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  1. Most people coming to the USNWC have either: Dog Bike Kid Lawn Chair Besides a few days a year when the traffic is retarded, I can't see anyone using the light rail to get there. Not to mention the USNWS would want nothing to do with it as parking revenue is a huge source of income. Carowinds, sure. USNWS, no chance unless both sides are getting really creative
  2. That would make sense and would benefit both the Lidl and Carmel Commons shopping center.
  3. WooHoo! Now if they ever start the Lidl construction, I will have real choices at my new house! I Think that location will do very well. The Arboretum Harris Teeter is the only other full size grocery store on 51 from Carolina Place to Matthews. Biggest drawback for this place is the left turn from Carmel Commons going south on Carmel. No light and a ton of traffic at rush hour.
  4. https://www.wfae.org/business/2020-12-17/bizworthy-greenway-plans-may-change-after-a-south-charlotte-neighborhood-complains Looks like the NIMBY's of Green Rea have enough money and political pull to cancel that whole section of proposed greenway. Now they are talking about not even building that 3/4m section if they can't connect it to the Green Rea Rd. I believe the city "can" still build the neighborhood connection if they want, even without Country Day's approval with eminent domain, but you know some "donations" will make sure it doesn't happen. It's a shame that some rich assholes can ruin a public service like a greenway for ALL residents to use. Edit: full meeting here https://publicinput.com/Q536
  5. I had the breakfast stout and while the taste was definitely very coffee-y, I thought it was very thin and didn't buy a 4 pack. I think the Monstro $8 price is a smart move. Its good, but there is better BA beers on the shelf for less (Big Bad Baptist comes to mind). Last years Monstro was available for a long long long time. On a related note, I had the Town Rakefire BBA stout last night...damn that was on point.
  6. Isnt the church land the area CMS has zeroed in on for the new High School?
  7. North of 51...DeeDee's hole would be my tops odds. Other option I could see is across from Strawberry Hill. That was supposed to be a mixed use with grocery but hasn't seen movement in 2+ years and is owned by D. Levine. DeeDee's hole is directly across from a Teeter but there is no other competition around that area. Across from Strawberry Hill is a big desert for traditional grocery stores (fresh market is nice but not a substitute for a Teeter). Can't think of too many large open spots north of 51 with good exposure. I think there are plenty of spots in Ballantyne to put one.
  8. These aren't local tv station radars. Back in the 90's when they put the current ones in, the cost was 3.1b for 121 of them. That's about $27m each. Probably safe to say they are closer to $100m now. Plus these are all run by the national weather service and used for large areas, not cities. Not sure the US government would be allowing naming rights. haha
  9. Yes that is their normal price for a 4 pack of Hazy IPA's. The Southpark Whole Foods has 4 different ones. I have zero issue paying that (just did 30 minutes ago) because they have proven they are making the best hazys in the immediate region, and on par with Burial.
  10. They have their system installed, don't have the taproom done yet. You can see the tanks on their FB/insta pictures. It's not a large system, 3bbl I think.
  11. Glad you are the guinea pig. LOL. I can't bring myself to pay $18 a four pack from a brewery I have never tried. I have spent that amount many many times, however, it is almost always from a brewery I have had or one with a incredible reputation. If they were open, did a flight and liked what I tried, sure (well maybe...price is still very high).
  12. Fonta Flora RARELY misses on a beer with their crazy ingredients. Free Range on the other hand....well they aren't FF, nor even in the same stratosphere. Free Range is very creative but I have tried a lot of misses. Todd at Fonta Flora is a wizard of knowing what will taste great and how to brew it and has been for a very long time.
  13. I flew to Denver a few weeks ago and CLT was MUCH MUCH busier than Denver was (at least in the parts I was in).
  14. Our major employers need to try to bring back more staff when its safe....because it isn't now. My office building, a three story building in Southpark, has a limit of 5 people per floor at any time. In the past 4 weeks we have had two office closures because of COVID cases. Let that sink in. You can't just start cramming people in 50 story towers, riding elevators and sharing conference rooms, just because some restaurants are going out of business.
  15. Well construction has been "happening" since like 2018. Color me impressed when they announce an opening date, which I am sure CA will cover at least 4 more times.
  16. Hazy IPA's are not filtered. Some will use centrifuge to get the yeast out but a full filter would result in a clear beer.
  17. For those that don't know what the Green Rrea greenway plan that has the NIMBY all in arms: https://www.mecknc.gov/ParkandRec/CapitalProjects/Documents/McAlpine Creek Greenway Alignment - 2020.pdf This isn't intended for as a place where thousands drive to. It's meant for neighborhood access. I can say I have probably done more greenway time on both on Sugar Creek and McMullen than the vast majority of folks in this city, and have used every single access point on McMullen and the south section of Little Sugar Creek, and I can count the number of cars parked at those access points without parking...on ONE hand. If there is no parking, no one drives there and parks on peoples lawns. Just doesn't happen.
  18. My house, as the crow flies, is 1/4m from the middle school ball fields but I don't live off of Green Rea. I run on Green Rea regularly however. I also live where they are building another access point to the same greenway. I can tell you with 100% certainty, this is NIMBY and not wanting "undesirables" coming down their road. They are ok with the line of Range Rovers clogging the road twice a day but not a place to access a greenway? When I run on that road, most of these "concerned citizens" don't even move over when I am running. They hate that anyone would come down "their" road. Most of the houses there are in the million dollar + range. While I do agree they should have sidewalks, I can guarantee they would throw up an even bigger hissy fit if that ever came about. They are also adding an entrance at Ryder Dr (with no parking ) and everyone in Shadowlake and Carmel Station are ecstatic about getting access., probably none more than me. If I were city, I would say, "Well bless your heart....we are going to give you greenway access AND we are going to build a sidewalk all the way down Greenrea because if betters the neighborhood for ALL who live around there. " They would lose their mind. They want an exclusive neighborhood and not have any of those pesky poor people walking by their homes. Rant over.
  19. You likely got some cans from the bottom of the bright tank. Yeasties and hop residue can make it into finished product (helps with a good poo). You rarely notice it in kegs because , like in the bright tanks, they all settle to the bottom and only a few last pours will get it and it had to be a keg filled from the bottom of the tank.
  20. The addition of cocktails and a little less stuffy setup should do well. We liked going to get a bottle of wine in the Cellar @ at Corkbuzz but the rest of the place was not our style. Not sure how they are going to come up with patio seating for 50 tho as it currently seats maybe 20.
  21. A simple apology from them would have went a long way. But in typical OMB social media fashion...they are right, you are wrong, all hail Lord Merino for everything he does. Their social media person must be up all day and night deleting negative comments (I know mine were). I plan to trademark the name MeckCovidFest
  22. I went into that Lowes last night and their garden center consisted of mums and a few random other plants. Hard to believe Dilworth cant support a huge garden center there but what do I know.
  23. They posted on Facebook that they ran out of food yesterday for their opening. I live walking distance to there now and hope to check it out one night this week. That location is cursed with a terrible in/out traffic pattern but hopefully this make a go of it. The QC Bubble Tea Bar is going in next door to it (not sure when but the temp sign is up).
  24. If I wanted to showcase a mix of the best in town available right now: Fonta Flora - Need a Hug (if this person is a good friend as it isn't cheap) Divine Barrel - Moon Beams and Fairy Tales Resident Culture - Dance Till Your Dead Olde Meck - Mectoberfest Heist - Blackberry Picken Amor Artis - Frankies Farmhouse
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