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  1. If you had an hour, you should have called in and asked for a refund. Once I got an actual rep, she issued a refund immediately for my Allegiant flight to FLL next month. Maybe she was just being generous or having a good day, but besides the wait, it was much easier than I expected.
  2. Wild is an understatement. You couldn't come up a fictional story this crazy! First episode I was like, "these people are a little nuts". After episode 2, my jaw dropped. I am through ep 5 and have no words to describe it.
  3. Yeah it's pretty crazy. I went to Lucky Dog two weekends ago and was shocked at the transformation of that area since I was last there in late Fall. Its sort of an odd area but as rent in warehouse space booms in Noda and Southend, this is a good alternative for breweries/restaurants/shops hoping to break into the market with easy car access.
  4. The Little Sugar Creek greenway from Burnt Mill Rd to Huntingtowne Park has been closed for a yearlong improvement. Widening of greenway, creek remediation and new bridge to Starmount are all part of this construction. Fences are already up preventing access. Huge bummer for me as I walk/run that section almost daily but it was very needed. Haven't seen much recent progress on the section just north of Tyvola. That section is going to require a LOT of retaining walls, especially around Lucky Lou's at Park and Selywn. Anyone check out the progress south of 485 to Polk?
  5. The team said they gave permission for Cam to seek a trade. They didn’t say he asked for permission / trade. Instead of thanking fans, he goes and cries about it on Instagram. It’s a business. They gave you North of $120mil. Me me me. A healthy Teddy > Cam the past three years. He isn’t recreating 2015 again. The Cam schtick got really old. He can take his personal photographer and videographer with him to New England where Bill will put him in his place and honestly what he needs to be successful again. It’s not about you cam, it’s about the team. He has unbelievable talent but needs the right coach for that to work and not be the distraction he was here.
  6. I could care less how cramped their plans are. I flew roundtrip from Hamburg to Dublin for 40 euro. I can't get to CLT airport roundtrip in an Uber for that price.
  7. Me too for the same reasons, plus I prefer the 16oz serving size vs 12oz. Plus it makes the big green recycling bin a lot lighter and quieter LOL
  8. They have said they will continue to bottle. The cans are aimed at summer pool drinking crowd. But yeah their "we will NEVER can" shtick....it's BS. German brewers have their beers in cans (and that market is growing rapidly). Every time I am in Germany, I see more and more can offerings, from the original Munich breweries to the craft IPA's. Germany is very reusable bottle heavy, but there was never a "thing" about not being able to put a Paulaner Original in a can.
  9. Yeah I love the mountains here. Will see where the career goes for both of us as my GF has a much higher earning potential so it may be a case of chasing some money for 10 years in a larger city before looking toward retirement (although looking at the markets...that aint happening anytime soon).
  10. Grew up in Northern Central PA, hated the cold. My roommate in college, his best friend was actually a starting offensive lineman for the Panthers in their first NFC championship run. When he would visit my roommate (and play beer pong with us) he always commented on how nice Charlotte was. Then my roommate went to his house for the NFC championship weekend and came back raving about the city. So I started researching cities and Charlotte looked pretty great. I was from a very rural area in PA so I wasn't ready to go from farm country to giant city but Charlotte size was just right. After visiting Jacksonville and Atlanta, I immediately crossed them off my list. Got in touch with an older friend I used to know that lived here working for USAir and they invited us down. Instantly fell in love. Got a consulting gig right out of college and been here ever since (1998). A year later, my other roommate from college moved here too. I have multiple high school classmates that live here too (tiny school....90 kids per grade) which is pretty crazy. At one time, there were 5 kids from my graduating HS class in CLT. My daughter is heading into HS next year so I give CLT at least another 6 years before I move closer to some mountains (maybe something drastic like Denver or maybe just Asheville).
  11. And still be cheaper than Nest thermostat...
  12. The renovation to Hard Rock cost $435 million just to cover the seats (and was done 5 years ago). So we are talking well north of half billion for a roof on a 25 year old building. US Bank Stadium cost a bit north of a billion. Yes others have cost more. But think of it this way. Tepper views EVERYTHING as a long term investment. What is worth more 15 years from now: a 10 year old dome or a 40 year old Frankenstein stadium? Not saying it doesn't happen, but to me, Tepper likes to build what he wants. I doubt he actually "wants" a roof on BofA and that stupid sexual harasser statue out front. If we had a "barely billionaire" owner I would think a roof would be the way they lean. But Tepper is the richest in the league and appears ready to spend some of his amassed fortune (dude is already dishing out north of 3b with Panthers purchase, stadium renovation, MLS team, MLS facilities, NFL facilities) in the past two years.
  13. ^^ that would be really cool...but...I can't see him spending 500+ million to add a roof to an old, too large stadium. 65-68k seats like Minneapolis / Miami is where it's at. Actual butts in seats has been declining NFL wide for a while now and we really need to move to a smaller stadium and have it dual / triple purpose (NFL/MLS/Final 4).
  14. Come on now, the Little League Museum is pretty cool! Laughs aside, I will probably be checking this flight out in the Fall as it is easily the closest airport to my parents.
  15. Steve Smith is an NFL Network analyst and also lives here. With our airport and home prices, for a married guy with a family anyways, its a easy choice to stay. Of course 7mil retirement payday buys a nice starter house in LA I wouldn't be surprised if his family only spends 18 weeks in Seattle. With his sons heart condition and their familiarity with the doctors here, I would be surprised if they moved full time but you never know. They just finished building their SouthPark house a year or two ago so I'm guessing they plan on staying a while.
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