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  1. That's a very logical and reasonable approach. I'd just assume it's not as profitable? I don't know why it wouldn't catch on.
  2. HankStrong


    Don't start taxing my brass, I've got a band to keep on the road!
  3. To be fair, he's being attached to every coaching vacancy in the league. It's not just the Jags.
  4. There is really one team that stands out in that group. TOSU
  5. I just like that engineers are considering other options. We were in a rut for the better part of 100 years.
  6. It's like flinging poo at the wall. Somethings bound to stick! Also, Kettle you are black. As are we all.
  7. I've done the same trip, but added in London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam
  8. It increases my chance of going to Hawaii by a lot.
  9. You know someone is legit Rust Belt with this. The closest one to my house was the same. My buddy's dad was the manager.
  10. I gave up on him about 10 pages back. He's yesterday's news.
  11. That's the thing, Savannah and Charleston would be great. It's not always the entire route that's interesting, it's the combo in between that is. Miami to Orlando? Great! Orlando to Savannah? Great! Jax to Tampa? Great! Charleston to Savannah? Great! Savannah to DC? Great! Richmond to Charleston? Great! I don't think DC to Miami is likely the focus, but the options in between. However, someone could then theoretically do that. My uncle rode trains as his preference. He was unable to drive due to medical problems and rode them back and fo
  12. Bingo. That would be logical. However, when do things happen logically?
  13. Wow, that was both hurtful and rash. Aren't they pulling back on that?
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