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  1. They've been too busy picking up stranded cold-country EV owners who overestimated their driving range. I keep an extra parka just in case in my v8. Won't be long til summer though.
  2. Was kind of wondering if Leonard was going to perk up. Good to see. https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/120777-leonard-st-nw/#comment-1756176
  3. Well look at Long Road grow! Didn't know they're in Grand Haven, Cadillac, and Charlevoix also.
  4. You should see the number of posts from the 20's - 30's remote crowd looking to become wannabe RV nomads complaining about high rent and unaffordable home entry pricing. This has fueled an explosive increase in RV demand with rural areas, once rarely frequented out of season, becoming one giant nationwide 'suburb' with a semi-permanent presence. The twist is many of these RV's stay put. Funny to think that traditional home builders like Pulte are competing against the mobile homebuilding industry with the likes of Jayco, Winnebago, and Forest River. Last I heard, Thor Industries had $15 billion in backorders.
  5. Despite the exemption, a large number forfeit it by giving up their Michigan domicile if they have a 2nd home out of state to avoid city income tax. If you're 65 or older with a decent income, forfeiture of the exemption is minor compared to the income tax avoided.
  6. Second this as I'm not on FB either though my first choice is Telegram over Reddit because there's less chance of troll attraction and brigading. Interesting how this forum has morphed from a site that (still) passes on news to one where we're quoted more frequently as a news source.
  7. The WoodTV article mentions Studio Lofts as being fully occupied. Are occupancy figures readily available for other developments downtown or is this some stat which is always kept under lock & Key?
  8. Added competition in that area including Archival, 3rd Nature, and Bier Distillery with a frequently rotating beer selection. They had a great Raspberry Porter they could never keep in stock.
  9. As this is the holiday traveling season here's the latest passenger traffic at GR Ford. Year over year (Nov) up 105.24%. Compared to 2019 down 6%. Year over year YTD through Nov up 63.58%. Compared to 2019 down 19%.
  10. All it needs is a hand pointing to the Ellis Parking sign.
  11. There are signs that finally suggest the residential market is starting to cool. YMMV of course depending on the location but some of the bigger players like Opendoor and Offerpad have started to pull back on acquisitions plus Zillow's decision to completely get out of their disastrous home flipping business and unload thousands of homes at a loss. With higher interest rates looming and at least a partial return to the office it's clear sellers will need to adjust their lofty expectations or exercise more patience. Maybe you've see signs of it in your neighborhood.
  12. Heck, there's welcome signs greeting people entering counties throughout Michigan.
  13. After 12-year hiatus, Skelletones reopens in Grand Rapids Friday. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/after-11-year-hiatus-skelletones-reopens-in-grand-rapids-friday/
  14. Not only GR but up and down the west coast where towns like Ludington swell what seems to be threefold during summer and parts of M-10 look like 131 at times.
  15. Nice to see the state offset the population decline from 2000 - 2009 and tow the line sufficiently to only lose 1 house seat, joining Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in the Midwest. The state has been losing seats in Congress after every decennial Census going back to 1980 and will shortly have the lowest representation since the 20's. I have yet to see any verifiable data to quantify the number of ex-residents who swell the population during the spring/summer, many of whom own property. Anecdotal at best but I swear the population increases at least 5% above and beyond normal short duration vacation traffic based on highways and stores. The 'education effect' is definitely in play. Wasn't there a recent article stating that GVSU along with MI State and U of MI were the only universities who saw increases in enrollment while many other state universities were losing if not hemorrhaging students?
  16. Kind of thought this would transition as the new Bridge St with Mitten/Long Road/Two Scotts anchoring. Give it time or is there some inherent disadvantage? I did catch this. New office? https://www.google.com/maps/@42.9849012,-85.6785897,3a,75y,28.09h,96.6t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sRcmfns_Wf1h1Zf3Z2JyFYg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  17. Must be in part because of all those hires promised over at the Switch 'pyramid' data center. /s
  18. Any landlords here? While nothing specific to GR I think we can infer it didn't experience much of dip with low vacancies to begin with. Rising rent, scarcity of new homes, and home office. Any wonder home prices have gone crazy? https://www.apartmentlist.com/research/pandemic-pricing-is-over
  19. The public attack on police thanks in part to 'defund' has emboldened criminals IMO and the silence may be simply because it doesn't fit today's media narrative but hey, we'll agree to disagree.
  20. So it has finally hit our backyard. I've noticed no comment from the defund the police activists. Can you imagine police morale these days? It's a great time for criminals as indignation for their actions are judged less serious and held to lower accountability than the response police are forced into every day protecting the community. Hell, who wants to be a cop? https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/northwest/50-police-officers-leave-crowd-control-unit-in-portland-in-protest/
  21. Despite the glee to which Redditors cherry pick its failings two common themes become readily apparent: (1) it offers some of the largest units around and (2) the rents are hard to beat. I'm not surprised to hear it's fully leased.
  22. New Holland on Bridge St had 30 minute lines yesterday just to get a seat. Across the street the greenhouse igloos in front of Jolly Pumpkin were missing 'clothing optional' signs in mid-80's heat.
  23. Was this in an era of social media where malcontents found a platform to stir the pot prior to the meetings as we're currently witnessing with the push back at the Sligh Furniture development?
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