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  1. Saw drilling going on at the wrecker yard today. Assuming an interested buyer is testing the soil.
  2. Pretty sure the Big South is headquartered here too.
  3. I went to Wesley Chapel Elementary. Sure has changed a lot since then.
  4. Honestly I never would have noticed if I hadnt read this. Now it’ll bother me every time I see them.
  5. Toucan Louie's Brewery in the Gold District has again changed names and is now called Salty Parrot Brewing. Apparently Toucan Louies and the brewery are no longer affiliated.
  6. Any chance we can get the protests moved to first ward park? In the event they turn destructive maybe we can channel that destruction on Levine’s parking deck.
  7. Ive always thought sunshine daydreams was a very under utilized spot. I’ve lived in NoDa for the last 8 months and I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever seen anyone go in or come out.
  8. edit: I’ll call it a rumor but heard sunstead was closed from someone I have no reason to doubt.
  9. This is officially the oldest restaurant review I've ever seen.
  10. Said it would bring crime into their town. Because obviously when people are thieving and killing they wait patiently at the light rail stop for a speedy getaway. jokes on them though because now Pineville is becoming low income and their retail is dying.
  11. Id support building an enormous bridge to go completely over and around pineville without a stop just to spite them.
  12. I was not approved in the first round. Doubt I will be this time either. its a joke that businesses with 400-500 people are lumped in as small businesses with 5-10 person operations.
  13. Agree. It is going to have a substantial impact on the skyline too. It is a much larger project than I was envisioning when it was announced.
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