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  1. No problem, the government will simply continue printing more money til the worst is over. What's $10 trillion in new debt when without it would be $20 trillion otherwise? Inflation is going to be crippling in a few years.
  2. Flew out of GR 3 weeks ago. Flight was 100% capacity accounting for the empty middle seats.
  3. "“Many teams throughout MiLB will need to make significant upgrades to meet the new facility requirements .." A shame Erie is in limbo. The improvements to their ballpark look great. Wondering what if any strings will be attached for the Whitecaps.
  4. Makes me wonder how many ill fitting clothes people are wearing these days with so many ordering online. Of course for me they still don't fit despite shopping there.
  5. Thanks, Leonard is certainly unique. Where else can you get hit up by a homeless person, have a craft beer, eat some great barbecue, and get a tattoo all on the same block?
  6. How are the neighborhoods near these places? Anyone live in the area able to comment?
  7. Jerry's still holding them in his right hand .. I hope!
  8. Good 'ol Muskegon, with all that's been going on the past few years it looks like they've really turned the corner. Lots of community pride with the people I've talked to who work there. I'm putting it in my top 3 'towns to watch' over the next few years. I don't follow the residential real estate market there but suspect bargains can be had.
  9. Looks like we hit the 2 year cycle of alternative transportation discussions here on UP while gas is under $2/gal.
  10. NYC Citibank Jr has been born.
  11. Maybe it can be combined with reporting non mask wearers. Let's call it 'snitches-r-us.'
  12. I'll say what everyone is thinking - what a time to open a hotel.
  13. Guess they haven't found any incentive to open.
  14. Is it just me or does it look like an alien blockhead king granting knighthood to a kneeling Marriot?
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