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  1. deninnash

    Nashville College & University Expansion

    Nashville State Community College on White Bridge is undergoing major improvements although I have been unable to find any detailed plans. I am emailing the school today to see what I can find out.
  2. deninnash

    The Mall at Green Hills

    Major announcement coming at 1PM regarding Hillsboro Road/Green Hills. Maybe Mayor Dean read my post
  3. deninnash

    The Mall at Green Hills

    Green Hills Mall is really not that great, and the area around it is ugly and a great example of unplanned piecemeal development. The tangles of power lines, roads to nowhere, no continuity between developments, different mismatched styles of sidewalks, mismatched street lights, stop lights, and other infrastructure, ugly high school in the middle of everything, really make the area unattractive. The infrastructure in this city is embarrassing and severely outdated and there is no better example then the Green Hills mall area. I won't even start on the roads in and out of Green Hills. So you want to charge money to park here? Get real, it is not really that special.
  4. deninnash

    The Mall at Green Hills

    I like Green Hills as well...the point is Nashville can and should do so much better. Here is a link to the Green Hills UDO which plainly shows the need for major improvements
  5. deninnash

    The Mall at Green Hills

    Anyone know the status/possibility of improving the area/infrastructure surrounding the mall. I have never seen a destination shopping area in a major city that is so run down and poorly designed. Why on earth would Nordstrom come to such a neglected shopping district that has no theme, design, connectivity, or reasonable access. Nashville needs to get with the program and invest some money in what could be a major tourist attraction and generator of enormous tax revenue for the city. I am new to the area so I apologize if I am missing some facts here but the area is shockingly ugly and underutilized. I believe I have seen an article or two regarding burying the unbelievable amount of power lines and adding sidewalks/landscaping/lighting but not sure if this will be happening soon or if just conceptual.