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  1. This is all great news. Noble puts out great food. Don't know the man himself but he does know how to cook! I think the BBQ place would kill it.
  2. I have worked in Southpark for 15 years and drive by it 4x a day...I have never seen anyone walk in that store. Ever. That said, if Noble Smoke opened there I would be ecstatic. I was so bummed when Midwood opted for Park Road Shopping Center. Noble must be the only person that can work with her. He was supposed to open in her Seven Eagles spot as well.
  3. I can only imagine what the mega millionaires that live in Seven Eagles think of DeeDee's hole. But we have to give her a break. I mean look at all the things she has developed: She gave us a Walgreens in Southpark and an awesome empty food court! Not to mention the Pavilion which looks like it hasn't seen a day of maintenance since the day it opened, complete with large sign that has been about ready to fall over for a few years now.
  4. A big billboard: "LoSo is a f*^kin stupid name" with a picture of Ted in his Cam Newton romper. Oh, and something like the Source in Denver (complete with Crooked Stave tasting room).
  5. Why? Do breweries that use a distributor not make $$$$? This is moral fight. They aren't going to close up shop sell out because they didn't get their way. Selling out to the "man" would be the most immoral thing they could do.
  6. Ted should stick to fashion where he excels.
  7. I'm not sure where you guys normally fly to, but Charlotte baggage claim is quicker in Charlotte than it is in 99% of the places I fly. The only exceptions are the tiny airports that don't have connecting flights. I typically will take a shuttle to the daily deck while my wife waits for the bags. She typically has the bags in her possession before I get to my car and she has to wait for me to loop around
  8. He also should have said there are only 3 because the current laws prevented all the other current breweries of being in a similar situation. You can't tell me Foothills, and Highland wouldn't have liked to take this route when they were starting up. They might be too big to self distribute now but that is not the point.
  9. ^^ 6500 isn't bad. She made it sound much lower...but that could also be tickets sold, not actual attendance, or just that 2000 less people makes it look less full.
  10. I was there as well last night and it was slammed, sold out crowd (not going to talk about the game itself). My wife went to the UNCC / NC State game a few weeks ago and she said it was dead compared to last year. USC baseball is a real draw (they average 7000pp/gm, year after year). UNC, UNCC and State only average 1000-1500. It will be hard to get too many sell outs unless they schedule some prime match ups. Or schedule more games where two national champion basketball coaches throw out the first pitches!
  11. I went to Block and Grinder once. My wife and I both sent our $17 burgers back twice for being over cooked. Twice! Medium rare is not that hard. Even when they did get it right, it wouldn't have been worth the money (they comped us). Yeah, we never went back.
  12. There is something to be said about location location location. If they want prominent visibility, there is no better spot.
  13. Is it just me, or does anyone else envision this Nutty Professor scene every time I see "Hercules"?
  14. Neigh. In fact, they are partnering with Neese's for a collaboration pork & clydesdale city sausage. Fresh, never frozen.
  15. I heard the rumor that InBev had a contract in place to buy Noda Brewery and had planned a full size production brewery in the area that will allow them regional east coast distribution. Todd and Suzie then plan to use the buyout money to open a Church's Chicken with drive through in the original Noda location. Dreams do come true!