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  1. New downtown federal courthouse

    Federal courthouses tend to have high floor heights so even if it only a 10 story building it should be fairly tall. Can’t forget about the site being at a higher elevation then most of the surrounding CBD area also.
  2. New downtown federal courthouse

    The rendering is not valid thank goodness. It’s out of date. Look at my post on the last page.
  3. New downtown federal courthouse

    Missed my post?
  4. New downtown federal courthouse

    Investigation reveals renderings are from 2014 and therefore no longer valid: FBO with GSA also reveals new design is being drawn. Page 7 under “Art in Architecure”:
  5. New downtown federal courthouse

    I think I am gonna be sick.
  6. Agfa redevelopment

    What was the point of repaving it within the past week if they're just going to narrow it soon?
  7. Agfa redevelopment

    Not bad on the massing and layout but needs more height IMO.
  8. This road is now under construction with completion slated for 2018 according to the Greenville News.
  9. Another Grocery Store. Really?

    I don't see what the big deal is. How is this new grocery store going to hurt you?
  10. 110 Markley Street: 24 unit condominium

    Construction now underway. Backhoes on site and demolition of building has begun.
  11. GSP International

    Took me a while to find it too. It's on page 8 of the PDF file I posted with the traffic numbers underneath the CEO/President report.
  12. GSP International

    Yeah, the new service will be to Miami and possibly New York City if they move forward with it. Southwest might launch new service too.
  13. BB&T building/lot redevelopment

    No other retail is included at this time. Expect site plans and renderings soon.
  14. BB&T building/lot redevelopment

    Looks like it regarding the ATM. Construction equipment on site. Some good news about this is that it will add to the tax base for the city, increase resident count, keep the office vacancy rate lower, and gets rid of a huge parking lot like you said. Maybe and hopefully other retail is included. We'll find out once it goes out for city approval.
  15. BB&T building/lot redevelopment

    Sprouts would be a good option.