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  1. My memory may be fading but wasn't the Park Hotel where the Marriott SouthPark is?
  2. Is that a study done by the 7 old people that had TomTom GPS on in their car?
  3. To be honest, I think this is the "s*!t or get off the pot" time. They aren't going to wait, it sounds, for Tepper to work a deal with the city for a stadium unless he is working on that behind closed doors. So he might need to buy the site outright and hope to get a deal with the city later. It's a gamble, but he has the money. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually makes some money on selling the Rock Hill site. They have to have their feasibility study on BoA by now. I still don't see them adding 500mil to renovate BoA if this site comes available. Will be in interesting off-season!
  4. Wouldn't you do your due diligence as an owner to see what others brought to the table? They might not have talked to Panthers in a year but I am sure they/Tepper have been working on a plan but they aren't going to spill the beans to anyone before something is signed. Doing their work on ROI before final $$$ numbers. I dunno.
  5. Some of the luggage carousels are closed and they have like 4-5 flights using the same few open ones at one time. You can't see it, but they unload one planes luggage fully, then start on the next one. So bags might be there sitting forever until its their "turn" to go do down the belt. I have been through a lot of airports, and I can't think of any that have a smaller baggage claim area than Charlotte does for a city of this size. I'm sure when all the reno's are done it will be bigger but damn.
  6. "It looks unfinished". You don't say? I still believe the reports going back years that it has structural problems is the reason it isn't open. No one builds a parking deck 95% of the way and then lets it sit to not generate income for years and years.
  7. A city starved for parks...ok...then why don't people use this park? Uptown is not starved for parks, residential neighborhoods are. I live in South Charlotte and have to go 4miles to the closest public park, and they really aren't even a full use park (Carmel Rd or Davie both of which are a playground and a field). Closest full use public park with walking paths, pavilions, something resembling landscaping is Park Road Park and takes me 15 minutes by car to get to.
  8. Yeah, the kiddo and I are always saying, "We need to go hang out in Marshall Park!" /s There is a reason no one uses it...they don't like it. I'm not saying its terrible, but there is nothing redeeming about it. Plus it's half concrete so if they get rid of all that and re-do it as true greenspace, it might work and attract people to use it. First Ward park isn't that big but there are always people there taking pictures, relaxing, or playing in the water.
  9. There was NO solution. None. They just closed the upper level and said "Good Luck" to everyone.
  10. BS - The could have created a "drop off / pickup only" lot and direct everyone to it (of course only maybe 50% of people would use it but whatever) and bus people directly to/from the terminal and significantly reduced the number of cars going to the lower level. Instead of needing to get to the airport 3hrs early, you could cut at least 30min off that. More buses in the lower level, less cars. Instead they had literally NO plan to deal with it. None. "Just arrive really early" is not a plan. People were literally walking in from Wilkinson.
  11. LOL....Finebaum is a radio personality that says things to get callers worked up. End of story. Sorry but an owner doesn't coach, set line ups, sign or trade players, or get a team ready. He signs the checks. He might sign off on big personnel moves but he isn't out there scouring the waiver wire. This is 100% on Rhule. The only bad thing Tepper did here is keep Rhule after the finish of last season. We all saw Rhule wasn't cut out for it. Tepper wanted to give him one more season, which ended up a mistake, but got the axe early enough to not poison this team any more. Wilks isn't going to turn this team around mid-year but I am 100% confident he is going to get the Rhule stink off them, which is at least a step in the right direction. He will coach these guys like men and hold them accountable like they should be.
  12. Maybe not "Exotic" because its made in Bowling Green, but it certainly is a super car. Z06 - 194mph top speed and 0-60 in 2.6. Those are McLaren numbers.
  13. They are "store aging" it so its ripe when it finally gets cooler haha
  14. I know people like to rag on Tepper for some of the stuff that has happened...but man...it was pretty awesome to see Red Hot Chili Peppers concert there last night. We have missed on so many big shows in the past 25 years that I have been here because we couldn't have stadium tours. Not sure how many the stadium holds for a concert, but there was a lot of people uptown that normally wouldn't be drinking and having a great time. I might not have been "sold out" but there wasn't many empty seats that I could see.
  15. I went a few weeks ago. The inside is good looking and spacious but honestly spent little time inside (or outside) because they were having drag brunch and the volume levels were obnoxious inside and out. The actual bar is really nice. We grabbed a quick pils, enjoyed it, and got out quickly as we couldn't even talk to each other outside. The outside space is fine. Most of it is covered in some fashion so you don't melt because it is full sun. None of it really screams traditional "German" but the beer authentic as it gets. Is it Paulaner? No. I will be back when the weather gets cooler and I can grab a liter and some hearty German food I miss.
  16. That Nissan Altima is also a unicorn...it appears to not have fenders falling off nor a cracked windshield. Maybe even a non-temporary tag!
  17. Depends: If there is an event going on...crowded. If not, much more enjoyable. They're places to get your beer outside so you don't have go in the building. Inside is...fine I guess. Outside is great and if you are coming near the holidays, they have a Christmas Market as well (crowded but if you go during the day not bad). If you like Hefe's, look for Middle James Great Musa hefe (at the brewery and in some stores), it's quite good as well.
  18. What I think is funny is that Bokhari was so worried about the "abolished single family rezoning" and people just building "whatever" on their land...and he literally lives next door to a duplex (gasp) and somehow his house is still worth 1.25mil according to Zillow. It's almost like you can have duplexes and triplexes co-exist with fintech innovators million dollar homes and get more people on a lot and increase supply.
  19. It's scheduled for 2023. I ran the greenway this past weekend and I haven't seen work being done around there but they are still doing work on the bridge (but that should be wrapping up soon). As KJ mentioned above, they are supposed to be adding super wide sidewalks on Ballantyne Corp Pl west of 521 to accommodate bikers and walkers (the bridge will be a bottle neck but nothing they can do there). Can't remember where the sidewalk renderings were but it really did look nice with the super wide sidewalk and still good size buffer from the road. I love love our greenways but it still "doesn't go anywhere" at least in South Charlotte (Little Sugar Creek is another story). Opening this greenway connection opens up a whole new world that is EASILY accessible via greenway. Can't wait.
  20. Yes. It could handle a new MLS training facility and we could get Spirit Halloween AND Halloween Express to move their HQ and take the other 750k sf. Also views of Mt Rainer in the distance, I mean Crowders.
  21. I honestly believe Tepper got the idea of renting out this office when he started seeing the meme's of Spirit Halloween moving in the the Panther Rock Hill facility. This will be the Spirit Halloween of MLS training facilities.
  22. Bringing up the race card already? Man it isn't even 10:20am yet.
  23. But this is an unimpressive 30 year old office building in a unimpressive area. Eastland, while it was not going to some great area, was a custom built complex for MLS (at least at one point it was). These are mostly beautiful new buildings: https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/facts-figures-and-images-every-mls-training-facility
  24. Those all look like a nicer location and appear to be buildings built for MLS (I don't know the cities but just a quick zoom out). Charlotte is going to be a 7-8 month rehab of a 1995 office park building in a crappy part of town. Maybe they will get the crew from Zombie Office Flippers to transform it from Office Space movie set to to beautiful. And don't get me wrong, I am 100% sure it will be completely functional and have everything they "need". But if I were buying a 300million business, I would be doing what I can to attract the best people, front and back of the house. You can't tell me there isn't nicer spaces out there in a city of our size.
  25. We went from Tepper renting an office building off of Monroe rd for a few years to building a panther training facility in first ward? There is a better chance I make 277 a river when I am elected mayor than Tepper partnering with Levine to build a 9 figure practice facility for the Panthers on land he doesn’t own. This MLS facility is clearly a short term solution to upgrade to *something* for 2023. Probably a 10 year lease until he can acquire a more desirable spot. can you imagine the sales pitch for MLS free agents coming down Monroe Rd to look at this facility? They will have to blindfold them and assure them they are not being held captive in an old middle school.
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