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  1. 45 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

    Obviously this is just a temporary park probably for the next 5 years so there was no need to spend money on something that will be knocked down soon.  However maybe a few porta potties on the south side.  I just plan accordingly as many greenways in Charlotte have no bathrooms for miles if then.   I think it is great how they are letting the public even use this space albeit temporarily. 

    Yeah I am not saying saying build bathrooms .  I am saying bring in 2 permanent porta potties near the main entrance and main area people would congregate.  They have yoga, events, picnic tables set up all in the southside of the park and no where to pee.   They are spending hundreds of millions (maybe a billion?) on reimagining Ballantyne...spend a couple hundred bucks a month for two porta potties. :-)


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  2. I went out to Ballantyne's backyard for the first time and I have to say, its pretty great.  We are even going to have my daughters birthday out there in a few weeks vs one of the other parks in town.  The curves and elevation changes make it very interesting visually. Currently a lot of infrastructure going on (building the two roads that will connect to "The Bowl" so right now that cuts the park off right down the middle.

    One big fail however is not having more bathrooms accessible.   As it currently sits, there is one bathroom at the north end.  None near the middle area near the ponds (which is the most level/prettiest areas).  That makes it about 10-15min uphill walk to get to a bathroom.   I am sure they get porta potties for events but why not have some permanently out there?  Do you want people to use the park or not? 


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  3. 14 hours ago, turbocraig said:

    Yep.  Growing up in the 80s, when I first became interested in cars, if you saw a Mercedes or BMW, you turned your head and watched till it was out of view.  Now they litter the streets!  It’s crazy how times change.  Anytime I’m driving, fully 30+% of the cars I see are M-Bs, BMWs, Audis, Porsches, Range Rovers, Lexuses, Teslas, Volvos.  Not to mention $60-80K+ pickup trucks and $100K Escalades.  They’re the Ford Tauruses and Chevy Cavaliers of our time.  It makes you wonder if, in 20 years, the streets will be filled with Phantoms and Lambos and Ferraris, silently skulking around Park Rd Shopping Center.  Where do we go from here…?

    Everything old is new again. Those 1989 Taurus station wagons? That’s the next ‘57 Chevy Nomad.  Lambos will be sitting in the back lot of Carmax. 

  4. 46 minutes ago, J-Rob said:

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think the red circle is Jerry Richardson's personal family office that he built when he was forced to sell the Panthers. I always thought it was odd sitting next to the Rexford office buildings, but now it will really look odd. It is an immaculate brick office building, but it looks more like a personal residence (complete with three car garage out back) that you would find around the corner in one of the residential neighborhoods.





    Yep that is his: https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2018/04/12/sources-jerry-richardson-is-owner-of-office.html

    Gotta make sure the Bently isn't parked in the sun while he goes in to count his billions.   I also find it funny Jerry isn't even listed as a billionaire under countless articles about NC richest people (nor is Ric Elias who owns 20% of Red Ventures which is valued at over 11bil).  Uh...did Jerry blow a billion or something on hookers and blow?  Because I am pretty sure his portfolio is over a billion and he doesn't have permanent residence in FL.

  5. Will be interesting to see the complaints about the height and the NIMBY....even though Morrocroft apartments across the street is 132' and surrounded by 4-5mil homes.  But if this is at the corner of Roxborough and Rexford, not sure their complaints will matter much.  

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  6. 53 minutes ago, kermit said:

    Since Tepper is not an NC taxpayer I suspect the view of him in Raleigh is going to be somewhere between carpetbagger and 'just another resident of the Great State of Mecklenburg to be ignored'

    Heck I bet the Panthers don't even have a tax department!  Revenue of $400mil a year for 358 employees and payroll for just 53 of them is about $200million a year.  So while David Tepper isn't paying personal income tax in NC because his 183 days/yr home is FL...I am pretty sure some of his businesses with addresses at 800 S Mint St are putting some money in the NC coffers. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, KJHburg said:

    any more rumors of the Wegmans at the Dee Dee Harris Quail Hollow village site other than 1 blogger?  The more I thought about that site it would be a close in location for them tapping very affluent areas both north and south and east of there. 

    Nothing on the "Bring Wegmans to Charlotte" facebook page.  But they haven't even started building the distribution center in Richmond yet (apparently they were still clearing the site in March).  https://www.hanovercounty.gov/1012/Wegmans-Project-Information  I'm sure its 18months, at least, to build 1mil sf DC.

    I would assume that until walls start going up on the DC, they won't announce anything here.  But based on Dee Dee's previous "experience", I mean she did build a Walgreens and opened a failed food court, I doubt they work out a deal to buy the land and highly highly doubt they would want to work with her as a developer. 

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  8. Lidl in South Charlotte at Carmel Commons is finally opening this week (May 11th).   Prediction: this location will be very popular.    

    No movement on anything related to the Publix on Carmel Commons which would be just a few buildings away from the Lidl.  No demo permits on the existing office building even though it was re-zoned next year.   6 years Publix has owned this building and still sits empty.

    Quail Corners Harris Teeter is adding a Starbucks inside.   I have always wondered why there wasn't a Starbucks in-store in that shopping center.  Crazy amount of traffic goes up/down Park and the only Starbucks is at Woodlawn and impossible to get in and out of unless you are travelling North.

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  9. 9 hours ago, KJHburg said:

    From Lincoln Harris website and we know how secretly they do things but they must be marketing this tower.  It was rezoned a few years ago and it was really good looking nothing like the twin Capitol Towers which sit next door. Of course no new rendering but the one they had in the rezoning petition looked great! 

    5954 Carnegie
    Charlotte, NC 28210

    355,800 SF office / ground floor retail

    10 stories

    Available late 2023

    Remarkable views of Uptown

    Expansive balcony on penthouse floor

    Outdoor balcony space on every floor

    Glass facade

    Structured parking with direct access into building

    They are marketing it on some office space sites but I was in our office across the street last week and there is zero activity on-site. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, AirNostrumMAD said:

    Not that I'd care about the subject, but I wonder if that's actually accurate.

    It seems the gap between Charlotte &  Atlanta is growing further apart as is the gap between Raleigh and Charlotte. In a perceptional sense, it feels like those gaps are narrowing, but in what way are they actually (Charlotte to Atlanta and Raleigh to Charlotte) closing the gap?

    At least population wise, Atlanta has expanded the gap by 816,000 people over Charlotte since 2000.

    2000 MSA Population:

    Atlanta: 4,112,198

    Charlotte: 1,499,293

    Difference: 2,612,905

    2020 MSA Population

    Atlanta: 6,089,815

    Charlotte: 2,660,329

    Difference: 3,429,486

    (If these numbers are to be trusted and I did the math right... http://www.demographia.com/db-usmet2000.htm   & http://www.iweblists.com/us/population/MetropolitanStatisticalAreaPop.html)

    Charlotte population has increased 75%, Atlanta’s 50%. But with a 3.5m lead, will be a while before that gap closes if both cities stay the course. So yeah Charlotte is growing faster but when you had a huge lead and still grow….

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  11. 6 hours ago, CarolinaDaydreamin said:

    You are mentioning a team in a climate, which can't grow wintertime grass. 

    Charlotte has great winter grass, and with an MLS team, there is even more need to have grass. If Nashville can do it with an even worse climate, so can we. 

    Read reviews of the field for the Music City bowl last year.  The crappy field conditions were the main talk.  Bermuda doesn't grow in the winter and can't repair itself post Halloween.  That is why the middle of the fields are regularly replaced and other areas painted green.   And Nashville MLS is getting their own stadium

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  12. 3 hours ago, joenc said:

    Think they should put it here by Waverly. Would make more sense for the players/employees and would ultimately be more valuable than any development in Rock Hill.


    210 acres out there with one owner...dang.  Land would be considerably more to acquire and have less visibility but would open the opportunity to build something more dense.  Dallas' "Star" is only 91 acres. 

  13. 1 hour ago, grodney said:

    I love how all brewery timelines now come with the requisite "quotes" around them.  Maybe you were just quoting the article, but I always read that as "yeah right", hahahahaha.  Related:  I was at Banner Elk Winery last weekend and the bartender (wine pour-er?)  said he moved there from Charlotte (he worked at Unknown at one time for a couple years) to open a brewery.  He said he's breaking ground "next month".  My thought:  See you in 3 years.  Maybe.

    Since I'm typing.....I see Resident Culture Southend has pop-up tacos from 8am-11am Sat/Sun, but just to-go, and no beer?  What the?   Man I could go for a breakfast taco and a juicy IPA on a beautiful morning.   So what's that place like?  Is it restaurant only?  Like wait-service everywhere?  Or is there a taproom area where I can just drink and maybe order food if I want to?  I can't tell from their online stuff.....maybe I'm not looking in the right place.

    Anyway, hoping to hit a couple breweries tomorrow.....so many I haven't been to since the Before Times.  And a couple I haven't been to at all yet.

    That is just breakfast tacos to-go before they open at noon on the weekends. 

    As for the SE location.  Sorta like a food hall, sorta like a restaurant.  You can order at the bar and then just sit down. Or sit down and order from the web menu.  Servers but only if you use the online table menu thingie.  If you are just drinking, much faster to just go to the large bar. 

    I'm not a fan of the SE location. Its too loud, too busy, too "cool".   I prefer the much more laid back PM location.  But to each their own.

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  14. 15 minutes ago, Hushpuppy321 said:

    I still believe this project will be completed in Rockhill, just may cut back on the scale & scope if he can’t renegotiate as favorable terms.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this back under construction before years end.  Completely screwed up their opening date though.

    Rock Hill is going to get backed into a corner.  Issue the bonds as directed, agree to a new deal, or get sued for breach of contract for $$$ and still have Tepper walk. 

    So do they risk getting sued for $150+ million and get absolutely nothing in return?  He would take his money and build it somewhere else and Tepper just land bank the property  just to F them over so they get zero tax revenue from it in his lifetime.  I guess insurance would pay the lawsuit perhaps but this is going to really hinder them doing any big deals in the future. 


    11 minutes ago, JBS said:

    I don't usually sit on the coach yelling for bankers to make quarterly quota (or whatever they do). This player has a track record of violence and Panthers signed him (and tried to trade for a guy credibly accused of serial sexual misconduct). That impacts how I feel about the team. I don't GAF if you feel differently. Screenshot_20220419-125036_Chrome.thumb.jpg.4e99979f6a0625f365736407df606bfd.jpg

    Getting all your shots in before you delete your account in 11 days...nice!

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  15. 18 hours ago, KJHburg said:

    ^^^  I recommend everyone read that Herald article and it sounds like the city was getting ready to issue the bonds and Panthers told them to delay.   

    You really believe what “the city” is saying to the press? They have already changed the story 50 times. They are in PR crisis mode and trying to shift blame. 

    They either tried to change the deal and *then* issue bonds or are flat out spinning some idea they threw out that was rejected. 

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  16. On 4/9/2022 at 12:48 AM, elrodvt said:

    Any good spots for cask beer? Preferably on South side. My current fav spot in pineville has the tap but no plans to use it anytime soon. You risk losing beer of course.

    I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a cask beer on tap.  I know Duckworth's at Ballantyne (and the closed Park Rd location) used to have a cask engine but it's been a while since I stopped in.   Kit's Trackside in Pineville has an engine too but in all times there I haven't noticed one on the menu (but I typically go on early on a tue/thur so maybe they just don't have them on those days).  I could have overlooked it as well as I easily get distracted by a good beer LOL).

    However none of those are really convenient unless Duckworths  uptown has one. 

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  17. 25 minutes ago, JBS said:

    Respectfully, he bought and either burnished or tarnished (depending on your perspective) what was already the strongest brand in the league. I'm old enough to remember that they were America's Team well before anyone had ever heard of Jerry. 

    He bought a team that was losing money and turned a name "Americas Team" into an actual brand.  You can call yourself whatever you want but he turned them truly into Americas Team with his business dealings. 

    He bought a team, he built a franchise. 

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  18. 37 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

    what city has the best greenway trail system in the country?  Please name names I have told you who I think has a great system and it is right up the road from us.  O

    Denver for one: https://www.denvergov.org/content/dam/denvergov/Portals/747/documents/parks/trails/regional_trails_web.pdf  They have like 100's of miles of greenways which connect to each other, not including the bikeway to Boulder. 

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