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  1. Well, that wasn't on the for sale market long. O o Hope it is somebody with a good financial backing.
  2. New spray paint markings on site indicate this project will be starting very soon. They appear to be for the outline of the barricades/fence.
  3. In regards to Camperdown, I don't believe the crane can reach its boom far enough for the hotel and office building which is why I am thinking those will require separate tower cranes. Notice the current crane is on the far right side of the site looking north and not in the middle also. I could always be wrong though. Construction is underway at Homewood Suites. Demolition is complete and now just waiting on the general contractor to get started on the grading and building foundation. Nobody seems to have a clue what is going on with the Residence Inn/Springhill Suites. There are barricades and signs on site from BE&K but nothing has been done with them. Very odd. Windsor Aughtry has bought the former Reedy Square site. The old grey building was recently demolished. A mixed use development will be built there in the future. As of right now though, it will just become a parking lot.
  4. Apartment building at Camperdown, this hotel project, AC hotel at Camperdown, Homewood Suites, and possibly Residence Inn.
  5. Fencing went up today around the site.
  6. Anybody know if the crane is going up today?
  7. Survey stakes are in the lot for this.
  8. Charleston too. Check the pic out at the top of this article: We should have three or four up at once within the next few months.
  9. I wonder what this big yellow crane could be for? Another tower crane coming very soon...
  10. Wow: Downtown also. Excellent.
  11. Plans could go before the DRB next month:
  12. Yes: