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  1. The Brightline

    I'll stand against Negative Nancy on this one, too. I see BL as both a win and a very positive thing for the region. Plus, as a train lover, and someone who frequently drives to SE FL I'm excited to try it and save myself a ton of pain.
  2. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Let's hope that a much better version gets built.
  3. Just Wow

    Shhhh... it's like saying Beetlejuice 3x!
  4. This wouldn't fall under the damage prevention aspect, but the relocation. It's been a while since I've fully read 556, but I know from a real world life in utilities that moving undocumented lines is costly and you can't just take upon yourself to do so whether they were documented or not.
  5. The Brightline

    Maybe some sort of cross-promotion like the The Home of the Thank Heavenliest Place on Earth, Buy Our Tents!
  6. I wouldn't want to be your CFO if you tried that approach. It's accepted in Chapter 556 of FL State Statutes that sometimes lines aren't known to exist, that doesn't mean you can do as you wish and willfully destroy them. http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0500-0599/0556/0556.html It does mean that your legal teams might have to fight it out, but it doesn't in any way mean you can just remove the line(s) in your way as you see fit.
  7. Publix

    There is a FM by my wife's grandmother's house. She'll stop on her way home from there sometimes and pick us up something for dinner. All have been tasty and the lack of having to cook combined with it not coming in a value meal is a great option. I totally agree with jfw's assessment, though. It's all show. Their bulk foods as seen in that picture are very affordable. About the only thing in the store that I'd say that about. They sell these wonderful dehydrated fruits, but for a bag that is 98% air and the size of a vending machine bag of chips, it will run you almost $4. Don't worry, they sell a large size. For like $8 you get a full handful of fruit. For the same price at Trader Joe's you'd get a half pound or more of the same dehydrated fruit.
  8. Lake Nona - Medical City

    I saw a bunch of tennis courts and assumed one of them was a fancy one. But, upon closer inspection, I guess none of those have seats for fans. I didn't even notice. I thought it was a commentary on how far Lake Nona was from Orlando in a sprawl sense. You get a bit used to that here.
  9. The 7-11 Thread

    I officially say BOO at this move.
  10. Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    That guy has a giant head. He's grinning like he stole the place.
  11. Publix

    Fresh Market has wonderful food options, but SWEET BABY JESUS are they expensive. They make Whole Paycheck (pre-Amazon days) look like a lightweight. The most remarkable thing is their prepared food options. Insanely good. You can go in and pick up a gourmet dinner that is 100% cooked and ready to go. You could also just pick up fresh pizzas or wings that are ready to eat. I'd give that the best rating I could possibly give a grocery store. It makes the Publix take away counter look like complete crap.
  12. Lake Nona - Medical City

    Lake Nona isn't close enough?
  13. The 7-11 Thread

    Frankly, I've spot-checked a ton of other cities forums and they get SQUAT for posts. At least funny snippets and long-running nonsense bond us as forum users and keep the banter running. A few comments about 7-11 in a joking manner certainly aren't hostile rants attacking the forum or the other users. Plus, in strict terms of viewing these posts, they are usually <10 words or a picture. They take about 1.3 seconds to view and dismiss as silliness and aren't an 8 paragraph diatribe that you have to read to figure out if you should ignore or respond. FWIW, I have no problem shopping at or visiting a 7-11. They certainly have received plenty of my $$ over the years.
  14. The 7-11 Thread

    Not half as thrilling as bashing 7-11 bashing.