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  1. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    You should demand proof.
  2. If you had four hours

    It would wholly depend on their interests. I've actually done this with my Brit buddy's little brother/sister. They had an 8+ hour layover, so I picked them up and we spent 3 or 4 hours at Disney Springs, the outlet malls, and dinner. The shopping aspect being pure misery for me, but they needed clothes and the exchange rate was AMAZING at that time. Took them back to the airport and WHOOOOSH off they went to South America. I'd include food/beer for most people and base the rest on things they loved.
  3. I'm so pleased. This is what Orlando has been needing for a long, long time!
  4. I'm fairly sure it will always be Club Paris to everyone who means anything!
  5. Parramore's Future: Highrise Development or No?

    I wish I had gone to a school that nice!
  6. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    [mildly amusing witticism as a reply]
  7. You typically seem to have a strong distaste for almost anything Orlando does, but this isn't quite true. From Denmark: https://ing.dk/artikel/nordmaendenes-kompromislose-opera-71630 From Dr. Phillips: https://www.drphillipscenter.org/explore/about/faqs/ Their opera house is about 415,000 sq feet in gross space with about 120,000 sq feet in public space. The Dr. Phillips is about 330,000 sq feet (yes about 25% smaller, but definitely not half!) but they don't list public space. I googled it and saw some blog posts & misc. crap saying about 100,000 sq feet of public space, but couldn't quickly find a hard number that I'd call a fact. If you keep the same ratio, about 25% smaller would be 90,000 sq feet of public space. Their opera house cost over $500M in US dollars in 2001 money. That's quite a bit more in today's money. The Dr. Phillips is set to cost about $515M. Just fact checking.
  8. Kissimmee | St. Cloud | Celebration

    "Look kids, Big Ben!"
  9. Hopefully we can get a hat for this building, too!
  10. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Sometimes it says you have an adblocker on when you don't!
  11. Other Metro Area Projects

    Don Pablos RISING FROM THE GRAVE on the opposite lot!
  12. Kissimmee | St. Cloud | Celebration

    As someone who uses one almost every day with some of the same results, I understand. There are just so few of them here.
  13. With a 7/11 and a Pay Day Loan joint.
  14. The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Very strange. I was like "When did I say that???" I do still believe in those rules for railroad tracks, though.