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  1. gman430

    The West End

    The old Citgo is being demolished.
  2. LOL. Only if I had a few too many alcoholic beverages and am feeling very adventurous.
  4. I nominate the Landmark building. Renovate the exterior like you’ve seen done in other cities and convert the space to apartments and condos.
  5. You have hit the nail on the head. All of the homeless people and crime around the complex which is in large part due to the bus depot being right there is why people including myself quit visiting. It just doesn’t seem like to me Epicentre management and the City of Charlotte were doing enough to combat the problem and still aren’t to this day.
  6. Not much different going off the new renderings I have received. Just taller with pretty much all glass on the top two floors. The rooftop amenities appear to still be there. Eight floors in the front along Markley and nine in the back along Rhett. The brick and windows on the lower floors is still there and the same for the most part. Glass balconies on the corner of Main and Markley have been added.
  7. Looks like the last available floor just got fully leased: https://www.costar.com/article/2119053473/greenville’s-newest-downtown-development-signs-tenant Unfortunately, it’s a tenant relocating from another part of downtown instead of a new one.
  8. Here is the closest one I could find which was taken in June last year:
  9. How the times have changed. 1972...
  10. LOL. The SCDOT can’t even fix potholes. You expect them to improve access here? Keep dreaming.
  11. Boston Marketplace which became Jack in the Box also got demolished there.
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