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  1. PeytonC

    Amazon HQ2

    This one paragraph sums up my concerns. Very well said. It may make Charlotte super-urban someday and make it even more shiny and sterile, but the negatives outweigh the positives for practical, everyday family people such as myself. My kid will grow up in a beautiful, shiny, Southern city with it's own history and charm - with the added bonus of being an already-growing and evolving metro area that has great things for the future at a REASONABLE pace. We don't need to be Toronto or Hong Kong to produce happy, intelligent, successful humans. I hope that overpriced, over-taxed Boston or even Atlanta gets this and we stay humble with our local companies rapidly expanding and bringing more jobs and a sustainable growth rate.
  2. PeytonC

    Amazon HQ2

    Growth is always good as long as it is smart and reasonable. Another negative impact of the (low) possibility of HQ2 in CLT besides the obvious crowding would be the continued rise in consumer real estate pricing that is already close to out of reach for many average (not only low-income) residents. I'm fine with the steadily-growing city that Charlotte has become - affordable for most. It is a very pleasant place to raise a family without spending your life savings on housing or living expenses. If we wanted a place like that we could move to Seattle, San Francisco, or any other over-priced, pseudo-sophisticated city.
  3. Great photos growing. Nice angles and composition.
  4. PeytonC

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    I noticed yesterday how they have changed South Mint St already. I actually like it better. Before the change, the lanes were too small for two cars in each direction, and the bicycle riders have good room now. I sometimes use Mint to West Blvd as an alternative to Tryon or South Blvd
  5. PeytonC

    NC Music Factory / Uptown Village / Deco One

    Went to Mattie's today for lunch with friends and I must say the menu was better than I thought it would be. They have a nice array of sandwiches and shakes, and also some scrumptious-looking entrees. I had the Italian Stallion sandwich. I am going back soon to try the Italian Meatloaf, stuffed with mozzarella, with tomato and onion sauce. Sounds yummy. Only complaint is it took a while to get the food, but I know they just opened and everybody is learning the place, plus there was a crowd. I will definitely be back. I just hope they serve breakfast anytime, and eventually are open 24/7 (if business can support it, with the other diner on Carson).
  6. PeytonC

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

  7. PeytonC

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Bought a new Nikon DSLR a couple weeks ago, and the first pic I took was the worn-out view from Central Ave Bridge, one of my favorite views of the skyline. I have posted pics in this thread of it before, but now we have a few new buildings in the mix...
  8. PeytonC

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Does anyone know when the diner should arrive in Charlotte? I passed through Kings Mountain Wednesday and could see a diner on the south/east side of the freeway on a tandem chassis ready for transport. Must be the Carson Diner, unless there is a really weird coincidence. It would be interesting to see what route they take to get the big chrome box into place.
  9. Here are a couple quick shots from my P & S from tonight.
  10. I plan on getting some shots of the new skyline this weekend, maybe Saturday night. I will post one (although not a pro shot) as soon as I get one. This building does make a nice impact on the skyline, and I am starting to like the blue-ish, white shade they are using on the top.
  11. PeytonC

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Something a little different
  12. PeytonC

    The Bad News Report

    Sorry, veered off-topic for a sec. There are a lot of people upset about the library closures, as evident in local forums. Sure, they will re-open when things get better. I wonder how many more programs/ammenities will be slashed as a result of the budget crisis. Anyone hear of any major cuts to the Parks/Rec?
  13. PeytonC

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I had to go over to Central Ave Bridge for a sunset shot with the new towers in the skyline. Still waiting on them to get everything finished. (I know this view is way overdone, but oh well)
  14. Sorry I am late responding but I finally learned how to check my comments. I do like this forum for the urbanity update for Charlotte.

  15. Good to see ya here. These guys can take awhile to get conversatiln started sometimes, but you'll learn a lot