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  1. How does she get away with having a tent blocking a public sidewalk??? Sounds illegal.
  2. BlueMercury appears to now be open or very close to it.
  3. From the owner of Grill Marks and Larkin's, Limoncello to take over the former Playwright spot: Yep...the restaurant industry downtown is doing terrible alright. Oh and Famous Toastery opened today also.
  4.'re right. Patrea St. John has taken over I guess. I'll just send the same email to that person.
  5. I gotcha. I emailed Bryan Wood to voice my displeasure with this.
  6. Attend the DRB meeting and let them know you don't like the proposed changes. Complaining on this forum won't do any good.
  7. As long as the final outcome matches the latest rendering I am fine with it.
  8. Looks like a new major mixed use development will be coming to Butler Road and I-385:
  9. The Greenville News article states that the power lines are getting moved. For $2.5 million I am sure we will get something of real substance.
  10. Building being demolished today.
  11. Blue Heede tower crane base is being installed today. Full thing should be installed within the next month.
  12. Yep. The hole in the middle of the site is for the tower crane base.
  13. In the coming months, work is expected to begin on a $2.5 million project of street improvements in the urbanized area outside city limits — widened sidewalks, decorative lights, landscaped roadsides, utilities moved from view, all paid for by Greenville County.
  14. The biggest problem would be finding a retail spot downtown that large. I could see them locating at Camperdown.
  15. July 19th: of 2017/County Square Development Ad Hoc/2017.07.19/agenda.htm