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  1. HankStrong


    For the best of everything, including the price!
  2. HankStrong

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I know the history of Red Lobster was something about Mr. Darden wanted a non-coastal seafood restaurant. HOWEVER, calling Orlando or Lakeland not close to the ocean is one thing here in Orlando. If you ask someone in Chicago, though, I think Orlando or Lakeland would be plenty close enough to be considered close to the ocean. I mean, I can have my foot in the Atlantic in less than 40 minutes. Try that in Chicago or Nebraska or Montana. I'm banking on my roughly 115'-125' above sea level place to be waterfront soon enough! Bithlo-schmithlo, I want Christmas in the Sand to be a thing.
  3. HankStrong

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Isn't that concept odd? A ocean seafood place based somewhere with no ocean seafood?
  4. HankStrong

    The Brightline

    I think I mentioned this somewhere in this thread, but most of the original debate was based on an email that was forwarded among retirees full of blatant falsehoods like it taking some insane amount of time (some insane number like several minutes???) at each crossing and some hyper inflated decibel (like 3x the actual number) level of the horn and some inflated number of train crossings that isn't even possible. It was a lot like the Jenny McCarthy autism "facts" that went around that you still can't wipe out with proven medical facts.
  5. HankStrong

    Orlando Mayoral Race

    Like a STD, he's a "gift" that keeps on giving.
  6. HankStrong

    Hourglass District

    I eat down that way a lot and a couple of times I've popped in to buy something quick after. I've had nothing but bad service and I don't want to fan any flames, but it was kind of nasty in there. I haven't been inside in about 3-4 weeks, but this isn't just pre-work commenting. Fancy red paint aside, it's still not a nice store.
  7. HankStrong

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    They are Warner Bros films and the IP rights for theme parks belong to Six Flags currently. Alien is Fox, so Disney soon.
  8. HankStrong

    Moving to Orlando

    How is the move coming along? Are you adjusted yet?
  9. HankStrong

    Just Wow

    I viewed your post and also accept the apology. It was simply a misunderstanding. Thank you for the condolences, also. You've got a tough road ahead and I don't have anything but sympathy for that aspect of your life. It won't get an easier. Just FYI, I will still be ignoring your posts as I still believe you are often just trying to antagonize people (outside of the subject of your father's health and your disabled child which I don't believe you are) on this board in regards to on-topic posts, so please assume in the future that anything I say in any thread has NOTHING to do with you, unless I directly mention you. I will be respectful of you and to you, by not partaking in your conversations. I do not wish to have anything I say/do be reported as an attack on you, so know that my conversations on this board are not directed at you. I will, no doubt, participate in threads where you are participating, but my interactions are not with you. I have no further protests with you and will simply ignore attempts to engage.
  10. HankStrong

    Just Wow

    IAR, I'm speaking to you directly now. If you haven't read it, one of the most helpful reads my family and I found is a book called The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Related Dementias, and Memory Loss https://www.amazon.com/36-Hour-Day-Alzheimer-Disease-Dementias/dp/1455521159/ I would highly recommend reading it if you haven't done so already. I bought copies for about a dozen members of the family. I turned visit days at the care facility into book club-like conversations whether they wanted to talk about it or not because some of the passages are quite difficult for a family member who is in denial or thinks their loved one will get better soon from this awful disease. It can be digested in very small bites which is helpful for people who are a bit on the emotional side. Another family member preferred the book Creating Moments of Joy Along the Alzheimer's Journey: A Guide for Families and Caregivers but I didn't find it as helpful. Maybe you will or maybe you have already read both of these. Either way, take it as a friendly note. https://www.amazon.com/Creating-Moments-Along-Alzheimers-Journey/dp/1557537607/
  11. HankStrong

    Just Wow

    My conversation with dcluley98 & Spencer had NOTHING to do with IamReality's father. ZERO. It was originally about a NYT article and the Owen Wilson response was awesome & directed at me, not IAR or his father. I have IAR on my ignore list. I saw people responding to them, but ignored it as we were instructed to do instead of angering people. On a side note, earlier this year I lost a very close relative who fought Alzheimer's for over a decade. I watched them lose everything and I find nothing about people dying for that horrid disease to be funny. I spent thousands of hours sitting with them watching their mind rot away until eventually their brain forgot how to do basic functions like eat, breath, and use their kidneys. It's not even vaguely funny. HOWEVER, it had nothing to do with urban planning in Orlando, so I never mentioned it. ETA: My comment about WOW and JUST WOW were supposed to be a play on the thread title. Which Spenser created and named. It was supposed to reference the fact that he implied in the very beginning that the things he was posting would make someone exclaim WOW. Since that post did. I exclaimed it.
  12. HankStrong


    I want a train that shoots out of Lake Eola!
  13. HankStrong

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    Nicely said Andy. Watching the videos for the improvements, you can see a huge change in traffic flow. Look at how much better JYP interchange got even before this when it was updated to current standards and SORT OF prepped for the I4 Ultimate project. That was a huge game changer there and it was only a baby step improvement. No more free lanes is a misleading statement indeed. The express lanes have made a massive difference in Miami from my own personal experience. The studies done back this up. Solid points on the budget/delay as well. Things happened beyond anyone's control. The not paying for damages is bad, if true. However, I'm sure there is a level of fraud they have to work through, too. I went to the theme parks in May and a friend's ticket wasn't working so we went to guest services. The lady in front of me was arguing up and down that some character didn't show her kid the level of attention they should have. I didn't see the incident, but I know for a fact she was demanding free stuff for whatever happened because she said so point blank "You need to compensate me for this!" It was easy to tell that she wanted something for nothing by how she was framing her argument. I'm going to guess plenty of folks want some free car repairs on the I4 dime.
  14. David Needleman, the guy who started JetBlue, Morris Air, Azul Air Brazil, and WestJet (and has been with Southwest and TAP Air Portugal) is starting a new US budget airline called Moxy (at least for now) and wants to fly to underserved airports. https://airlineweekly.com/hes-baaaack-stop-what-youre-doing-jetblue-founder-david-neeleman-wants-to-launch-a-new-u-s-airline/ He signed an order for 60 Airbus A220-300s yesterday (until like a week or two ago those were Bombardier CS300s) A couple articles mentioned Central Florida airports like Daytona, Sanford, and Melbourne as possible options.
  15. HankStrong

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    No. Initially it was because it was hard to get tickets, I hear now that's not even slightly a problem. I should try it out. I went a couple times to the games in the Citrus Bowl.