There are dozens. They won't fully go away for decades.
  15. I was told carolina foods was shopping for a new facility in SC and would be selling the land. This would still be several years down the road.
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