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  1. I am pretty sure this is related to sewer and not a new development project.
  2. Work has started on the Salters Road project.
  3. Main at Falls Park Dr

    No workers on site today while Link, EP 360, and Camperdown all had workers on site. Not good.
  4. Northpointe mixed use development.

    Just about everything. You do realize Harris Teeter does its due diligence and studies before opening new stores to see if it will be successful or not within the community right? The downtown Publix is always packed everytime I step foot in there.
  5. Main at Falls Park Dr

    Is it just me or has work stopped on this project? Maybe I am wrong. Who knows.
  6. I highly doubt the developer of the church property is going to walk as bids have already gone out for the project. Oh and 400 Rhett has only 10 units out of 150 available for lease at the present time. Apartment communities offering one month of free rent is nothing new and doesn't mean demand is down. For example, I got the first month free at SouthRidge when I moved in last October.
  7. The governors office is now getting involved. Good to see:
  8. Main Street/CBD Developments

    I'm sorry but that thing is UGLY.
  9. AC Hotel on West Main

    Anybody know why the tower crane hasn't gone up yet? Never seen a base been installed for this long (1.5 months) without the full crane not yet attached. Really odd.
  10. The State of Downtown Retail

    Don't let Strangecock see this:
  11. I-85/I-385 widening proposed

    This weekend's update:
  12. Northpointe mixed use development.

    Bids go out May 25th. YPS who loves building downtown projects is the general contractor.
  13. Power Lines

    Honestly much sooner than I had expected. Good to see.
  14. Power Lines

    Work to start May 7th.
  15. The State of Downtown Retail

    Teahola will be closing. Looks like something might be going into the old Mexican restaurant next to Mast.