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  1. I know...just saying Charlotte had plenty!
  2. There were a lot of dogs in costumes yesterday. My favorite was in a "Gay Service Dog" vest. My dog was dressed as an overly hot dog and I kept the bottled water guy in business. LOL. I think the 200k numbers they are reporting would be pretty accurate. I took my daughter and got there around 1:45 and was shocked at how crowded it was (equally shocked that I didn't see one jackass heckler). Even the Jesus Saves guy was super nice and polite. I was nervous about letting my young teenage daughter attend without parent supervision but was totally fine (not that I would allow it in the near future) so I tagged along and was impressed with what the city displayed.
  3. Is it me or does the article make it sound like WF might be moving out in 2020? Fixed that for you. But in all seriousness, he is already making great progress on his project at Fairview and Providence. And after 5 years of construction, his SouthPark personal home is almost done.
  4. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/08/15/1902381/0/en/NEW-MAT-RACING-WATER-SLIDE-ATTRACTION-GRAND-CARNIVALE-INTERNATIONAL-FESTIVAL-COMING-TO-CAROWINDS-IN-2020.html
  5. Fence and screening now up all around the Capital Towers 3 site. No equipment on site except for the fence hole digger. Post are set for a gate at the entrance. I can’t imagine they are doing this just to keep dogs from pooping in there.
  6. What Katie didn't include in the article is that a state audit found that NC ABC has been losing roughly a million a year due to poor management which is what has prompted the legislation.
  7. I have to get my Blanton's from friends and family out of state (VA & PA). Buffalo Trace occasionally pops up in Fort Mill places (I got some at State Line on 51 around Christmas). Basically Blanton's is a unicorn in CLT. Eagle Rare is just freaking rare anymore as it used to be in every ABC store in Charlotte which is a total shame. Now you have check MeckABC to see if anyone has it in stock. But overall, State Line Beverage on 51 just over the border has been my go to place. State Line Elite is the same owners but their stock seems to get picked over quickly from the folks in Ballentyne.
  8. Something is happening at the last Carnegie lot (Capital Towers 3). Construction fencing is going up today all the way around the property. Who has the LH hookup to see if this thing is really a go?
  9. Great to hear! I am currently renting a house in Spring Valley (just south of Archdale) and love being close to the greenway, Southpark, Montford and just close enough to Southend. Next year my daughter goes to HS and would like her in Myers Park. I am done with the 2600+sf houses I have had before and want a nice brick ranch in a central neighborhood I can walk/bike around. I get a lot more enjoyment of walking or biking to the Selywn HT and Mugs than I do with some stupid bonus room I never go in. I have downsized 1000sf already and don't miss the indoor space one bit.
  10. Oh man that looks amazing! And the upper connection to Abbey Place will be a big help as well as that is right where traffic backs up in the evenings and offer alternatives to the Abbey Pl stoplight. As someone who plans to buy into the MadPark area next year, I get super excited to see progress being made. The area has so much potential.
  11. That stop light is sorely needed for pedestrians. Getting to/from the greenway from Montford is a game of Frogger currently. And the "streetscape" is a laughable. There is none currently. 3' sidewalks on one side with no planting strip...on one of the most walk-able bar districts is a complete joke.
  12. I camped in Pisgah outside of Brevard at 3200' two weekends ago and needed a fire to take the chill off at night. At 3pm, it was 70 degrees at my campsite (according to my car thermometer vs the 84 it was at Sierra Nevada just 10 miles away). Pisgah is just amazing in the summer.
  13. Counter point: take away the stadium, lose taxes on the 700+m annually the panthers pump into the economy and where does that leave the coffers? The city is spending money to make money. Just like every business has to do.
  14. 320 in Philly metro and 3 in Jersey. LOL. I'm with you. I grew up in PA and still have a lot of friends up there. Can't say I ever heard one of them mention a NJ brewery. GA has had very unfriendly brewery laws for a long time. Not brewery friendly at all (its slowly changing in GA). Those numbers don't surprise me at all.
  15. Question to those that know about Optimist Hall: Is Fonta Flora still a definite? The brewery itself has been completely silent since the announcement and I haven't seen anyone mention them in any of the pictures like "this will be the new FF space" etc.
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