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  1. If the city owned that 215' sliver of land across the creek, there would be a greenway going there. They might have a discussion with the neighborhood, but they would have built it with input. It has been in the works for a decade or more. But since CD and CCC wouldn't sell, they had to go through the motions and ultimately bail because it wasn't worth a legal battle for it. There are more neighborhoods that would use that than just the folks of Green Rea. Montibello, Montibello Crossing, Carmel Valley, Quail View, the 100+ Carmel South patio/town homes (which are connected to Green Rea) are all < 0.5m from Green Rea. Now they will have to walk down Carmel, which has crap sidewalks on super busy road, for almost 2m to Ryder. IMHO, the greenway is for the greater good of the ENTIRE county. Sorry...end rant. This has been a huge pet peeve for me. Also sorry for anyone who lives on Green Rea and is reading this. I always seemed to run out of dog poop bags right around your "Say No to Green Rea Greenway" signs. Apologies. Maybe if I had a greenway to run on, I wouldn't have had that issue.
  2. Where is greenway parking a legitimate concern (real question)? There are dozens of access points without parking along McMullen and McAlpine and I never see cars parked illegally. I have been using those two greenways for a decade plus and never see cars parked at the access points where it says no parking. Does that mean it never happens, no. But it ain't often.
  3. It's this, but with less "no shadowlake" and more "no anyone not wealthy". All their other points were debunked in the meeting. Country Day kept bring up "crime" that the greenway would bring. City countered that crime rates on greenways are very very low. Worried about parking. City said there would be no trailhead parking, no parking signs, and cars towed if they did. They said that wasn't enough. They said it would create more traffic. City..."there is no parking, therefor no traffic". They said that wasn't enough. The roads aren't safe to walk on. City...residents regularly use the road to walk / walk the dog. Well...we do it but it isn't safe because of the school traffic. So the school creates traffic messes because of their poor setup for drop off pickup in their Range Rovers, but that is OK because they school sends them gifts. The school even had the nerve to say, cars lined up along the road for pickup and block the road. What if EMS had to use the road more because of the greenway? The bottom line is they don't want anyone that doesn't live in their neighborhood, or that doesn't drive their kid in CD in the Range Rover, to enter Green Rea at any time. I REALLY wish they would have used eminent domain and taken the sliver of land anyways. That is exactly the kind of thing it is for. Even on the call, the city said they have NEVER had this kind of response to a greenway build out.
  4. It won't. Carmel County Club was on the community calls and they want nothing to do a greenway. It will 100% not happen. If you look at some future county greenway maps, it bypasses the CC. You would have to get on Carmel and then into Montibello to get back on it. The city nor county own any of that land around the CCC and then Emily Maynard is not going to allow a greenway to go through their 10 acres. Only chance for the CCC land is eminent domain. They were one of the drivers behind blocking the extension to Green Rea and had multiple banners proudly protesting it on the golf course property. This was the "old" map that had the greenway ending at Green Rea. Now it will end at Ryder, 0.8m south of Green Rea.
  5. I read your comment as it was realigned due to the budget. Sorry! Anyways, as I mentioned, the re-alignment is basically done. I got word from the project planner yesterday that it should go out for bid in fall 2022.
  6. It was realigned due to County Day and Green Rea protesting it. I was in the public meetings and stay in contact with the Senior Planner of the extension. Country Day did not want it and would not sell the connecting land. Green Rea residents protested it with giant signs in their yard for a year. The city had the option of "taking" the land but since those "no non-rich people near our neighborhood please" didn't want it, they dropped it. Trust me...I live within earshot of County Day Middle. It even says right on the page: August 10, 2021 Update: Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation is providing an update on the McAlpine Creek Greenway project (Johnston Road to Green Rea Road). Due to difficulty acquiring the necessary real estate to make a greenway trail connection to Green Rea Road at this time, the Department is exploring a new trail alignment that terminates the greenway north of Highway 51/Pineville-Matthews Road (at the proposed trailhead parking lot). This alignment will include an access to Ryder Avenue, consistent with one of the options shared at the December 2020 virtual community engagement meeting (see map below). We will use any remaining project funding that would have paid for the connection to Green Rea Road to improve access to the greenway trail. As of now: this extension will go up for bid in the fall with completion late 2023, a full 2 years late.
  7. Apparently the Lidl on Carmel Commons is to open in February according to people who have been interviewed for jobs there. Driving by and it certainly looks like it is getting close.
  8. Based on the speed of building out the greenways, I will be long retired before I see much of any connectivity in South Charlotte. We moved to to our current house with expectations of the Green Rea to McMullen extension to be fully done by now (Construction was to start spring 2020). Fast forward two years and the only work that has been done is about a dozen stakes in the ground marking where the trail might go for about 25ft... and the project scrapped 0.8m of the greenway extension because County Day got mad and wouldn't give the county access to a sliver of their property. Still in "Design" phase. LOL
  9. That all ya got? LOL. Oh and the Suffolk Punch coming soon in SP mall. interesting that OMB is the Northwood Ballantyne brewery. Makes sense as they have the most disposable income it appears and looks to be a big spot to fill. Why would Protagonist open another location in uptown? Seems like massive overkill. Something like that would do a KILLING in someplace like Stonecrest or Blakeney. Good pizza and beer in Ballantyne...the rent checks would write themselves.
  10. Gilde posted yesterday..."It's Very Soon".
  11. Resident Culture Southend tap room opening Friday: https://charlotte.axios.com/283703/sneak-peek-resident-cultures-new-south-end-taproom-opens-friday/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_axioslocal_charlotte&stream=top Anyone been to Midnight Mulligan yet? I had hope to check it out but alas, they aren't open on Mondays....the one day a week I am right there every other week (usually at Lucky Dog). Hopfly is brewing in Charlotte but keeping an opening date close to the vest. Lot to "undo" in the Unknown space. No updated date on Hi-Wire or Gilde.
  12. Wait....where are you buying liquor in Charlotte?!? I went into the SouthPark ABC store last week...walked in, laughed, walked out. It was beyond bare.
  13. So what are the thoughts on the Mint Street Deck? Tepper buy as insurance in case new stadium falls through as something he can develop for entertainment area?
  14. It's going to be quite something when plans start coming out. When is the Pipe and Foundry in Oakville supposed to be up and running? Last I can find is 2023. I would have to think some sort of legal agreement is in place for Tepper to buy the property when they vacate or a buy and lease back until they move? If he is already buying up property, I'm sure the master plans are already in place. Oh to be a design and architect firm!
  15. Just to update, and that the manager wasn't crazy when they said they would be opening soon... Burial has been opening their patio on select days. The "lounge" is open again today and Friday from 4-8pm with draft beer along with the to-go packages. So while they haven't begun the upfit inside, they have their ABC permits and are slinging beers on the patio.
  16. They want clicks to show the city is bending to Tepper. That gets people riled up. When in reality: the city staff all recommended the rezoning (for pipe and foundary...not Tepper). As it has been stated...city council has rejected about 2 re-zoning cases via a vote in the past however many years. If it's up for a vote...and city planning staff recommends it...it gets passed. But that doesn't sell news clicks. There was no controversy here. Its a general industry area. Did they think people are going to be up in arms that a huge industrial pipe plant is going to be replaced by mixed use? LOL. The community meeting had 13 participants and 2 questions. https://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2021Petitions/Documents/Community_Meeting_Reports/2021_033_CMR.pdf
  17. Yes I know that (many friends and family members in armed forces). That didn't stop people from offering.
  18. Exodus day was my FAVORITE day to travel. There is no better sight than all these "kids" in uniform and rucksack from basic training, smiling ear to ear, going home for a week. Everyone in the airport went out of their way for these guys and girls. Thanked them for their service. Smiled at them, Shook their hands. Tried to buy them a beer. It's the one day in the airport that people are generally not assholes.
  19. It helps over crowding because they are adding a HS that will probably house 2500+ students. They aren't just moving a high school. As for new apartments on-site creating issues with overcrowding...are we really expecting out of county high school kids to be moving here? Sure some people might move there so that they can go to that school...but then that opens a spot at another school. EVERY high school is overcrowded (except for where my kid goes, Northwest School for the Arts LOL). And from my experience in apartment living, new apartments rarely have high school teenagers. When I got divorced and lived in an apartment for a few years, I think my large apartment complex had maybe 4 high school kids. Way more elementary, and just 2 middle school kids. As for adding apartments and townhomes...I am sure working with a developer is helping offset some of the school building costs.
  20. As a South Charlotte resident, this is awesome news. Just hope I am not retired (2035) before it gets built!
  21. If you hint at Legion, I will smack you. LOL. Something different please! But yeah, something on one of those greenspaces would be awesome. While leases can be expensive in Ballantyne, the centers can offer deals to drive up traffic in the area, like Simon is doing for Suffolk at SouthPark. And these don't need to be big expensive buildouts for a taproom. Brewery/Taproom brings people to the shopping center that wouldn't already be there. Someplace like Blakeney might be too expensive but there are other lessor visited centers that could add one. But yeah, that Dean and Deluca spot would be killer location. I wonder though if that large patio would be allowed to have beer, or if it would have to sectioned out to just a section for the brewery.
  22. I assume that is good? They are designing a tap house to be built on Carmel Rd, which will be walking distance to my house, but besides permits being issued and them being listed, no information about the project. I'm hoping for something good/cool/nice, but at this point, anything beer related that I can walk to easily is a huge bonus in my book.
  23. The biggest deterrent at that spot is that it's completely hidden by Dicks, and not an entrance most people use. It's a "locals" entrance haha. Hopefully they do some marketing in the mall because if you aren't from Charlotte, or for that matter Southend, people aren't going to realize "Suffolk Punch" listed under restaurants is a brewery/taproom.
  24. https://charlotte.axios.com/276061/scoop-suffolk-punch-is-adding-a-taproom-and-beer-garden-at-a-revamped-plaza-at-southpark-mall/ Suffolk Punch heading to SouthPark mall. Interesting. Not a big fan of their beer but sometimes stop in if the wifey wants a cocktail after stopping for beers at Triple C. I mean I am not making a trip just to go to there from home, but if I ever go back to the office, might stop in after work if they have anything interesting on. Should do just fine with mall traffic and with the growing amount of apartments going up. Legion is usually busy, at least when the weather is nice. Would have liked to see pretty much any other brewery do this concept at the mall but it is what it is. Progress. Now do Ballantyne. How places like Noda haven't opened a tap room in South CLT is beyond me.
  25. Because the state ABC isn't going to approve beer cans with strap on dildo's and pocket pussies on them. Did you read the article? The state’s ABC commission is notorious for being cautious when it comes to anything racy. In August, the commission denied the request from a Utah brewery to distribute its “Polygamy Porter” throughout North Carolina. The label depicted a barely dressed man flanked by three women, who were also barely dressed. In that case, the governing group cited a code that prohibits statements on labels that are “undignified, immodest, or in bad taste,” the local station WRAL reported. For its sin — not attaining approval for its labels — Sycamore will be issued a notice of violation, which will probably arrive within a month, Qureshi says. Then they’ll likely face a fine. Around $500-$1,000, Qureshi estimates.
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