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  1. Polaris says JLB owns both plots of land. Figure they have to do something with plot regardless. Its quite an eyesore for anyone living on that side of the existing apartment building. An nice pocket park would be welcome if they don't build on it right away!
  2. ^^ Also missing is the lot directly behind (west) of Capital Tower North. That is slated to be another apartment complex built but is currently mostly construction parking. With Capital Towers wrapping up (they were installing large trees in the grass buffer yesterday) I would imagine we see movement on that once the towers are finished. Not sure how full the Allure apartments are (which would be directly next to the empty lot) but it "looks" pretty darn full. I work across the street and most balconies that I see out the office window have a chair or two outside.
  3. HA this is so true! Never an issue in the deck and I am never one row from the door. I never get it. Its not like you have to drag your groceries down a concrete dark staircase. Plus it is 50 degrees cooler down there in the summer.
  4. Speaking of beer. Anyone else going to Brawleys Black and Blue? Amazing beer list as always. This will be Black and Blue #6 for me and it is, without fail, the best beer festival in the area.
  5. Really? I flew this route in February and it was completely full on a Friday. It wasn't quite as full coming back from Munich on a Monday but not more than a dozen or so empty seats that I could see. That said, Premium Economy on LH is fantastic. It is basically first class on a domestic flight with a slightly smaller seat.
  6. No one is going to build another Olympic size pool when the MCAC is downtown. That is a true 50m Olympic size pool and if you haven't seen huge. 20 lanes when it is setup for short course and holds like 600k+ gallons. The costs associated with building a new one anywhere downtown would be huge.
  7. Well Jai Alai is quasi-local. The Jai Alai that we are getting is being brewed at Oskar Blues in Brevard. Also if have seen Oskar Blues Hoppy Floppy on draft....that is just Jai Alai they needed to get out before CC got NC approval. I have a friend that lives in Brevard and he is good friends with a lot of the employees at OB (plus confirmed when I was up there last month and there were stacks upon stacks of empty Jai Alai cans.
  8. After spending the past two plus weeks in Europe, I have come to the conclusion that Charlotte will never be bike friendly. We are so far behind we will never catch up. Over there it is a way of life, here it is just an annoyance. I used to ride on the road a lot ("retired" triathlete...broke my neck riding a few years ago and haven't ridden since) but on the best of days, I would be tolerated on the road. Most days I was an annoyance and would be honked at, yelled at, swerved at (I love teenagers), and had things thrown at. I took the rules of the road (written and unwritten) very seriously as to not piss people off. And yet it was never enough. All it takes is one asshole to make you fear for your life. We have way too many assholes.
  9. This will do a killing. I live down this way (although I don't shop at that Teeter), and everyone I know hates that Teeter because of the crazy crowds (cars and people). A publix would bring much needed relief to that area. That said, Publix doesn't seem to be working too fast on any of their S. CLT projects. They still haven't done anything with the site they bought at Carmel and 51. The office building just sits there vacant.
  10. ^^ Unita brews the Mission Street brand stuff (it used to be Firestone Walker). They certainly aren't bad beers and the price is right.
  11. So maybe we will get our own tiny version of Stone after all (Stone's former head brewer is one of the founders)!
  12. Well technically it was a food "trailer" so maybe it didn't apply? That lounge area they are taking out though was sort of a waste of space (4 leather chairs typically occupied by two people). A couple more high tops would easily replace that seating lost. That said, you are right, it's too damn small a space for the crowds they get. They have to have a plan to expand in the next few years.
  13. Catawba announced they are brewing a CLT area only, double dry hopped IPA to commemorate the opening of the Charlotte location. Cans and draft. No word yet on if the brewery will open in February or not or if this was actually brewed in CLT (I assume no).
  14. If you like the NE style IPA's then yes. Hazy juice bombs. They are not everyone's style but if you like them, they are the best around, by a long shot. Their big stouts are really good as well. Cataclysm is a monster barrel aged imperial stout that is out of this world good. Fair warning, go Thur-Sat if you want to get a NEIPA. They sell out fast and typically have none left early in the week.
  15. Those are all field turf stadiums. No chance the Panthers allow them to play on their real grass 20 times a year unless Jerry Richardson bought the team. And they wont be installing field turf.