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  1. And the expansion of Camperdown continues. More to come. Stay tuned.
  2. It's already been a BAD year for North Carolina and it just got worse. Sad.
  3. Crazy what is going on right now. Somebody got shot in the head and now the rioters are breaking into businesses at Epicentre. Send in the National Guard already I say.
  4. Yep. This isn't all that is planned for the major expansion of Camperdown either.
  5. Site grading permit issued on 9-2-16.
  6. Do you know how tall the buildings will be?
  7. All of the stakes I saw were along Academy but I didn't drive up Wardlaw Street to see if there were any in the area in your link.
  8. Stakes extend all the way down to Wardlaw Street now.
  9. On the planning commission agenda it says 4-lot subdivision.
  10. Residential???
  11. Fox & Hound has closed.
  12. Menin spent $65 million on Magnolia Park but they sold it for $80+ million which would equal a $15+ million profit: How is that a bad investment?
  13. Bids for Wild Wing Cafe go out September 2nd.
  14. 500K-550K square feet is a lot. To compare, the ONE office buildings combined are 381K square feet.
  15. Good article here: The county offices building will be 200,000-250,000 square feet which if including a parking garage on the bottom would make it fairly tall I would think.