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  1. HankStrong

    The Brightline

    How about the fact that according to her own interview that she had no idea she was on RAILROAD TRACKS and just thought the road was very bumpy and had poor visibility. All this, despite living in the neighborhood? That's super weird.
  2. HankStrong

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Some of those wouldn't fit in a million years.
  3. HankStrong

    Central FL Roads and Highways

    Growing up in the Midwest, our roads sucked.
  4. HankStrong

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Wasn't it supposed to be under a giant glass dome originally?
  5. HankStrong

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    We got dad jokes!
  6. HankStrong

    Orlando Transit

    I, too, have heard the horror stories. They seem to be a huge hassle.
  7. HankStrong

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    Wait. So Andy went to drink heavily in San Diego? A city like thousands of miles from here? To think that I thought us po-dunk back-erd hillbillies never left Orlando? DRINK ON ANDY!! DRINK ON!
  8. HankStrong

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    They have a very responsive social media team. If you ask them on Twitter for just about any photos, they usually have them. My co-worker asks silly questions all the time because he's a plane-spotter (for lack of a better word?) and they post all sorts of photos for him.
  9. HankStrong

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Are you sure you didn't see Captain Kangaroo?
  10. HankStrong

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    Count me in as the newest season ticket holder if there are unlimited Slurpees.
  11. HankStrong

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Look at the Google cache of it. That is the way to read the whole article.
  12. HankStrong

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Don't forget the part where he screams at kids to get out of his way on the sidewalk.
  13. I liked the "Mission to Mars, sponsored by Mars Candy" joke.
  14. HankStrong

    Creative Village

    I'm trying to figure out how/where Sunshine wants to put something like this in a downtown, urban area?
  15. HankStrong

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    When that Star Wars stuff opens it might be a huge factor in this race.