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  1. Well I can tell you this: #1 and #2 on this list are well above and beyond anything else that has come out of CLT.
  2. Yeah...this is one of the best casual food restaurants I have ever eaten at. Every time we are in Ashevegas, we make it a point to get over to the West Asheville location for breakfast or lunch. This place would have a line out the door 24/7 in Charlotte. One in Southend and another in Ballantyne would kill it.
  3. I dunno, I guess it depends on where you live in "south charlotte". I live just north of near Calvary church. The takeoff noise in the evenings has gone down significantly for us since they made the change. Having lived in the same general location for almost 15 years, I know everyone in the Quail Hallow / Carmel Country Club area is happier! Another change I have seen lately is that approaches are coming down Providence Rd, turning at Sun City and landing to the North. Although I could care less about landings as they don't make any noise. Just "different".
  4. ^^ The private space in the South Slope location is pretty cool. I have walked back there (it's just in the back of the building) and it was hopping with a bridal party the night I was snooping around. I know my company scoops up these kinds of spots (like Olde Meck) all the time for after work functions but the options are limited.
  5. That wasn't so hard to explain (in a paragraph no less)!
  6. Sounds like more of a shared space with the brewery/coffee/restaurant. Plaid Penguin is just a marketing company that is going to have an office there. I like the idea and think it will do well (if that is indeed what it is).
  7. From the air, will it look like the observer building is excited to see the Southpark buildings?
  8. I was in Amsterdam a few months ago and both Westbrook and Wicked Weed were on tap there as well. I had to do a double take seeing them on the menu with Westy 12.
  9. Dreamchasers was completely full last night from 6-8. Like completely full. Great space. Quick service too for the amount of people there (looking at you wooden robot). Talked to some local waxhaw residents and they said that crowd is pretty typical for a Friday night. Their NEIPA's are great. They aren't Heist level but they are damn good. I will be back.
  10. Dreamchasers in Waxhaw is celebrating their one year anniversary this weekend. Special canning of an Anniversary IPA and Yard Breather, their NE IPA (which is very good). I haven't been out there yet (that will change tonight) but the beers I've had from them at festivals and whatnot have all been good. I will be curious to see what kinds of crowds they get in downtown Waxhaw.
  11. For those that went to Bold Missy, what is the consensus on the first round of beers? For me, the lineup does nothing for me as I can get those kinds of beers anywhere (and I don't live anywhere near Noda). Just curious on what others thought. I am sure I will make it up there sometime when they have something interesting on. This and Blue Blaze are some of the few exceptions to where I didn't really get excited for a brewery opening. The concentration of breweries all in one area, to me, is getting a little old.
  12. I have never been there when it is even half full by first pitch and wonder "how the heck is this sold out". However by the 2nd / 3rd inning, majority of seats are full and always tons of people on the concourse no matter what the inning. On their thirsty Thursdays however, I would say half the crowd is socializing on the concourse for most of the game.
  13. Decent turnout for the grand opening. /s And this was before the rain moved all the outside folks in. Then it got really busy inside! Awesome space. Sours, barrel aged beers, Belgians, and the core beers on tap. Sour Zombie is outstanding!
  14. ^^ I wanted the seasonal/one off list (but thanks for what you have)! I always enjoy hitting the South Slope location, not for any of the core beers, but for the many one off barrel aged beers and sours. There is always something interesting there while I wait for a table at Buxton Hall.
  15. Tell me you took a pic of the beer list?