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  1. Well, somebody just leased a large chunk of space in the Poinett Plaza/TD Bank building downtown. Available office space went from 64,397 square feet down to 38,493 square feet.
  2. That’s an error. The Preserve at Logan Park is the low income senior housing complex that got built next door on the Scott’s Towers site.
  3. Hope you all win too. Begs the question of how a Burger King can be allowed but a Starbucks can’t in the same area?
  4. Let’s go Brandon!!!! Liberty Tap Room & Grill, right next to Fluor Field, will close their doors permanently tomorrow, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. after their last happy hour service.
  5. Their current location is going to be redeveloped into a mixed use project that coordinates with Northpointe.
  6. Sounds like a huge waste of taxpayer dollars to me. Now we know why no company has donated any money to the observation “boondoggle” tower.
  7. Thanks. When will we hear more on it?
  8. The city should use eminent domain and take over this site seeing how the developer is nothing short of useless. Maybe put a pocket park on it or something.
  9. Any updates on this or did Covid kill it off too?
  10. How long until the five buyers walk away from this joke if they haven’t already? I’m surprised they haven’t taken legal action against the developer especially if there was any deposit money involved. Maybe the developer will decide to put a graveyard on site of all of the failed projects downtown instead.
  11. Thanks. Too bad it’s gonna take 30 years for those trees to fully mature and provide adequate shade. It is what it is I guess. I still don’t how this park is costing $60 million either. I think the city got screwed over by Harper Corp. $10-$20 million is what I am seeing. Maybe I am missing something.
  12. I’m gonna take a wait and see approach on Bridgeway Station.
  13. Look at the bright side. At least they didn’t tear down any of the big trees on site that can provide shade. Oh wait…
  14. Meh…still not really impressed with this park so far. I thought there would be a lot more with $60 million being spent on it but I guess not. Honestly, I think the money should have gone to more important issues within the city instead like transit, affordable housing, sewer upgrades, litter control, paving roads, upgrading current parks, burying power lines, new landscaping, fixing street lights, etc. I also find it pretty hilarious the city can find all of this money for a new park but can’t find any for Greenlink and a pedestrian bridge over Verdae Blvd. Priorities.
  15. Still no movement on site. Maybe some decade. Maybe not.
  16. Looks like construction has come to a complete halt.
  17. The city wants to implement safety improvements due to the deadly car crash that happened with the woman walking on the sidewalk a few months ago.
  18. What’s the future of the Old Cigar Warehouse? Well, now we know. Coming soon to the Old Cigar Warehouse space is New Realm Brewing. The new craft brewery + restaurant will feature a 5-barrel brewhouse, scratch restaurant, biergarten, dedicated stage + outdoor bar. New Realm plans to open in the fall of 2022.
  19. I love it also. Much taller than I was expecting. Hopefully the DRB doesn’t screw it up if it has to go before them also. Should really help the expand the skyline.
  20. One closes and another one opens: https://www.wyff4.com/article/better-than-sex-greenville-restaurant/37885782?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Email - Local Breaking News&utm_source=90f4ba8a117d840de7f016fbbfb92bc9&brzu=f870bf41be94217df2f176f42e8afc1b1a2d1ba5c9ba15f018f51c073a3f7015&lctg=5dfa4ce4f53ee60402838dfc
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