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  1. Record September, record quarter. https://www.grbj.com/articles/94501-ford-airport-reports-best-ever-september?utm_content=103332502&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&hss_channel=tw-30311580
  2. It's time to close the NB 131 Wealthy St exit. Picture yourself heading on NB at a healthy clip in the left lane of 131 and as you top the slight hill you see cars stopped immediately in front of you lined all the way down the ramp bleeding into the left lane, forcing a split second decision to hit the brakes hard or hope you've got room to veer into the middle lane, the last car in line praying they're not rear-ended. Now imagine if it's a loaded truck barreling in that left lane who doesn't have the advantage of a short braking distance. This is exactly the scenario I've seen played out half a dozen times lately. It makes you wonder just how many exits/entrances are going to have to close before any semblance of highway improvements happen. Managing traffic signals is hitting limitation.
  3. Interesting article about the decline in enrollment of nearly all state universities, some drastic. GVSU is hanging tough, now the 4th largest. https://www.bridgemi.com/talent-education/fewer-students-tepid-state-funding-roil-michigan-public-universities
  4. Caught this off of Sydney Smith's (mbiz.com) twitter feed. Top deck.
  5. Insurance company probably said enough is enough. More info on the burglaries in true Reddit form - https://old.reddit.com/r/grandrapids/comments/d9eji7/grpd_seeks_creston_market_burglars/
  6. arcturus


    Burnt City Brewing in Chicago. They issue a card (NFC technology?) tied to your credit card which you swipe over the reader, activating the tap, chargeable by the ounce. Tapping the screen provides further information about the beer.
  7. Any info on the large commercial structure going up just north of 96 easily visible eastbound between (I think) Walker & Bristol?
  8. Sad to see this happening. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/grpd-creston-market-broken-into-5-times-in-a-month/
  9. arcturus


    Pretty bold move. Unless Google Maps is out of date there's an abandoned building across the street on the SW corner of Shelby & Division that could be a cool spot once rehabbed.
  10. Counter intuitive to another article linked showing slower growth ahead for the state. Nevertheless 89% occupancy with 4,500 going online since 2015 is pretty impressive. I think what's propping it is the ongoing social reboot seen nationwide with younger workers prizing housing flexibility in a world of job turnover, choosing to remain single or childless, and 10,000/day hitting 65 empty nesters downsizing. If my bicycling trip to Chicago is any indication another winner is electric scooters. They're everywhere.
  11. Guessing the picture taken mid 60's based on the cars? Did the airport even have ramps back then or was it tarmac strictly? Buildings didn't need to be very tall if so like many in that era.
  12. They're running out of curb space. The secondary terminal curb expansion as you enter the airport is just 60 feet. The primary (longest) looks to be on the wrong end from where the 2 major concourses are.
  13. Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Omaha, Cincinnati. Are there any direct flights now which compete? Will Omaha be non-stop?
  14. 'As an “origination and destination” airport, GRR now has more aircraft that end their trips and park overnight in Grand Rapids than it does gates.' Dropped a few off for early morning flights recently and it's quite the sight to see all the planes parked there.
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