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  1. Lake Davis was still almost out to Mills on Sunday. A little piece of personal trivia. I've considered buying the house across from Mills Market (Gore & Mills) twice in the past. Both times I've backed off. Around 2004/5 it was because the price went crazy in the mortgage bubble. In the early 2010s because it was still way more than the house was worth in the condition it was in. Especially since the 2nd time I pondered doing massive amounts of renovations to it. I'm glad I didn't in the end. On normal days the market is too busy for my taste and in events like this, I'd be sad it was flooded.
  2. October is a long month in the hurricane world.
  3. I wish I had been. That was a horrible night. I was fortunate enough to have the water stop rising about 5' from my door. However, it was a nerve-wracking and crazy night. I was one of the lucky ones who kept power and didn't have damage. I know many of our fellow Floridians didn't fare that well.
  4. Anyone got photos of the express lane water canal?
  5. Wherever you live in Central Florida, please be careful and stay safe. Remember to be prepared and try not to panic. Try to remember when this is all over that whatever our differences of opinion, we're all human beings! Be kind!
  6. HankStrong


    Welcome. Continuing this to The Villages would be even better. You could get all those busses off the turnpike and I bet it would actually get used!
  7. @spenser1058It is gross.
  8. Short North & IV weren't huge hangouts for me, but as any good human is, I am a fan of the DooDah Parade. I would definitely consider anything in the general region of High Street down to 1st & over to 4th the area around TOSU. I mainly hung out up by The Newport because I was a pizza and music junkie.
  9. I don't get that at all. I'm not super plugged in, but that seems like a very unfair assessment. It seems Harry has been very much tortured by his mother's death, how everything was handled, and the like. Meghan seems to come from a lot of strife as well. If they truly married for love instead of their futures (his royal one, her Hollywood one) to make a better life together, I'm 100% for it. Does it seem impossible that her mixed race played a factor in how she has been treated? It's plausible, really plausible. Is it surprising that an inbred and insular community like those that surround (even if it wasn't the royals themselves) the monarchy do not like outsiders, especially outsiders that are different than they are? NO.
  10. Since I picked up La Fiesta for dinner on Saturday night, I'm guessing we may have nearly crossed paths.
  11. Since I was brought into this for my days in Columbus, I'll just say that beyond THE Ohio State University's campus, the party areas immediately around the campus, and the German Village I do not have any love for Columbus whatsoever. It's a dump and downtown is as boring as it comes. I should add that Childhood Hank would like to add that COSI (Center Of Science & Industry) and the world's first Wendy's are amazing.
  12. It's not that it's off, it's that it hasn't finished and won't finish (if it does) for quite a while. There are legal hurdles and federal approvals and logistics and whatnot up in the air. Merging airlines is a very complicated process whether it's a friendly or hostile takeover or (as in this case) a mixture of both.
  13. Better than my mom! I had to go over and set hers up. In fairness to her, that was a couple of years ago and she's going strong on her own ever since.
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