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  1. You just hush your mouth! Nothing to see there. No history to learn. Move along!
  2. Wow. I am surprised. When Whole Foods opened, that store really took a hit...and there there will be a brand new Publix opening across the street next year. I know there will be a lot of new residents in that area soon but I can't imagine enough to overcome TajMateeter, new Publix and Whole Foods down the street.
  3. Well I can say I only truly "enjoy" the area when I get there at 8am at gate opening and head directly up to Ridgeline trail toward Kings Mountain SP. Otherwise it is too damn crowded. Mass crowds have ruined Crowders and I have written it off for anything other than trail running or maybe a dead of winter cold hike. I personally don't believe anything can hurt Crowders as much as the many Charlotte Agenda articles promoting it over the years. Thank God they don't promote ASCG.
  4. How is developing a parcel off an interstate exit 4-5m from Crowders going to effect it? Yes you could see it from the Pinnacle if you climb up the rocks where it says do not climb up. You can also see the two giant quarries, distribution centers, and I-85. I have hiked and run every trail in Crowders...many many many times. Besides that one spot on Crowders, you would never see it from any other trail/overlook in the park.
  5. Business Journal is also saying the upstairs will feature a craft cocktail concept. If they can combine a Duckworths with a craft cocktail component like the cellar (that isn't loud and open like it was at tMac), they could really have something. SouthPark is lacking in the craft cocktail department. Yes some of the nice restaurants have good cocktails, but they aren't places I seek out to go just for a cocktail. We love our dot dot dot but would love some other options in this neck of the woods as well.
  6. Petty Thieves in North End posted that they have their ABC permits and ready to open next weekend.
  7. It's not north of Fairview but would certainly fill a need for clientele in that area. I live within a few miles of there and those Teeters (Olde Town and Quail Corners) pretty much suck and there is no competition. I still see them going into Ballantyne first to see how they do in the market.
  8. Looks like Seoul is going to be in the warehouse behind where Birdsong was located (it was King of Pops at one time).
  9. One of the biggest allures of Wegmans is the huge size and huge selection. While an urban store would probably do fine, it's not what people are expecting with the full size stores and I couldn't see any scenario where an urban one would be built in CLT area in the next 10 years. They would need to get their foot in the door with a giant one in Ballantyne first and expand to some select areas from there. It's always been a suburban store. If they couldn't snag one in the Colony redevelopment, I can't see one north of Fairview for quite a while (not counting U-City).
  10. What bothers me: Noda released Gordgeous before their Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest THEN pumpkin beers. *Checks Calendar* - Yes Oktoberfest traditionally starts in a few weeks - Halloween season starts a few weeks after that. Plan your beer releases accordingly please!
  11. Funny I drove by today and asked the same thing. It is a big plot of land along the light rail
  12. Nice shot of the COVID cave. LOL. Standard width of a 40' container is 7.5'. How is this a good idea? Standard open air metal scaffolding seems like it would have been worlds better than containers with a few holes cut in one side.
  13. Agreed. The area has no Target (or Walmart) within 5 miles. One had been proposed for the back lot on Barclay near where they put the new old people home thing. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/print-edition/2011/02/18/southpark-on-target.html
  14. And as a result, Milwaukee likely lost a LOT less money than CLT did. I am sure this was a net negative. I would bet most restaurants uptown saw a dramatic decrease in sales due to companies asking employees to stay home while RNC was in town. The 300 delegates and some media weren't going to make up for thousands extra not getting lunch uptown for three days (even when the RNC got out of town two days early). Guess a couple of hotels and hotel bars enjoyed it.
  15. Hard to tell if he actually brewed those beers however. From what the article implied, he just came up with a few of their recipes before he bought it (untappd shows the gingerbread one was added in June). A smart businessman would dump everything a previous owner had brewed however. Nothing ruins a brewery reputation than putting out crap beers at an opening. We have hit peak brewery time. Unless you are in my backyard, if you put out crappy beers at opening, you probably aren't getting a second chance unless there is a lot of new talk. I mean I am at a point where I don't even hit all the new openings anymore. I have too many of my regulars that I want to visit.
  16. Daniel finally gets the deets on Sunstead/Toucan Louie/Salty Parrot: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/charlottefive/c5-around-town/c5-development/article245041240.html TL:DR - co-founder of D9 has left and bought majority stake in this brewery along with some of original owners staying on as investors. Looks like he was involved earlier in helping develop some of their core beer. Plans a sour program. I have to imagine they have a big hill to climb to after 3 name changes in like 3 months. But the guy has the credentials to brew some good beer.
  17. Didn't know he brewed as I have never seen his involvement other than owner (just going by 4 years of social media). I am guessing he wasn't very good at it (like the majority of home brewers) but had the means to build what he wanted and hire someone to brew for him. Most of these places....if you have the money to start with, you can be successful if you are smart.
  18. In this day and age, decent commercial brewers are a dime a dozen. Anyone can make a decent hazy IPA, myself included as a home brewer. many of these home brewers think they can run a business and brew. Sure, some can, but a solid business plan and solid head brewer are more important. Resident Culture owners had no brewing experience (but good location) and hired well above their pay grade. They are printing money now
  19. Some are some aren't. Like Noda was founded on the owner Todd's homebrewed recipes (hop drop, coco loco, ramble on red) but hired Chad to be head brewer. Others like Divine where the owner is still the head brewer (Ben was winning home brew competitions 15+ years ago but also working in the industry for long time). And others like Legion and Heist where the owner had no brewing experience and just hired the right people.
  20. I don't think that is far fetched. Very few owners are the head brewers. They come up with a plan and then hire someone to brew it. Legion was well under construction before it hired Alexa away from Heist (and I don't think the Legion owner had any experience brewing beer).
  21. Any change the Levine deck just imploded from the earthquake?
  22. Hasn’t it already been noted that the rumor was they were trying to move away from bars, etc to get in more office / retail?
  23. Says until 2021. So no scarowinds or winter thing.
  24. It was never busy. One night we went by for a school fundraiser and the only people in there were like two other families from our school. Completely dead.
  25. Isn't that is the section that had railroad ties holding up the dirt and looked like it would break away at any moment?
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