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  1. HankStrong

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    I'm not doubting the plane. I'm doubting the pilot for a 4th rate airline.
  2. HankStrong


    Another rocket scientist takes on a train. https://www.wesh.com/article/sunrail-train-hits-pickup-in-orange-county/25004225 Worst game of chicken ever!
  3. HankStrong

    Economic Development

    So, you're saying that a company in the most amazing region of the entire US which encompasses the great states of North AND South Carolina, is moving to stupid Florida? Unpossible! Hehehehe. End sarcasm.
  4. HankStrong

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    Quite frankly, THE OSU probably deserves to much lower. This isn't a good team, this is a pretender team.
  5. HankStrong

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    I don't know about Spirit, given how insanely tight that landing is at Princess Juliana I'd kind of like a better airline, but a direct flight would be awesome.
  6. HankStrong

    Just Wow

  7. HankStrong

    Just Wow

    I'm not touching a politics thread to save my life, but I sure have to say JUST WOW at partisan voting. Both sides. Idiots all around playing a shell game with random rich people (and locally with a straight up criminal who got 41% of the vote thanks to it) who don't even slightly care about them. I can't begin to imagine people who think straight-line voting is an effective tool for picking leadership.
  8. HankStrong

    A few fancy unbuilt projects

    How many stars is that resort? Must be at least 11.
  9. HankStrong

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I disagree. It's not even the street where the Blues Brothers park and the Irish Pub doesn't have a door facing Park Ave. It has a good view of the front of the mummy ride, though.
  10. Seriously Gretchen-Dale, stop trying to make Charlotte happen! It's not going to happen!
  11. I get sick and tired of hearing that building more roads is the answer. There is a subset of people in the country who believe that roads are magic because THEY use them. I know a guy that I've mentioned many times. He hated SunRail with a passion. He insulted it at every chance. He once said that whoever was in charge of it should be jailed for wasting his tax dollars. He & I have had countless discussions on this topic. I don't love SunRail. I know that I love trains and love what trains can do for transportation AND MORE IMPORTANTLY without SunRail phases I & II we certainly weren't getting anything more. Now there is talk of a spur to the airport and an extension to Lakeland. The original Phase IIB to DeLand could happen and an extension to Daytona is being tossed around. There is the OBX and people are at least having conversations about extending a train to The Villages. All of that happens because of Phase I of SunRail. The Fire Department doesn't make money. The roads (overwhelming majority) don't make money. Nice sidewalks don't make money. Libraries don't make money. The National Defense doesn't make money. There are a million public things that don't make money. That alone should NEVER be a reason to not do something that benefits the public. And it is so insanely selfish to say that you like Item A because you use Item A, but since you don't use Item B, no one should. Screw you and your selfishness. The good of many outweighs your personal likes. Education benefits the greater good. Transportation benefits the greater good. Protecting ourselves locally (fire/police/rescue/etc) and nationally benefits the greater good. Said guy now is retired and rides SunRail about 10x a month. So he's changed his tune.
  12. I fully credit Jeannie, Tony Nelson, and Roger Healey.
  13. HankStrong

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    NCAA College Basketball Tournament adapted for football by going from 64 to a more manageable 16. Winner take all. In order to get into the bracket of 16, your conference can't have a conference tournament 4 #1 seeds, 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3 in each bracket Neutral sites like the bowl games (or at least as neutral as they are now)
  14. HankStrong

    Just Wow

    Gawdy cross and all, it is an improvement to what was there.
  15. It's not as bad as you might think. The South lot is ~38k sq. ft and the North lot is ~34k sq. ft, so it's not like the South lot is this epic empire of land. There does appear to be a 30' wide easement on the North lot, which I have no idea whether they can get that abandoned or if there is a utility corridor running through it. It would be quite dense, but I like the prospect. I hope they do. I hope Cheyenne stays as an Orlando landmark well beyond this project, but in truth, it isn't nearly the landmark we'd (myself very much included BTW) like it to be. Even so, it isn't in danger with Phase II of this project.