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  1. Mellophonius

    The New Turner Field - Life After The Atlanta Braves

    I'm definitely on board with this plan. I'll be at Georgia State for a couple of years or so starting Fall 2015, so I might not get to enjoy the fruits of this project - but knowing how fast GSU has been growing, I know they're very much in need of this expansion. I like the fact that there's so much greenspace where there's currently a sea of parking lots, and I like that a portion of the Turner Field stands will remain. I hated to see the Braves go, but this seems like a great improvement over Turner Field itself.
  2. Mellophonius

    Downtown Redevelopment

    Is this the lot surrounded by Arlington Place, Georgia Avenue, Tattnall Street, and Hardeman Avenue? I can remember when there was desire for Publix or Kroger to open a small grocery store there to cater to Mercer students. Tremont Temple? I'm sure there's some lot somewhere nearby where a DD can be built without tearing down anything historic.
  3. Mellophonius

    Macon Area Projects & Developments

    Could Publix have its eyes on a third Macon store (or fourth, if you count the still-not-built-but-long-planned Hartley Bridge store)? Can Zebulon support more grocery in addition to Walmart and Kroger?
  4. Mellophonius

    Macon Area Projects & Developments

    Interesting; I've never heard of Hobby Lobby building a brand new store from the ground up. Usually they open in vacant buildings.
  5. Mellophonius

    Macon Area Projects & Developments

    The way the parking is arranged does make it look more like an office or something, and less like retail. Maybe it's something medical-related.
  6. Mellophonius

    Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    I was really hoping the Solarium design would be chosen; I personally think it went better with Atlanta than the Pantheon (while still being much more innovative than conservative). I certainly don't mind an avant-garde design, but the specific design of the Pantheon just wasn't pleasing to me, and I don't think the roof opens up nearly enough. On the interior, it doesn't seem different enough from the Georgia Dome. Then again, I was against the construction of a new stadium from the start. The Dome is only turning 21 years old this year, which by no means is old enough to warrant replacement. Not only that, but it underwent renovations just five/six years ago. Plenty of teams still use stadiums built in the 1960s and 1970s and are perfectly fine with them, so why should a stadium built in the 1990s be replaced so soon?
  7. Mellophonius

    Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    Option B all the way. I'm not typically a fan of the randomness seen in Option A, and besides, I love being able to see the skyline from Option B. I think B is a better fit for the city of Atlanta while still standing out enough to be instantly recognizable.
  8. Mellophonius

    Macon Area Projects & Developments

    I'm assuming it's going into the old Big Lots?
  9. Mellophonius

    The Shoppes at River Crossing

    There is a Kohl's on Zebulon Road, among the other retail like Walmart, Lowe's, and Kroger. That's part of North Macon, though it's focused on an I-475 exit rather than an I-75 exit. Bass Road leads from I-75 straight down to Zebulon itself, so it's not too much of a drive to get from the River Crossing area to the Zebulon retail area.
  10. Mellophonius

    Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza

    Nobody's trying to start an argument here, so chill out. If one user disagrees with another user's opinion about a mall or malls in a particular city, fine, but no insults or derogatory accusations are called for. Everyone be mature, please.
  11. Mellophonius

    The Shoppes at River Crossing

    I remember hearing something about JCPenney being a possible anchor for River Crossing Marketplace. The online site plan has a 105,000 sq. ft. anchor space; I suppose that's big enough for a JCP. I wonder if the rumor is accurate.
  12. Mellophonius

    The Shoppes at River Crossing

    Does RCM have any confirmed tenants yet? NMP is where Target's going to be, right?
  13. Mellophonius

    Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    That appears too close to be Perimeter Center - it could be Buckhead.
  14. Mellophonius

    Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza

    The Belk-at-Phipps argument has been going on ever since they opened there, and I still believe it's perfectly appropriate for Belk to be at Phipps. Neither of us is going to be convinced to change his mind just by continuing the same old argument, though, so let's just agree to disagree.
  15. Mellophonius

    Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza

    I agree with ct36. I have no problem with Belk being at Phipps; it's the Legoland that I'm angry about. I don't see how anyone can not be upset about it.