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  1. Listening to WFNZ now and heard a suggestion: Carolinas United FC/SC /thread
  2. What would be the purpose of sealing it off? Security for a demo to make sure the homeless are kept out? No options make much sense.
  3. Yeah….I went in the first few weeks and wasn't impressed (but liked the space)...and have basically forgotten about it although I am not over that way often. That right there is a perfect example. I will say I have heard they are making some really good beers now but it has just fallen off my radar.
  4. Maybe they can announce one for Dee Dee's hole next year and open in 3023.
  5. I would bet there is Panther black/blue in their somewhere. They are going to share a stadium that has 60k+ blue seats and black and blue trim all over BoA. To the MLS fans (of which I am not at all), what is the breakdown of FieldTurf vs natural grass? With all the events Tepper is trying to bring in, I can easily see a switch to field turf either this off season or before the start of MLS in 2021.
  6. This has been a bad trend (IMHO). Startup breweries trying to get 10-12 beers on tap for an opening. Here is an idea...perfect 3-4 before throwing open the doors, including your IPA and work on honing your craft. I have had SO many poor beers at grand openings that reflect negatively on the opening day crowd. For example Middle James IPA version 1 vs the current version 3. They rolled out a below average NEIPA at opening. Now version 3 of the IPA is MUCH better. It takes time for breweries to dial in a new system.
  7. The Bourbon Barrel aged version comes out next Thursday, also in 4 packs. $30 for a 4 pack. Last year bombs were $14 or $15/ea. So an easy $10+ savings on the 4 pack per oz.
  8. Regarding # 2 - Conspiracy theorist are hoping the other 4 silent investors are the 4 original owners that sold for a billion. How funny would that be? Even if they paid $100mil, they could treat it as a "pet project" since they already made all their bank.
  9. And props should be given to Reddit guy who stated the announcement would be around the 6th. Lets see if their statement that play would start in 2021 will also be true.
  10. https://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Pages/XCLT485toPolk.aspx Map is hidden here:
  11. We have some new art along the Sugar Creek Greenway....a large mural has been painted on the side of one of the buildings at the poop plant on Tyvola. I was running so I didn't get a photo but is was a nice bright colorful addition to the greenway. The mural had something to do with explaining the filter process. Pretty cool.
  12. I think most hope for an Eastland MLS solution and I would venture to say, so does City Council. It's a win-win for both in terms of saving face. And if they turn him down...don't be surprised if he puts the MLS HQ on his land in Rock Hill as a big F-You to city council and they would have major egg on their face for turning down the first "real" development of Eastland this past decade. Remember this is a guy who bought a 45mil mansion of an old boss that passed him over so he could tear it down and build a house 3x as big, just because he could.
  13. Richardson kept the team as power symbol but didn't do much else (besides being a creepy old man) and wanted to keep his wealth. Tepper is a mega-billionaire in the phase of his life where he wants to spend some of those billions and have fun doing it (while building his long term wealth). Tepper knows that if you want to make huge returns, you have to take chances and has the money to do it. Jerry had wealth, in that he held the ownership to a multi-billion dollar franchise, but don't tell me that Tepper doesn't make more in capital gains/interest/dividends a year than Jerry had in cash at any point in his life before selling the team. If Tepper had a "boring" year at 5% return, that's 600m. That's billionaire F-You money...something Jerry never had.
  14. You have to remember Imaginon is the children's library now. And if you have never been in Imaginon...it's basically a kid free for all. LOL. Any time I have brought my daughter there, it is extremely busy and is a great resource for kids.
  15. Rock Hill has a population of 73k. It's not like they are putting this in Mineral Springs or something. If they turn this into an entertainment area and you were a young professional, why wouldn't you want to rent an apartment there? As for hotels, if you haven't noticed, pretty much every exit off of an interstate has multiple hotels no matter if there are attractions or not.
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