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  1. Fort Bragg was my guess. He makes the rules there and can show off his big, beautiful tanks. Might even get some people to come out.
  2. Not a direct connection but it will be a 2min walk from the Selywn access point. And the shopping center owns the land right where the bridge crosses back over so they could easily put in some stairs if they wanted to. If i was the land owner, that would an easy decision (but as we know, Piper Glen parking gets hammered). Still...more feet in the shopping center is a good thing for rent.
  3. Interesting that they are narrowing the creek there. It is quite steep behind Lucky Lou's and I was wondering how they were going to be able to run the greenway on that side of the creek. Great to see some progress after months of being halted in the early spring. When done, that will be a huge boom to that shopping center. Coffee at Mugs, burger and beer and Lucky Lou's, pizza at Portofino's, etc. Edit: This section will flood out regularly. Hope they have good construction methods!
  4. Their Frankies wine barrel aged saison was our favorite and grabbed a bottle to go (along with a sour and York County BBA stout). Also they are also starting to distribute more to CLT as well. I had one of their coffee lagers at the Lodge on Sunday (which is a great summer beer) and that prompted me to actually get down to the brewery.
  5. I had never been to Amor Artis before last night...man they are making some great beers! If you haven't been before, make sure to stop by. Located on Main St Fort Mill.
  6. Its hope it's not just too early yet. But at least the ones with prominent locations do look good.
  7. But do they ever drive them?!? At least I can say the Ferrari/Lambo/Mclaren guys at least drive them around S CLT. I can say I am never up by the lake so I can't speak to up there tho. I know the Nascar guys typically have a lot of classics...but part of that is because those guys sponsors aren't to keen to seeing photos of them driving something other than a Chevy/Ford/Toyota. I have seen Jimmie Johnson driving one of his classic pickup and it's freaking sweet!
  8. The lack of american muscle cars in CLT is pretty mind blowing. I grew up in PA where american muscle cars are a way of life, including my family. My dad had a 69 Chevelle show car with a 496 stroker motor and could spin the tires all the way through 3rd gear...and if you ever took a ride with my dad, you would have check your underwear when you were done. Classic Corvettes, Nova's, GTO's, Barracuda, TBirds, Mustangs, Camero's were cars you saw every day. Been in CLT 20+ years and I rarely ever see classic American muscle. Instead of a Lambo, I rather be driving around a 63 Corvette Stingray split window any day (not mention that car will hold its value, unlike todays super cars with their redonkulas MSRP.
  9. Edge City is open (I am stopping by this week and will report back). Fonta Flora is alive and well at Optimist. I saw some Free Range signage in some pictures at Camp North End last week but it’s not open yet.
  10. I tried twice to order from them the past few months and couldn't even get anyone to answer the phone. They weren't trying very hard to stay open. 20 years as the same concept was a good run.
  11. The traffic in and around SP right is at a new level. Every day, lanes are closed in every direction around the mall area. Park Rd still completely closed. Multiple cut through's like Sulkirk are one lane. Quail Hollow routinely down two lanes for utility work. Park South is slated to start repaving. Barclay and Morrison down a lane half the time. I am so thankful I am still working from home right now (and have bought a house further from SP than I used to be) but when I do go to the office, it is usually a nightmare. Whoever planned to start all these little projects while Park Road is fully closed...there is a special place for you.
  12. Well considering nothing was made of this, we can safely assume it wasn't true. If true, this would have been ALL OVER the news, including national outlets.
  13. So you support a serial sexual harasser and racist? Well OK then. The NFL found enough evidence that it forced him to sell. Do your homework before you post this dribble. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/12/17/jerry-richardson-carolina-panthers-settlements-workplace-misconduct-sexual-harassment-racial-slur
  14. That would be odd to have it in the same building as Catawba but after going to London and having almost all the breweries side by side on the Bermondsey mile, I am all for it. Makes brewery hopping all that much easier.
  15. They actually built one of the model Ritz residences and tore it down a few years later when the Ritz pulled out. It was right inside the fence on Gleneagles.
  16. Just know however: they only plan to can during the covid shutdown. They have said they don't plan to continue to can Higher Ground once accounts start buying kegs again.
  17. Drove by the mall yesterday and it is really embarrassing that Simon is not being held accountable for the property. City code says grass can't be that high. Simon has assets of 31 billion. Surely they can afford a lawn crew every other week. Everyone else needs to mow their lawn...
  18. It gives millions of people something to look forward to and watch on the weekends. Nascar makes their money from TV and sponsorship deals, not tickets (that how track owners make their money). I am sure nascar has a deal in place to share revenue with the track owners to compensate them for no fans.
  19. Yeah...please don't use a write off as a way to get a pity party. The raw materials for a 1/6 barrel is < $50 for most beer. They could easily price them to sell and they will and recoup their investment. Hell, Foothills is selling 1/6 barrels for $40 to clear out inventory. Merino rather take the write off and still get the pity party rather than a keg clearance sale.
  20. He is buttering up the city with the MLS HQ at Eastland Mall. When it comes time for a new stadium, its a whole lot better to show good faith that you are spending money in CLT and redeveloping a major issue for the city, even if it isn't NFL related. The Eastland site isn't anywhere big enough for what they are planning (up to 1000 acres).
  21. Rock Hill approved the Panthers incentives yesterday, including some last minute additions that caused a stir. But the deal is done and Tepper has tax breaks on 1100 acres! One thing I heard on TV that isn't in the article: opening is delayed until 2023. https://www.heraldonline.com/news/local/article242158021.html
  22. Maybe pumpkin seasonal creep has finally gotten to April! LOL!
  23. Work start a few months ago but I have seen zero work since from Tyvola to Park Rd. They cleared trees and now just sits. I walk/run this section everyday and it's sad to see no new progress (at least from that end).
  24. If you had an hour, you should have called in and asked for a refund. Once I got an actual rep, she issued a refund immediately for my Allegiant flight to FLL next month. Maybe she was just being generous or having a good day, but besides the wait, it was much easier than I expected.
  25. Wild is an understatement. You couldn't come up a fictional story this crazy! First episode I was like, "these people are a little nuts". After episode 2, my jaw dropped. I am through ep 5 and have no words to describe it.
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