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  1. InSouthPark

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I was leary of taking Allegiant but they changed my mind on a quick trip to Tampa last month. You park 50' from the front desk. Check in was pretty quick. Security was not "fast" but never frustrating. No worry about luggage getting lost as they only have one flight at a time. Board was quick and painless. No worry about 15 flights in front of you and sitting on the tarmac for no reason. Both to/from arrivals were early. Already looking a booking them for another weekend trip to Tampa in a the spring. Our flight (although this was the start of winter break) was completely booked.
  2. InSouthPark


    It was without doubt the most in-efficient ride in the park. Not sure if because of the layout, ride, whatever but the lines would be stupid long even if there weren't that many people in the park or in line. I say good riddance unless they correct the issues.
  3. InSouthPark

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte Pretty big hire by Protagonist. Former head brewer at Wicked Weed with extensive sour and clean beer brewing experience. McKillen's capital investment in this project must be a pretty penny.
  4. InSouthPark

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    That closed a few months ago. That complex has a hard time keeping tenants (the ice cream place just closed as well). Piss poor design as you cant turn north on Carmel or left on 51 out of the place. I specifically avoid it because I live north up Carmel and its too much of a PITA to get home. Unless there is something you can't get on every block (like the Fishbone) its hard to justify the aggravation. That said, I have no idea how the Moes in Sharon Corners still stays open. I never see anyone in there.
  5. InSouthPark


    I was at Busch Gardens Tampa over the holidays and their launch coaster cheetah hunt had the longest lines in the park. It drew more crowds due to its perceived less scariness than the super tall coasters. Different experience and my daughter and I really liked it (but give me the Fury all day).
  6. InSouthPark

    2019 Predictions

  7. InSouthPark

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    Their Johnson City, TN location is in an old re-purposed railroad depot that shares common seating (inside and outside) with the brewery next door. Its a really cool space (and the food is great and priced well) for both the food and beer.
  8. InSouthPark

    2019 Predictions

    My brewery related ones: I think one or more breweries in the area will close up. The 25k barrel self distribution cap will be increased. We will continue to see breweries open second locations as "tap rooms" much like Legion in South Charlotte. Fonta Flora in Optimist Hall becomes THE beer geek spot in town. More out of town breweries announce plans to set up tap rooms in Charlotte. Burial from Asheville comes mind after they get Raleigh open in 2019.
  9. InSouthPark

    Carolina Panthers

    LOL...honestly they have a chance at a better pick WITH Ron.
  10. InSouthPark

    Carolina Panthers

    Who do you turn the team over to for the rest of the year tho? Turner? He isn’t going to create a spark and has said he doesn’t want to be HC again. I’m just happy if it happens Black Monday. If we had one of our last two DC’s still here, I would bet Ron would be canned and let them take over. Of course if those guys were still here, we might not be in the predicament.
  11. InSouthPark

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    Plans officially leaked! Perfect companion building to the DEC bottle opener.
  12. InSouthPark

    Carolina Panthers

    Doubt it...but it is one helluva negotiation tactic. Charlotte and NC will bend over backwards to keep the Panthers Uptown. No one in the city or state wants to be the politicians that let the Panthers leave the city and state to SC. They will leverage that into a sweet sweet deal.
  13. InSouthPark

    Panthers New Team HQ and Facility

    That is just 3 weeks of training camp in August (but was still used this summer).
  14. InSouthPark

    Carolina Panthers

    Looks like I might have been right. Direction mention of the site in this new article from post and courier