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  1. KrispyKreme/JAB Holdings/JAB Beech in Charlotte

    Doesn't really seem like the kind of company to located in a tower in uptown IMO, but what do I know?
  2. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    If it is a stall tactic, he's beyond useless. Prime land, in a booming city, right on a newly opened transit line. Success is virtually guaranteed.
  3. The River District

    Calling it the Sprawl District probably wouldn't be as enticing.
  4. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Most of Langston looks high quality,but that section of cheap looking wood balconies kills that building for me.
  5. 300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    Wasn't allowed until recently I believe
  6. Optimist Park / Belmont Revitalization Projects

    They have started clearing the land for the pulte townhomes at 10th and seigle.
  7. Amazon HQ2

    He may just be talking about presidential and Senate elections where gerrymandering has no impact.
  8. UNC Charlotte Football

    Charlotte usedto be a relevant program playing in a conference with Cincinnati's Louisville, Marquette, Memphis, Houston, and other good programs. We had the 2nd best winning percentsge in mens hoops in that conference despite louisville, cinco, marquette, and Memphis being regulars in the top 25. This is when cincinwas at their peak and often top 5. Since 2005 we have fallen farther than basically any program in the country. We have made poor coaching hires, extended and overpaid those poor coaching hires, and seen attendance drop from over 7000 per game (top 25% in country) to 3-4,000 on a good night. As fans have left the profram, so too have donations. Judy has done an abysmal job managing the athletic department, but has a few whale donors that love her so she's been able to keep her job. The few thousand fans that still really truly care have had enough. She's been at the school for 30 years as athletic director. Nobody should ever be athletic director at one school that long. If you're good, a bigger school will hire you. If you suck, you're fired. Only two other ads have been in place longer than her and they are both at vert successful programs.
  9. UNC Charlotte Football

    The buyer was a former athlete. The school apparently called law enforcement to try to have it removed. More initiatives to come to keep the heat on.
  10. Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Streetcar construction has killed Catch On Seafood Market in Plaza Midwood. Their owner said their sales have declined 60% since Hawthorne closed. Really hate it for them. They outgrew their little space next to the rabbit hole only to see their business destroyed by something outside their control.
  11. Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)

    Not surprised. Dunkin wanted to get into the neighborhood years ago. They were going to take the spot midwood smokehouse is in until the Dunkin real estate rep went into the White Rabbit store that was there before Slate. The 6' dildo lamps scared them off.
  12. Amazon HQ2

    Agree. I personally would be a little surprised if it isn't in Georgia, North Carolina, or Virginia.
  13. Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)

    That's barnhardt manufacturing company. They make a variety of types of fibers.
  14. Amazon HQ2

    I live just outside 277. My condo Has gone up about 90% since 2014.
  15. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    You might be thinking of DFA in southend. I believe it will be 200ish feet. There was also a rower proposed at the design center with some good height to it. Those are the only two I'm aware of in South End that would add much to a southend skyline.