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  1. Tri-Rail is currently using similar, but not identical rolling stock. They are supposedly using Brookville BL36PH engines with the Hyundai Rotem coach cars.
  2. We've kinda talked about most of this before. SunRail uses standard gauge rails. Virgin uses standard gauge rails. Everyone in the mix is using 4'-8.5" rails. They both can use the exact same tracks. This is what lets SunRail and Amtrak and CSX use the same rails. The rails aren't the issue. There are several differences in the dimensions of the rolling stock (the actual trains) which could cause problems, but mostly DO NOT seem to cause a ton of problems. I don't see the problems that people keep mentioning. If someone knows more than I do, please correct me. See below:
  3. *rimshot* Train jokes! Yes North of Meadow Woods station heading South to 417. That's what they meant to say.
  4. Someone get Spenser some Tums.
  5. I will agree with codypet here. Everything I'm hearing is also cautiously optimistic. No one seems to be calling it anything but likely moving ahead.
  6. College girls playing volleyball. That kinda sounds like a recipe for Mrs. Strong getting upset with me. I might have to weigh the danger.
  7. As a side note, the train path over the 417 near 528 has started. I went to that side yesterday and saw it.
  8. I do really need to visit Bok Tower again. I enjoyed that.
  9. We were looking all over. She works in the restaurant row area, but our search went from WG to LBV and from MW to Conway. We found her a temporary place in a friend's Mother-in-law cottage, but they are looking to use that longterm as an AirBnB. She has at least 6 months, though, and will have some rent savings if she helps them do a few of things they want done before renting it. I've encouraged her to learn to be as handy as possible and save as much money as possible.
  10. It's nuts. I posted in the press thread about helping a friend's daughter find a place (they are going through a medical crisis with the girl's grandparent, so we're stepping in to assist) and it is insane to look at apartments after decades. You can't find a cheap place in the burbs any more. You can't go to a slightly less attractive place. It's expensive or it is a roach motel.
  11. If you aren't enclosed, is that man-spreading?
  12. That's a tough balance to find. You have to make it affordable to build and easy to use and easy to get off the ground and safer and faster and better and stronger and fuller and everything!
  13. We were helping a friend's daughter get her first place and it's seriously depressing to see how difficult that is. It's insane how much they want for a dumpy, tiny place.
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