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  1. August traffic was up 12.46% YOY and 8.09% YTD and roughly 38% YTD from 2021. https://www.grr.org/hubfs/08-2023 Aviation Activity Report.pdf?hsLang=en
  2. Pretty much glory days for apartment developers. Employment growth, barriers to home ownership with persistent high interest rates, scarce supply because fewer are selling, and new home construction still running at a tepid pace are all contributors. It makes you wonder if economic circumstances are such that we're becoming more a nation of renters to buyers with an ever increasing amount of low income subsidies to fulfill the growing demand.
  3. This should thrill the folks at 38 Commerce across the street who've been complaining for years about late night noise if approved.
  4. Seems there's quite a few which think whatever this company touches goes downhill. https://old.reddit.com/r/grandrapids/comments/16376yr/worst_restaurants_in_town/jy1wl0f/
  5. I've often wondered to what extent the downtown market could thrive without the park.
  6. The area must be improving. No news of another robbery at Creston Market recently though I suspect the new developments will offer rent concessions from the $2,100/mth median rates, at least for a while.
  7. Eye popping increase in studio and 1-bedroom rates. Landlords in a post Covid era recapturing income, mixed with surging demand as higher rates mean fewer qualified home buyers and ongoing shortage of homes despite a flat population trend. It's a perfect storm for apartment owners and current home owners who lease.
  8. Rent from $1600 - $2700/mth. Is this in the ballpark with other recent developments? Curious how tough a sell is it these days to lease at these rates.
  9. The difference is there IS a murderer that crossed the threshold from being simply capable. I'm guessing Ada or Zeeland have fewer candidates but hey, that's my perception.
  10. Problem is, people hear there's been a murder and gloss over the details and know there's a person capable of murder that most likely lives in the area.
  11. Recent murder in downtown isn't exactly going to help with perception - https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/grpd-woman-shot-killed-downtown-grand-rapids/
  12. April passenger traffic up 4.22% from a year earlier. Year to date up 5.34%. Cargo down across the board. https://www.grr.org/hubfs/04-2023 Aviation Activity Report.pdf?hsLang=en
  13. Safety concerns cited. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2023/05/amid-safety-concerns-business-leader-warns-of-crisis-brewing-in-grand-rapids-office-market.html
  14. arcturus


    Started May 4th. If it's on time, trips to Chicago arrival is 8:25 pm at the downtown Greyhound station, 6:30 pm for Detroit. Return trips get you back early afternoon from both locales. https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2023/05/bus-service-to-chicago-now-available-from-grand-rapids-lansing.html
  15. Any explanation as to why Elkhart-Goshen and Fort Wayne make the top 10?
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