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  1. College Park

    It is such an eyesore! Everyone is going to die now... of embarrassment.
  2. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    As long as I get to bodyslam a live human and stand over them yelling "TAKE THAT BROTHER!!!" then I'm for this.
  3. Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    They do. I've watched some of their videos on projects that really interested me. There were comments, but it seemed that you had to get in some sort of queue to do so. I have no idea who it worked, but there were plenty of commenters on the ones I watched.
  4. Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    Hat! Hat! Hat!
  5. The Brightline

    A nice little Brightline article that isn't behind the paywall. Nothing you probably don't already know or didn't see before, but it is a nice overview article with all the info in one place. Emphasizes things like handicap accessibility options and amenities. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2018/01/08/a-preview-of-brightline-project.html Interestingly, we are heading to Miami in a few days and it is a shame this isn't running already. We're going to be with family, so we actually have no need for a car other than to drive up/back. It would've been the perfect trip to test. Oh well, we'll have to do it in a few years.
  6. Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    Went down to the block party last night and it was extremely busy. People everywhere. I parked at Sand Lake and took the SunRail down, mostly just to ride the train, but also because traffic was a nightmare. It was quick and painless and roundtrip was $3.75 instead of paying for a garage parking spot. It just took a few minutes to get there. The time schedule could have been much better is my only real complaint.
  7. Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]

    No one is thanking heaven for that.
  8. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Not only is it next to a massive garage, it is catty-corner one of the largest arenas in the state. I'm not thinking a 6-story building is INSANE there.
  9. Just Wow

    Where on Earth is this downtown Macy's that I haven't seen it in the years I've lived here?
  10. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I can't imagine them putting the parking garage in the basement...
  11. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I'm fairly sure it is the same. I'm always fairly sure those aren't decent-sized SKYCRAPERS. Those are mid-height buildings.... although I'm sure some of that depends on whether you use the 100m (328') standard of the mid-20th century or the modern 150m (492') definition. From what I'm reading, they are looking to change the standard again to a minimum of 200m (656') to be called a skyscraper. Orlando Metro area before the 3 you mention: (I actually believe the 3 you mention are all still <100m... like 89m, 85m, and 99m respectively) >200m = 0 >150m = 0 >100m = 8 (plus 3 other items - Orlando Eye, OIA tower, Sea World Sky ride)
  12. Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]

    My neighbors seem AMAZED AND ASTOUNDED that we park our cars in the garage. I had shelves and ceiling racks installed in my house. Anything I *NEED* to store goes up there, off the floor. Anything I don't need or have replaced gets donated ASAP. Too much stuff is stupid.
  13. THE Orlando Photo Thread

    Except like 1/3 of the height.
  14. SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    Solid article. We need better hours. We need more lines. We need them to go to more actual places that people work in, play in, and live in. If you build it, they will come.