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  1. gman430

    The West End

  2. A new fitness bar + studio is coming to town. Booty Bar will be opening on July 29 at 123A N Main St. (above Bevello and near Mast General Store). They'll offer large group training classes, a stretch lounge + mimosa bar.
  3. Breaking News: County Council has just approved the state offices move to the building at Halton Road that is part of the Fluor campus in a 9-2 vote. 250,000 square feet of vacant office space will be taken off the market and the full redevelopment of County Square can now move forward.
  4. Truphae for Riverplace behind WSPA.
  5. Because it hasn’t gone before the city or county councils yet for funding. It was supposed to only take two months but it has been much longer than that.
  6. Amazon and other online retailers is the main culprit. And Greenville doesn’t have the population base for a Nordstrom.
  7. Ahhh...yes. That once planned Lowe’s got cancelled according to the Greenville News.
  8. With Greenville-resident Harton as the firm's CEO, speculation has arisen that UCB might leave its corporate headquarters in Georgia for a new home in the Upstate. UCB already has a significant presence in Greenville, which at last count included more than 200 employees. When asked about the possibility of a Palmetto State corporate relocation, Harton didn't rule out a move. A subsidiary of United Community Banks Inc., United Community Bank has "$12.7 billion in assets, and 149 offices in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee," according to recent announcement. http://www.greenvillebusinessmag.com/2019/07/10/204503/-yeahthatagenda-ucb-expands-in-columbia-new-bmw-chief-executive-charlestons-insuresign-acquired-gsp-breaks-records-canada-to-allow-cannabis-edibles
  9. Charleston Sports Pub opens next Wednesday.
  10. Not sure what you mean. There has never been a Harris Teeter planned for Pelham Road.
  11. Good to see: https://www2.colliers.com/en/News/Greenville/Colliers-International-represents-landlord-and-tenant-in-lease-20000-SF-office-space-Liberty-Square
  12. Building permit issued for Woodside Mill. Over $37 million.
  13. Wonder how much the Peace Center spent to have these designs drawn up by the architect just to get denied in the end? Ouch. I don’t understand the DRB’s comment about the National Park Service either. The Wyche Pavilion is not part of the NPS so why in the world should it apply here? Makes no sense to me.
  14. gman430

    The Gateway Site

    The developer is currently working on the site plan and necessary encroachments.
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