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  1. ^^ Unita brews the Mission Street brand stuff (it used to be Firestone Walker). They certainly aren't bad beers and the price is right.
  2. So maybe we will get our own tiny version of Stone after all (Stone's former head brewer is one of the founders)!
  3. Well technically it was a food "trailer" so maybe it didn't apply? That lounge area they are taking out though was sort of a waste of space (4 leather chairs typically occupied by two people). A couple more high tops would easily replace that seating lost. That said, you are right, it's too damn small a space for the crowds they get. They have to have a plan to expand in the next few years.
  4. Catawba announced they are brewing a CLT area only, double dry hopped IPA to commemorate the opening of the Charlotte location. Cans and draft. No word yet on if the brewery will open in February or not or if this was actually brewed in CLT (I assume no).
  5. If you like the NE style IPA's then yes. Hazy juice bombs. They are not everyone's style but if you like them, they are the best around, by a long shot. Their big stouts are really good as well. Cataclysm is a monster barrel aged imperial stout that is out of this world good. Fair warning, go Thur-Sat if you want to get a NEIPA. They sell out fast and typically have none left early in the week.
  6. Those are all field turf stadiums. No chance the Panthers allow them to play on their real grass 20 times a year unless Jerry Richardson bought the team. And they wont be installing field turf.
  7. The Queen Park sign lives!
  8. MLS said downtown locations only.
  9. Well...Burton can pony up the extra 45 million out of his back pocket or it looks like this is dead deal. Lets see how much he really wants it. My guess is he looking for a "great deal" and easy return on investment and figured everyone would bend over backwards to accommodate. I really doubt he wants the team if it isn't a guaranteed money maker. Guess we will see. Would be a shame to lose the chance but maybe they go back to the drawing board and hope they only expand 2 teams this go round and add the other two at a later date.
  10. Since those dumpy apartments have been torn down, the property values and demand at The Cloisters neighborhood directly next door have shot way up. My wife's boss lives in there and they are now getting multiple unsolicited offers to buy their house. On the Strawberry Hill side, demolition of the apartments mostly complete. This has been a looong time coming. While we were in between buying/selling our house in 2013, we rented one of the designated to be torn down apartments as they would only do short term leases (3 months in our case) because they didn't when they were going to start demo. 3.5 years finally started. Construction fence is also up for the lot clearing for the new BBT. They plan to build the new bank and then demo the existing one to add a 3 building unit on the corner. Once Levine starts (hahaha) his mixed use at the corner, this is going to be one transformed area! Can't believe it took that long however. For such a high profile intersection a few miles from SouthPark, 3 corners of cheap apartments blew my mind. That old Circle K they tore down would have looked at home in Hidden Valley.
  11. ^^ That's an odd space for 131 Main. The Capital Towers has a restaurant space right behind their opened tower that has a much better location and visibility. Rent must much cheaper in that spot (or easier to burn down in case of downturn).
  12. Charlotte has one shot a landing a team against many different cities...putting it at the Eastland mall excites nobody and wouldn't win a bid. MLS is going to want to be "wowed". There is only one spot that is going to wow them...Memorial. It's a simple proposition. If they want to land a team, the stadium has to be perfect.
  13. Not really sure JCSmith attendance of 3000 people for a football game would really be worthy of a 150 million dollar stadium designed to seat 20,000.
  14. We are due. Last year all we had was a dusting with about 3/4" of sleet on top. It was prime for sledding down the roads though! I live next to a short hill that has about a 20% grade and it was WILD sledding down with my daughter. I hate snow (I moved here from PA to get away from the cold) but I have zero issues with 3" on a Friday night. As long as the beer fridge is full, school isn't cancelled and I don't have to go to work, I'm OK with a little bit.
  15. Online petition to repeal this for taprooms: