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  1. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Divine Barrel sets opening date of March 10.
  2. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Most of Wooden Robots beers use the clarity ferm enzyme to remove gluten (same as ommision). Ask the bartender but any IPA or Pale Ale is safe. Sours, stouts, and saisons...ask. Lenny Boy brews some fully GF options plus all of their alcoholic (and non alcoholic) kombucha is GF. My wife has celiac so we know the in’s and out’s around town.
  3. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    In the past 40 years, there has been one super bowl where the temp was below 50 for an outside stadium at kickoff...NYC (49 degrees). NYC also hosted the Super Bowl in a brand new 1.6 billion dollar stadium. Apples to Oranges. Also...the forecast for this Sunday, 43 and rain. If that were to happen on a SB Sunday, it would be a freaking disaster.
  4. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    On #1 - What I have read before is must be in climate 50+. I assume that means at game time. In the evening, it would be rare to be 50. I read something many moons ago that we were a few degrees out of the range that they would typically consider for a SB. And I am totally fine with keeping the current stadium. We don't need a billion dollar dome (unless the owner want to pay the vast majority of the cost). Upgrade away.
  5. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    FYI: David Newton is not a credible source. He is a flat out terrible "journalist". And Charlotte isn't getting a Super Bowl without a new stadium. End of discussion. It is below the weather threshold, not enough hotels, and a 22 year old stadium. Not. Happening.
  6. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    They do yes. The Whippoorwill farm site (basically a few miles from Lake James and right at the end of Linville Gorge). They just started brewing there a few weeks ago and will open a tasting room in the spring. They are almost a year behind. I was at the site last April (when it was supposed to open) and they had to completely tear down the barn they planned to use and rebuild it from scratch. Its way the F out there but its in a beautiful spot with views of shortoff mtn. Once they tasting room opens, it will be one heck of way to end a day of hiking in the gorge.
  7. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Have you been to the brewery in Morganton? It's tiny! Pretty sure my house is bigger. EDIT - And I could care less where they make it. There new production brewery is fine by me. I just want to drink it. EDIT 2 - Confirmed tasting room only by Fonta Flora on facebook
  8. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    This is the best news on the CLT beer scene in some time! Fonta Flora is way ahead of most everything CLT is doing.
  9. SouthPark neighborhood Projects approved site plan.pdf Demo has started on the small office building at 4401 Barclay Downs next to Reids for the 250+ apartments/mixed use development along side the mall. Moving pretty quick since rezoning was just approved two months ago.
  10. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Divine Barrel just posted they were hiring bartenders so I looks they aren't too much further away from opening.
  11. SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Yeah but its also a huge cash cow for the owners. Apartments are 100% full and they don't put a dime into the properties except to keep them upright. I rented here for 3.5 months on a sublease this fall and while the location was prime, the apartments "ok", it was depressing to see the state of property so I quickly moved out. Another year of not spending any money and I will think the buildings will just fall over on their demo needed.
  12. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Oh a brewery build out in 9 months....LOL. I think Legion took way longer and the guy had experience building out multiple breweries in town. Good luck with that timeline!
  13. SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    It has been delayed again until 2019. Originally told by office staff that summer of 2018 to have residents out but this November they said that had been pushed again until "2019" but had no month.
  14. Montford Drive

    It shows approved a couple of weeks ago. But the site plan doesn't really show what they are planning other than street front mixed use. I'm not too sure how much a "game changer" it will be regardless...that area is already insanely packed on the weekend. The line to get into Jeff Bucket shop at 1am was 20 deep on Friday.
  15. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I peeked into the G-spot today...I would assume they are going to prep the place for a functional brewery. About 90% of floor is just stone (only a little concrete around the edges. I would imagine if you are ever going to prep if for brew house, it would be now before the floors are poured. It might even have been removed recently...I don't remember it just being stones before the windows went up.