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  1. Oh well, a 4 hr drive gets you a direct flight to Vancouver, BC for pretty cheap now that Swoop flies out of London, ON. https://www.flyswoop.com/
  2. The perfect location for the city's first true high rise.
  3. Any serious talk about relocating GRPD and whoever else is in the building to clear the way for redevelopment? That's one hideous looking structure and rapidly becoming out of place with everything popping up around it.
  4. arcturus


    At least Schmohz is hanging on. Must be a loyal clientele.
  5. ^ Great photograph contrasting the old and the new PLUS wearing a winter coat in June.
  6. Do these numbers average the lower ridership from May through nearly all of August?
  7. Pew is mostly graduate studies. There might be some intermingling but would think it would be a small portion of overall enrollment.
  8. Isn't GVSU playing catch up with available housing out there? Will it not become more of a self contained community LESS reliant on daily commuting? Campuses across the country are seeing huge, privately funded student housing developments. With GVSU's large enrollment so dependent on commuting it seems to be ripe for this type of development which makes me wonder whether traffic estimates factor this. Rapidly growing Jamestown/Georgetown/Zeeland residents won't even use LMD except for a small portion.
  9. All other things equal if I were a student choosing between a boring rectangular box or a huge 15 story castle, fitness center, coffee shop, washer/dryer in apartment, and olympic size pool the choice is clear .. party time!!
  10. Thanks to a motorist who decided to rear end another car at the Nunica construction site on 96 (despite 2 miles of traffic cones) I detoured past the Castle last week. There were a ton of cars in the parking lot suggesting it's filling up pretty nicely. As to the slowness in 2 or 3 bedroom rentals it's possible that will pick up come August when the students start coming back. According to Google Maps it's an 11 minute commute to the Allendale campus, 9 minutes to Pew.
  11. I find a certain irony having the potholes begin right under the 'Welcome to Michigan' sign on I-94 entering from Indiana.
  12. Interesting, I wonder if that's shared from people living in Rapid City, SD or Williston, ND. Guess so as Lebanon, KS is near the geographic contiguous center which really does make Michigan pretty far east.
  13. If you review my post initiating the latest census figures it's specific to % growth .. nothing more nothing less .. no raw numbers. Draw whatever conclusions you feel, I'm keeping it factually consistent whether we're talking 7 states or 12 from a Midwest perspective or nationally. % growth.
  14. The point is with Kansas, the Dakota's, Nebraska, and Missouri technically considered Midwest .. with all but Kansas exceeding Michigan's growth rate .. 2nd worse of 7 sounds better than 3rd of 12.
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