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  1. From the air, will it look like the observer building is excited to see the Southpark buildings?
  2. I was in Amsterdam a few months ago and both Westbrook and Wicked Weed were on tap there as well. I had to do a double take seeing them on the menu with Westy 12.
  3. Dreamchasers was completely full last night from 6-8. Like completely full. Great space. Quick service too for the amount of people there (looking at you wooden robot). Talked to some local waxhaw residents and they said that crowd is pretty typical for a Friday night. Their NEIPA's are great. They aren't Heist level but they are damn good. I will be back.
  4. Dreamchasers in Waxhaw is celebrating their one year anniversary this weekend. Special canning of an Anniversary IPA and Yard Breather, their NE IPA (which is very good). I haven't been out there yet (that will change tonight) but the beers I've had from them at festivals and whatnot have all been good. I will be curious to see what kinds of crowds they get in downtown Waxhaw.
  5. For those that went to Bold Missy, what is the consensus on the first round of beers? For me, the lineup does nothing for me as I can get those kinds of beers anywhere (and I don't live anywhere near Noda). Just curious on what others thought. I am sure I will make it up there sometime when they have something interesting on. This and Blue Blaze are some of the few exceptions to where I didn't really get excited for a brewery opening. The concentration of breweries all in one area, to me, is getting a little old.
  6. I have never been there when it is even half full by first pitch and wonder "how the heck is this sold out". However by the 2nd / 3rd inning, majority of seats are full and always tons of people on the concourse no matter what the inning. On their thirsty Thursdays however, I would say half the crowd is socializing on the concourse for most of the game.
  7. Decent turnout for the grand opening. /s And this was before the rain moved all the outside folks in. Then it got really busy inside! Awesome space. Sours, barrel aged beers, Belgians, and the core beers on tap. Sour Zombie is outstanding!
  8. ^^ I wanted the seasonal/one off list (but thanks for what you have)! I always enjoy hitting the South Slope location, not for any of the core beers, but for the many one off barrel aged beers and sours. There is always something interesting there while I wait for a table at Buxton Hall.
  9. Tell me you took a pic of the beer list?
  10. You are not factoring in the souvenir cup! Seriously...these are my favorite water cups! I have a whole set at home. Holds the perfect amount of water/ice and they don't sweat through. On your point of getting it filled up all the say 'never happens'...I say it happens to me a lot and it's annoying. The servers always try to fill it to the brim, taking twice as long to pour as it should and then I spill it on my hand after one step. In the end, I'm sure I spill an ounce or two down my hand.
  11. Johnny's Hole. Nice compliment to his sister-in-law's hole.
  12. 41yrs. Once pop the cap happened in 2005 I was a full on craft drinker. Before that I was into whatever was not Miller/Bud/ New Castle, Guinness, etc. Even in college in the 90's, while we drank plenty of swill, but my roommates and I always hit up the nicer places with good selections as a treat when mom sent some extra money. As for a conversion process, I find almost all of my friends (most the same age as me) all drink craft. Nobody I know brings a 12 pack of Bud Light to my pool. It's silly to think age has anything to do with it. I've been to pool parties in Southend with the "young kids". Its cheap blue moon cans and miller lite that most are pounding, not craft. Heck when I was at the last knights game, it was youngsters pounding cheap swill and the old folks drinking the expensive stuff. Today, maybe but InBev has just started buying up companies in an effort to change that. They have made offers to many many many big breweries in an attempt to regain market share. They don't want a local in the fridge...they want is stuff in a corner where you don't see it. They want anything that is not theirs off the shelf. The bigger they get, the easier it becomes.
  13. ^^ Why do we need InBev to be putting out better beers? They already produce the worlds best selling beers. They don't need to take over the craft beers as well. Well unless you like monopolies. InBev's goal is to drive every competitor either out of business or buy them. There is nothing good about InBev buying anyone.
  14. This is what happens when you start a brewery with millionaires that are out to make money, not beer. The financial partner was Rick Guthy (brother of the Guthy-Renker founder) who retired as COO of Guthy-Renker after a long career there. Made a lot of money (it's also NOT true that he is worth 500mil or anywhere near that...that's his brother), invested in Wicked Weed as a managing partner (not a silent partner), and cashed out while the money was hot. I am sure Walt and Luke had little say in this as I am sure Guthy owned a vast majority of the company and Luke and Walt just made the beer. But I for one, won't support the evil empire anymore, with one exception: The Funkatorium. There is no where else around where you can try so many good sours in one spot. But stuff off the shelf? Nope. Not anymore. I see the crap A/B does, just in my little harris teeter. They pressure the store for fridge space while anything not from their distributor sits warm on the floor.
  15. They have many distributors. Their beer is in TX, GA, CO, PA, and MA among others.