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  1. While its nice to see us on the list, its sort of a weird list. Atlanta above Charlotte? Not if we are taking into account the size of the cities. San Diego not even on the list? OK. I have been to Grand Rapids many many times and been to every brewery thru the end of 2019, and while it hits well above its weight for a city of its size, it's scene isn't as good as Asheville and its twice the size of Asheville. And while I have never been to Indy, I can't for the life of me see how they rank higher than Denver. No one every said, hey lets go to Indy for a beercation.
  2. Walked to the Olde Towne Starbucks yesterday (near Quail Hollow). Saw two Mclarens, a 911, a Lamborghini and a blue hair driving a Bentley SUV. Quite the morning for exotic cars on Carmel road (they were all out solo).
  3. Someone has one in Quail Hollow that I see now and again in Southpark area and on Gleneagles. They are very unassuming though and would be super easy to miss.
  4. Demo of the old AT&T building at Carmel Commons is now happening. This is to the site of Lidl Carmel Commons (its not in Carmel Commons but across the street from it). Never thought would ever get going. Also the Publix, also right near where this Lidl will be and across from Carmel Commons, is finally in re-zoning. Publix bought the office building years ago but never started the project (and never rented the office space). Just an empty office building for 5-ish years. Edit: Lidl closed on the property on 3/1 so I guess this now a full go as permits for the 29k sf building have been pulled.
  5. I am not sure if Ric Elias is fully worth a billion, but it's close as RV is a $10 billion dollar company and privately held.
  6. The owner of Prices is retirement age and sitting on one hell of a nice retirement property (4 parcels on the Chicken Coop property). Sell the land, sell the name and spend the rest of your days counting your money.
  7. The trade has a lot of upside with little downside. If he is decent, we made out great. If he sucks, we draft top 3 next year. I always thought he was wasted in NYJ and has a lot of potential. Could the NYJ have broken him beyond repair? Possibly. I just didn't want to trade 3 years of 1st round picks away for an unproved college QB (beside Lawrence). I'm fine with a 2nd for a chance at a young QB.
  8. I think the Super G that is going to go into the old Kmart in Pineville is gonna kill it.
  9. The Lidl on 521 is 5x as crowded as the Aldi on Park Rd that I go to so it doesn't surprise me that a few stores could generate a ton of sales. Lidl doesn't have the same stigma as Aldi does in the the nicer neighborhoods.
  10. Got the details on their new location in Asheville...it is building directly next to the current location, 10 Buxton Ave (formerly the Asheville Hardware, directly next to Urban Orchard). They bought it for $2.2m. It definitely looks like the old location will stay, if nothing more than for the outdoor space. 11,369sf for the new space. The current spot is maybe a Frankenstein 4000sf.
  11. They own their old location so I would assume it stays open in some capacity. If I were a betting man, the new location will have a much larger inside space and a full kitchen while keeping the old location as the "outdoor" venue. The old location is a great spot when the weather is nice, but when you need to be inside, its basically a no-go for me. Fun fact: I was in the "original" location a month or so after it opened. It was a small L shaped bar with 8 barstools....that's it. My beer buddy and I walked in and had a farmhouse coffee saison (known as Thresher now) and were blown away and knew these guys were going to do well. They slowly took over more and more space in the building to what they are today.
  12. Let me rephrase this: OMG OMG OMG BURIAL! This looks like it is going into the old Boris Natasha site. Looks like a ton of work to be done but this will be awesome. - Side note - they must be flush with cash. They just purchased a new location on the South Slope in Asheville for their new home just a week or so ago.
  13. Robinhood used to be the only game in town for zero-cost trading. Not anymore. Fidelity and others have no cost trading, including option trading. I moved all my stuff out of Robinhood to Fidelity. Fidelity is MUCH faster at filling orders. No, their UI is no where close...but you can still track in Robinhood and trade in another brokerage. I had to contact customer service twice in the past year at Robinhood and each time took TWO WEEKS to get a response. That is insane. Screw them. Oh yeah with Robinhood, expect to get 3 different 1099's, all late, because they can't send out the correct one the first time. I am already got my first corrected 1099 for 2020.
  14. At least we know it won't be customer service / call center jobs
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