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  1. Brand new survey stakes on this site:
  2. Workers were on site today doing exterior work.
  3. You must all be talking about this:
  4. There will be a rooftop restaurant and bar. It is going to be run by the same people doing the Ruth's Chris:
  5. Didn't realize they wanted the drive thru along Augusta Street like that. I thought the entire building was going to be along Augusta with the drive thru behind it. I'm having second thoughts about supporting this project now.
  6. Ummm...Publix has a sea of parking in front of it. Still don't really see the difference between that and the HT.
  7. Yes. It means the project is moving forward.
  8. Bids for this project go out on August 31st.
  9. I thought all of the construction equipment was pulled off site two months ago??? Target and Apple...I highly doubt it.
  10. Good update here:
  11. I'm confused. What's wrong with Harris Teeter going in there? It's turning a crappy shopping center into something great that will have better tenants and more foot traffic than ever before. As a person who lives at South Ridge, I support them and CFA coming to Augusta Road.
  12. Agfa downtown lands huge federal contract:
  13. Not quite. That is for a different set of emoji billboards.
  14. Market Point Connector opens today.
  15. of 2016/County Square Development Ad Hoc/2016.08.25/agenda.htm