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  1. Large stage being set up on the site.
  2. CITY TO OFFER TRAINING ON NEW DOWNTOWN DESIGN GUIDELINES WHO: City of Greenville WHAT: Downtown Design Guidelines Training WHEN: Tuesday, May 16 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. WHERE: City Hall – 1st Floor Conference Room 206 South Main Street WHY: Last fall, the City hired Design Workshop, a national architecture, planning and urban design firm, to consolidate and update the City’s design guidelines for downtown. The new guidelines are complete and City Council is scheduled t
  3. The YWCA is closing. Last day for the Child Development Center is Dec. 20. Sad to hear...
  4. And it's not like they're "adding" a CVS, given that there is one in the Panera shopping center...I assume this one is just moving down a couple blocks.
  5. Booooo! It's comments like that which holds back the potential of Greenville. We're in the unique position to have some thought provoking architecture (in a small town) but if folks can't open up to the idea of progression than we will be stuck in "ho-hum" America.
  6. Not sure if this is correct thread for this, but did anyone attend the Piazza Bergamo discussion last night?
  7. Per the sign on their door, I believe this will be the new location for Saffron's (located in the basement of the West End Market).
  8. Does anyone know the status of Port City Java? There appears to be brown paper up on the windows at the downtown location and employees locked out at the Mills Mill location?
  9. I think "they" should be required to turn the site into a very cool greenspace during this time of uncertainty.
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