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  1. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I'm curious about this one based on the job posting. "big future ambitions to impact craft brewing" and the money they are throwing at this from the beginning is a little worrisome in that they could either be 1: Someone like Unknown that started with huge plans (had a distributor signed before opening day) before even growing a local base in town or 2: Someone looking to build a "for sale" brewery like Wicked Weed. The Guthy's had deep pockets and built a "for sale" brewery from the get go. Hopefully neither and just some folks with deep pockets and a love for beer, not full on investor looking to maximize profits. Not sure how hard hitting Agenda wants to get on their articles but it would be nice to see the "person behind the curtains" of some of these startup breweries and where they are getting millions in capital to start up these businesses.
  2. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    The job was posted by user OptimistBrewCo and someone previously said the 3 pillars was a placeholder name (maybe RDF) so I was just putting two and two together.
  3. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    it lists production brewery in Optimist Park and Lab in noda.
  4. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Jayvee...any details on why it isn't them? The job description in the post sounds exactly like what are describing. "Also a 2,000 sq ft experimental brew lab with a 2 BBL system and taproom in the heart of NoDa."
  5. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte Three Pillars? Edit: - Looks like it will be called Optimist Brewing Co
  6. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Stopped in to Legion after work...they hit it out of the park. Fully Slammed...and still able to get a beer in minutes. Beautiful spot and will be a “game changer” in Southpark. They need to get the outdoor furniture STAT!
  7. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Legion officially opens at 11am today (Thursday).
  8. InSouthPark

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Well the google says Appaloosa only has employees 33 people so....maybe a couple corner offices on one side of a floor?
  9. InSouthPark

    Good New Restaurants

    Dogwood Southern Table is good but a little pricey. Southpark Grill (in between Capital Towers) is new but really haven't heard too much about it.
  10. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    On my way in to work this morning, there were lots of tables and benches on the main floor and the blue prints that have been taped to the window are gone. I would say it looks like this week is likely a go barring any last minute snags.
  11. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Montford area has a bunch. Angry Ales when the weather is nice. They also have great beer prices on Friday's for local craft. Gets more crowded as the night goes on but isn't bad until much later. Brawleys is great for laid back atmosphere (but beers are expensive). Moosehead wings are great. Laid back but busy.
  12. InSouthPark

    Carolina Panthers

    Pic of the mural going up here: Much needed IMHO!
  13. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Anyone hear what Good Bottle is evolving into? I'm assuming bigger bar, less bottles. Transforming from bottle shop to tap room maybe?
  14. InSouthPark

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    ^^ So basically it could be 14 floors and about the same height as the big one on Fairview
  15. InSouthPark

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    What is the height of the current capital towers? I saw on the way to work they were drilling (or had drilling equipment) on that site this week.