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  1. I don't have any new books, but we have a nicely stocked library (BOOKS IN PERSON??? WHAT??? COVERS? PAPER???) and we've pulled a few down. I signed up for the Kindle Unlimited, but I'm having issues finding decent stuff and might not keep it. I still love holding a book, though, so it's not ideal for my style of reading.
  2. FYI, some Walmarts are closing at night now instead of staying open.
  3. HankStrong


    Google knows! https://ymcacentralflorida.com/membership/
  4. Yes, I certainly don't believe that warm weather is the cure either. However, I'm not an expert. My comment was simply that if it does, that's great. If it doesn't, that stinks. I have no idea how long it will last and what will kill it or not. I know that social distancing seems like a great idea. The fewer people you interact with, the fewer people can give it to you.
  5. It is such an unknown. If this breaks quickly in certain hot regions, they will recover quicker. If it doesn't break for anyone, it's going to be a nightmare. If it breaks for everyone, we all win. It is insane to think about how little we know about what is going to happen. I've seen it shared dozens of times, but the statement is true. We will probably never know for sure (many may claim) if we over-reacted to this virus, but we will 100% know if we under-reacted.
  6. I don't know where it belongs on this forum, but it is certain ON TOPIC. I believe in staying calm, using good hygiene, and making smart decisions. That said, dismissing it as just people freaking out because we made it through SARS & MERS is just not sound thinking. I hate that it seems to becoming TP Hoarders vs. COVID Deniers. This could become very horrible for many people, even those who never got sick, because jobs could be lost and businesses could close. Not to mention the whole death thing and how under-prepared our nation's healthcare system is for both the realities of pandemics & the cost to the public of them. I have always believed (and continue to believe) that feeding, educating, and healing our population should be the three largest points of focus for a country to be called the greatest nation on Earth. Even though some things may seem like overreaction, I support them because they fall in line with those 3 things.
  7. I think most of us have some fairly important things going on professionally? That's what I'm guessing.
  8. I'd redefine your list as HoB, Hardrock, and DPAC. No way do the Social/Beacham, Vanguard (AKA Firestone), or even Ace Cafe compare in terms to those 3. That's like comparing apples to oranges. You can see great shows at any of them, but they are nowhere close to the same class of venues.
  9. Sounds like a job for - - - - - Arbor Man!
  10. I did love going to Black Bean Deli, but that entire place was disgusting. As nice as BBD was, it was lipstick on a pig as my granny said.
  11. Bravo! This strip mall (and that's a stretch) is decrepit and nasty.
  12. That doesn't sound like the popsicle stand I was promised. LOL
  13. A cross-fit place were small blonde girls yelled "RUN FORREST RUN" at you until you collapse from exhaustion. It was ice cream from Columbus, OH.
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