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  1. Spartanburg County welcomes you or something like that. That's on the right side of the sign. The left side of the sign is the county emblem. It's a gray and blue color.
  2. The new county signage along I-85 north at the Highway 14 interchange looks fantastic. Very large too.
  3. Not really:
  4. The Camperdown office building will be built on top of a parking garage so in reality it will not be much shorter if at all than the buildings of the same height further up Main Street.
  5. nevermind.
  6. Soil drilling equipment on this site today.
  7. The cargo deal is between GSP Airport and Munich Germany. My guess is of course BMW.
  8. Outrageous? I beg to differ:
  9. Good story here: South Ridge is over 80% leased already.
  10. Mayfield at Gibbs Street next to the Kroc tennis center.
  11. Update on project: Also, pacing operations in conjunction with the Highway Patrol begin Monday. Traffic will be slow rolling but not completely stopped during the pacing operations.