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  1. Holbrook is definitely dead: https://www2.colliers.com/en/Properties/±292-ac-of-land-for-redevelopment/USA-601-buncombe-street-greenville-south-carolina-29601/USA1026329 Ouch.
  2. Breeze isn’t the only low-cost carrier ramping up: https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2020-02-12/former-united-cfo-raises-125-million-for-startup-airline
  3. Here is the implementation plan in phases from now through 20+ years away and what is planned in each of those phases: https://www.gspairport.com/site/user/files/71/07_Implementation_Final.pdf 29 pages instead of 1,021. Lol. Here are the different phases: • Phase I: (0 to 5 years), 2019-2023 • Phase II: (6 to 10 years), 2024-2028 • Phase III: (11 to 20 years), 2029-2038 • Phase IV: Beyond 2038 or as demand materializes.
  4. GSP posted the 2040 master plan on their website: https://www.gspairport.com/site/user/files/71/GSP-Master-Plan-2040.pdf 1021 pages. Better grab some popcorn.
  5. Two more retail spaces (fitness center and restaurant planned) appear to have been leased.
  6. https://www.greenvillecounty.org/Council/_Agenda/Meetings of 2020/Zoning PH/2020.03.16/agenda.htm CZ-2020-21 John Darrohn, Darrohn Engineering, LLC and Fred Rosen, Rose Water Investments, LLC for RFJ, LLC, Bell Industrial Park, LLC, Rose Water Investments, LLC and Jack Foster [email protected] 864-603-1988 Henry Street and McKoy Street 0152001000200, 0152001100300, 0152001100400, 0152001100500 and 0152000901100 I-1, Industrial FRD, Flexible Review District 4.46 Probably the project Vicupstate posted about if I had to guess.
  7. I say tear it down also especially if it was built in 1998.
  8. This thread is NOT allowed to go to the second page. This project and the parking hut especially are too important for that. Oh and the site needs drone shots.
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