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  1. Needs more crickets.
  2. Same. Looks like it will have a rooftop terrace similar to the new Embassy Suites.
  3. Yes it is. I forgot to post it back in October.
  6. I think that is just for up against the sidewalk/street. The setback can be taller and approved with exception like ONE phase 2. You can read the entire document here:
  7. Wonder if Harris Teeter is getting cold feet? Hmmm.
  8. Hope so. The entire site is currently for sale for redevelopment purposes through CBRE. The building is 117,000 square feet.
  9. You're kidding right? This reminds me of that time Carolina First (now TD Bank) decided to build their complex along I-85 instead of downtown.
  10. Construction now underway. Fencing up around site.
  11. The fence has been taken down.
  12. I guess this project is dead.
  13. GSP is slated to approve a new $40 million parking garage that will start construction in June 2018. It will be built next to parking garage B.
  15. QuikTrip.