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  1. Niner National

    New Panthers Stadium

    Already a topic about this:
  2. Niner National

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    I stopped into the new BBQ spot in Belmont today beside Siggy's. They did a nice job with the spot. The BBQ was okay. Brunswich stew was quite good IMO. The brick building across the street appears as though it will be a vet clinic. Belmont is really starting to come along. I like that there are several retail spots scattered throughout the neighborhood.
  3. Niner National

    Charlotte Weather

    When I was in middle school (late 90s), i remember it snowing very hard all day on November 18th. I remember it because that is my mother's birthday. Barely any stuck though because the ground was very warm.
  4. Niner National

    First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan

    Hopefully it cant be fixed, bankrupts Levine, and he has to sell his land to cover his losses.
  5. Niner National

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Keep in mind many of these stores also do online sales. 704 shop in particular seems to have a large following. I see their stuff allnthe time.
  6. Interesting. I have a warehouse space in there. They havent informed us yet that ive seen. I'm about to move out anyway though, so doesnt really impact me.
  7. Niner National

    Amazon HQ2

    Sao Paul, Mexico City, and Lima are all bigger than New York.
  8. Niner National

    Economic Development - Expansions and Relocations

    DC/NoVa traffic and COL are already awful. This is going to make things so much worse. I'm glad I no longer live there.
  9. Niner National

    Common Square - Mixed Use Project @ West and Tryon

    I was told they own approximately 15 acres in southend between all locations in South End / along South Blvd. I'm not really sure where their other facilities are.
  10. Niner National

    Common Square - Mixed Use Project @ West and Tryon

    Carolina Foods is scouting land for a new facility. Their current building is not in great shape due to age and their operations are spread across several buildings and parking / accessibility is an issue. It's also a historic building, so they have to follow some historic requirements for any upgrades and improvements. Moving is cheaper. Their timeline would not line up with this project, so it will not be a casualty here.
  11. Niner National

    FreeMore Projects (West Morehead, Freedom Drive, Bryant Park)

    I heard there is a 6000 ish square foot restaurant / arcade bar considering space in the bottom floor of this building. Seems like a very odd fit for this location. Also heard there is a 14,000 square foot brewery headed to the building across the street from Bark and Brew on Thrift Rd. I forget the name though unfortunately.
  12. Niner National

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    about 14,000. We have been awful though. If we were even decent and remotely fun to watch, 20,000+ would be attainable. It blows my mind Brad Lambert still has a job, but the decision to keep Judy Rose cost her hers, so for that, Lambert has my thanks. His ineptitude got us the #2 guy from the University of Florida and the #2 guy from Syracuse. I am optimistic the change in direction in leadership will pay dividends in future seasons.
  13. Niner National

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    temporary seats going up for the first two games of the season.
  14. Niner National

    Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)

    I quoted some upfit work for this store. They have the same GM HHM did. They are keeping the layout exactly the same (same fixtures and everything). It's basically just HHM with new owners.
  15. Niner National

    Wesley Heights Projects

    Jack Beagles is great, but I'll miss Savor. Good food at a reasonable price. I'm not terribly surprised though, the place seemed to be overlooked the last few years. It was rarely busy and honestly, the food quality had dipped some from where it was when it opened. I believe it was sold a few years ago, so maybe the decline coincided with that.