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  1. Niner National

    :::Sidewalk Widths

    All I mean by not nice is that it wasn't a place people sought to hang out in. There was almost nothing there. It was basically an office park with all the buildings on Tryon Street and all the parking decks behind on Church and College streets.
  2. Niner National

    :::Sidewalk Widths

    To be fair, uptown was not very nice back then and it waant too far removed from being full of poverty and crime.
  3. Niner National

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    I would be floored if that actually happened. I could see all their top execs operating out of Charlotte and Charlotte being the defacto HQ but not the official HQ. Similar to BOA being headquartered here despite most of the big wigs now residing elsewhere.
  4. Niner National

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Raleigh has had Like bikes about as long as Charlotte.
  5. Niner National

    Carolina Panthers

    The good thing about someone as rich as Tepper is that the $10 million or so that parking revenue would bring in annually likely means little to nothing to him. All along I wanted the team to be purchased by someone with FU money that only wants to own the team as a novelty of wealth. It seems we got someone like that, though that doesn't definitively mean he won't try to milk it for as much money as he's just less likely than an ownership group like Sebates that seemed to be hellbent on trying to make as much money from the purchase as possible.
  6. Major fines for airborne asbestos and silica dust. Like $70,000 for first offense. $120,000 for second. Shut down for third.
  7. Niner National

    Good New Restaurants

    You were right. I only assumed the Recess location because the initial post about it said "near Seigle and 10th" instead of at Seigle and 10th where the storage building is being constructed.
  8. Niner National

    Good New Restaurants

    My guess is the Recess location. I was told they haven't been making their rent and they have been trying to find a new tenant.
  9. Niner National

    Optimist Park / Belmont Revitalization Projects

    i dont see Siggy's being a good fit for this location. Belmont is obviously changing rapidly, but it still has a lot of low income individuals. $14 sandwiches aren't going to sell to those residents, and many others will view Belmont as a troubled neighborhood for a long time to come, making them unlikely customers.
  10. Niner National

    Optimist Park / Belmont Revitalization Projects

    I hope the residents in units 1-6 and 28-36 like the smell of garbage.
  11. Niner National

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    It used to be a pretty depressing looking place. It looks much better post-renovation. My guess is many people simply haven't ever gone to it since it was renovated a year or two ago. It's still no Teeter, but it isn't a dump anymore either.
  12. Niner National

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    No medical school. Phil Dubois doesn't want to rock the boat. Chapel Hill was planning to put a school here and Chapel Hill Phil was all to eager to bend over and be happy about working with them rather than trying to get a real medical school here for UNC Charlotte. Plans for the UNC Chapel Hill medical school have fallen apart with the creation of Atrium Health though, I believe. Novant's CEO has for years wanted to partner with CHS and UNC Charlotte to create a full medical school in this city, but CHS wanted no part of it.
  13. Niner National

    Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)

    Edit: I was thinking about the wrong project. I thought this was the one at Hawthorne and Central at first. Hawthorne Station has signs up in the windows for retail leasing.
  14. Niner National

    University City Projects/News

    Without a tenant that cares about street visibility (Kohls), there may be interest in using some of the parking lot for redevelopment purposes. JLL bad mentioned redevelopment of that parcel before, do hopefully they didn't just revert back to doing as little as possible.
  15. Niner National

    First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan

    Blame Levine. It feels out of place because it is surrounded by a sea of parking. Once it becomes an integrated piece of an urban neighborhood, it will get more attention.