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  1. That's a very logical and reasonable approach. I'd just assume it's not as profitable? I don't know why it wouldn't catch on.
  2. HankStrong


    Don't start taxing my brass, I've got a band to keep on the road!
  3. To be fair, he's being attached to every coaching vacancy in the league. It's not just the Jags.
  4. There is really one team that stands out in that group. TOSU
  5. I just like that engineers are considering other options. We were in a rut for the better part of 100 years.
  6. It's like flinging poo at the wall. Somethings bound to stick! Also, Kettle you are black. As are we all.
  7. I've done the same trip, but added in London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam
  8. It increases my chance of going to Hawaii by a lot.
  9. You know someone is legit Rust Belt with this. The closest one to my house was the same. My buddy's dad was the manager.
  10. I gave up on him about 10 pages back. He's yesterday's news.
  11. That's the thing, Savannah and Charleston would be great. It's not always the entire route that's interesting, it's the combo in between that is. Miami to Orlando? Great! Orlando to Savannah? Great! Jax to Tampa? Great! Charleston to Savannah? Great! Savannah to DC? Great! Richmond to Charleston? Great! I don't think DC to Miami is likely the focus, but the options in between. However, someone could then theoretically do that. My uncle rode trains as his preference. He was unable to drive due to medical problems and rode them back and forth across the country many times. He was scared of flying and unable to drive. He found Amtrak preferable to a bus. I don't think he's the target of anyone's marketing, though, as he's well outside the normal user.
  12. Bingo. That would be logical. However, when do things happen logically?
  13. Wow, that was both hurtful and rash. Aren't they pulling back on that?
  14. Guess this thread title needs to change back. Big announcement today: https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2020/11/23/brightline-enters-agreement-with-disney.html I think this was the worst kept secret from posts I've seen online, but it is official now.
  15. Play for a true champion. That's a good idea.
  16. My comment was about politicians from the ground up.
  17. The reality in gov't is that for every 1 person who enters and stays in politics to make a difference and help people, there are thousands who are there to get rich or get what's best for them & people who look or think like them. I think a lot of people enter politics as the first and wind up the latter. There are plenty that enter the latter and stay an even worse version of the latter. The sad part is a lot enter the first and leave because of the latter. It's quite a tough task to enter saying "I'm an ABC person, but I fight for A-Z people" and not only mean it, but do it. It's even tougher when there is only a 2 party system that says "I am an A person and I hate Z people, so everyone from B to maybe E will at least get lip service and everyone from F to Z is dead to me. GO TEAM A!" because they really don't have to work with anyone except their own team.
  18. Well, that wouldn't be very feasible would it? How about tearing it down and building a perfectly acceptable stadium? Allegiant = $1.84B, SoFi many billions, M-B $1.6B I'm not thinking you could swing that in a city without a pro team. However, I think for the approximately $300M+ we've spent on it in the last decade that we could've built a stadium as nice as about the bottom 2/3 of stadiums in the NFL. They've certainly upgraded *some* of the features, especially adding actual chairs in many spots instead of bleacher seating, but it still has many features comparable to high school stadiums around the country. It's not about getting Orlando's own JERRY WORLD or something, it's about not blowing money on a dump. I do understand that. Although, it does seem like minimal thought & effort were put in and continue to be.
  19. We're now like a bazillion dollars into multi-generational renovations and still have a high school stadium instead of doing it right the first time.
  20. I'm sorry they lost their job.
  21. Which one on Chickasaw? There are 3. Chickasaw & Lee Vista Chickasaw & Curry Ford Chickasaw & Lake Underhill - Which was the first Publix I ever made a purchase in when I moved here all those years ago. As soon as the moving truck was empty I came here to have some food in the house as it was the first grocery store I drove past in the pre-Google map days.
  22. I hope they put a giant 30' tall Brutus on top of it.
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