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  1. Refresh my memory. Where is the Founders Building and is it a new gym? I'd like a new gym DT. Is it the Curves (or similar thing) I saw? Thanks.
  2. "Social engineering"? What a FOX'd up thing to say. So typical.
  3. The aerial shots are fantastic! Thanks. New wallpapers!
  4. v There's no better example of this than in today's Public Pulse in the GR Press. There is a letter titled "In God We Trust" by a Jane Scholtens. Can anyone tell me if the Press is obligated to print every single letter they receive? If not, then what possible purpose would printing her letter in the largest paper in west Michigan have? Could the GR Press have a hand in perpetuating this perception of our area? When I read the Public Pulse I often wonder how many business executives visiting town read our paper and shake their heads.
  5. I just had coffee and a sandwich at Discussions 3 hours ago! The owner and I talked alot but he never mentioned it or let on about it. Hmmm.
  6. While walking back from the GRCC gym today, I was waiting to cross Fulton at Sheldon. I looked toward Fulton and Division and what did I see? A nice new, fairly large construction sign (I'm not sure of the correct term for it) with a great rendering of the project in full color. "Opening Fall of '09", I believe it said. I walked down that corner to relish in the thought that it looks like full steam ahead. There was alot of activity on the site too. Lots of soil being dug up. Now that I'm back in GR for good, I'm looking forward to this, MSU, and HDVCH going up.
  7. Well, I'll be doing my part when I move back to GR from Chicago in 2 weeks---carless by choice. Already bought my little wheeled grocery pull cart for when I traipse over to Family Fare on E. Fulton, from 207 La Grave Ave. Until someone wisely puts a grocery store/pharmacy right downtown to support and encourage the hoped for burgeoning DT population, it's my only option. I'll take the Fulton bus each way, or just cab it in nasty weather. Walking/busing it to whatever you need is 2nd nature to me. I'll be on my (Citizenbike.com) folding bike with a backpack alot too. I'm going to see how long I can exist in GR w/o a car. So when you people see a devastatingly handsome guy pulling a week's worth of groceries behind him downtown, it should be me! Be sure and honk!
  8. Thanks. Nice work. You do get around! You must love cities as much as I do.
  9. Wow! Fantastic! I've been wanting to see a view like this. Is that GVSU Allendale and then Lake Michigan beyond? Thanks. Any more pics?
  10. Thank you Avocado and, of course, Eridony, for the new pics/views of my chosen-again hometown. Just got back after 4 days in GR and must say I'm glad to be finally moving back. Thanks to all of you Urban Planet and Flickr people for keeping me up to date. I saw alot while there, but not from these angles.
  11. I love it. Build it! Let's get away from the Vandenberg Center little square boxes of the '60s. Thank heaven for the JW, HDV Children's Hospital, the VAI, and now this. Grand Rapids is opening up.
  12. As I have said, I loved your views of the city from up there, but the pics of the damage are chilling. Scary. I hope the 2 guys who were injured are doing better.
  13. Fantastic! Thank you so much. The view looking directly south from the top of Butterworth makes that part of downtown look pretty dense. And doesn't the current height of Riverhouse seem to be even higher than where you were? That's impressive.
  14. Yes! More please! I would love to see River House from that high vantage point. Thanks
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