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  1. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Will be interesting to see if the Catawba locations become Catawba / Palmetto taprooms or it they keep things separate (but integrated behind the scenes). But good on them scooping up another local and keeping it in the region. I would venture to say Catawba has capacity in Charlotte and Palmetto was just tapped out and not wanting to jump into constructing a new brewery. The Palmetto owners have been doing this for 25 year and should enjoy a nice retirement!
  2. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Victory makes some amazing beers across a wide variety of styles. I've been to their brewpub in PA a few times and they offer a lot of one-off's in the taproom. Southern Tier isn't my favorite but they do make some quality beers with a lot of seasonals that are wildly popular. They will be a welcome addition to the city.
  3. Good New Restaurants

    If it isn't crowded, something around there is. Went to Triple C Saturday around 6pm and spent 10+ minutes driving around the blocks looking for a parking spot. Triple C was busy but not that busy! Lots of people walking over there.
  4. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    They posted video today showing the demo has indeed begun.
  5. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I was at Brawley's last night and overheard the brewer/owner of Wooden Robot say that ground breaking begins today on their new space! WooHoo!
  6. SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    I dig it. That is a dead ass corner right now. SouthPark apartments are booming right now. I have looked at LaVie and Allure and there a not many vacancies although Encore seemed to have a lot (and much higher price range). Once that gets built and they build out the vacant lot next to Allure, there will quite a mass of people in that area. I work on Carnegie and its amazing the number of people/dogs you see walking around now compared to 3 years ago.
  7. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Went to Resident Culture last night, and like GRODNEY, came away super impressed. Inside, outside, the beer, the staff...all top notch. In one visit, it has already risen to one of my top spots to visit, especially if the weather is nice. Their outdoor seating area is larger than everyone minus Olde Meck. I will say though, this is an IPA lovers kind of place. 6 IPA's on tap and another 2-3 Pale Ales.
  8. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    They specifically said not until light rail opens due to the parking situation.
  9. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Well I can tell you this: #1 and #2 on this list are well above and beyond anything else that has come out of CLT.
  10. Good New Restaurants

    Yeah...this is one of the best casual food restaurants I have ever eaten at. Every time we are in Ashevegas, we make it a point to get over to the West Asheville location for breakfast or lunch. This place would have a line out the door 24/7 in Charlotte. One in Southend and another in Ballantyne would kill it.
  11. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I dunno, I guess it depends on where you live in "south charlotte". I live just north of near Calvary church. The takeoff noise in the evenings has gone down significantly for us since they made the change. Having lived in the same general location for almost 15 years, I know everyone in the Quail Hallow / Carmel Country Club area is happier! Another change I have seen lately is that approaches are coming down Providence Rd, turning at Sun City and landing to the North. Although I could care less about landings as they don't make any noise. Just "different".
  12. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    ^^ The private space in the South Slope location is pretty cool. I have walked back there (it's just in the back of the building) and it was hopping with a bridal party the night I was snooping around. I know my company scoops up these kinds of spots (like Olde Meck) all the time for after work functions but the options are limited.
  13. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    That wasn't so hard to explain (in a paragraph no less)!
  14. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Sounds like more of a shared space with the brewery/coffee/restaurant. Plaid Penguin is just a marketing company that is going to have an office there. I like the idea and think it will do well (if that is indeed what it is).
  15. SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    From the air, will it look like the observer building is excited to see the Southpark buildings?