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  1. So I made the ultimate suburban dad move in 2019 when we bought a house here in Mooresville. We chose it for the schools and the proximity to countryside and the lake. We are loving the small-town life, after my wife grew up primarily in Charlotte and I spent 4 years in South End and 4 in east Charlotte. So Mooresville is quaint but growing, and all the new development and the health of the Charlotte MSA is awesome for our property value. Here are a few pics of the downtown area and the culture that we have grown to enjoy (while still loving Charlotte and being close).
  2. New Mooresville police headquarters is now officially under construction adjacent to the Mooresville Golf Club. https://www.lakenormanpublications.com/articles/simple-ceremony-celebrates-start-of-mooresville-police-department-construction/
  3. How about an oldie? Took this back in 2008 and it was one of my first skyline photos of Charlotte. I was just getting into photography.
  4. While walking thru Uptown recently, I wanted to check out the BLM mural along Tryon. It was impressive for sure. While there, I noticed this young black father with his sons, strolling along in quiet conversation. It reminded me that no matter our struggles or experience, we can all agree that we all should be respectful to those we may not fully understand. I imagine what that conversation with his boys was like.
  5. Probably the nicest alley in the country.
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