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  1. Carolina Beer Temple in downtown Matthews has a dedicated mead tap and some others by the glass. Good people there. http://carolinabeertemple.net/
  2. Just an FYI: Those numbers are highly skewed. We live 8 miles from Cotswold and participated in Walk to School day. We just dropped our kid off at a church they were starting at that day so they could walk to school. As did most other parents. The kids got a reward for participating (and a chance to get on TV). There is way less than 100 a day that walk.
  3. Most places (at least places in Napa/Sonoma) won't even attempt to ship if forecasts are 80+ (usually May-September) unless you pick next day due to the heat. A fully loaded case of wine is/was just shy of $50 to ship from CA to NC (from a shipping depot, not the winery). If that is your second checked bag, you pay $35. And having to lug a 50lbs box through the airport buses/trains along with your other luggage sucks. If you are talking airports other than SFO or CLT, that might be different. I rather pay the $15 extra rather than trying to lug another bag/box on one of the damn airport shuttles. But yes, you can certainly do it and If you get the wine box luggage thing (we call our friends R2D2) it makes it really easy when you can wheel it around the airport. If you buy an actual wine/beer shipper, there is very little chance of damage. You could drop it off a roof and doubt you would loose any. 3" of styrofoam all around every bottle. I have 3/6/12 bottle shippers and while the cardboard boxes are in rough shape, the styrofoam has yet to get wet *knock on wood*. If I just have a few bombers and a sixer of jai alai, wrapping in a tshirts and putting into your checked bag is a no brainer.
  4. No problem shipping UPS or Fedex. Technically illegal to use USPS but they are working to change that. I have used all three to trade beers and never had a problem. Fedex home is usually they cheapest by a few bucks *(if you skip USPS). Biggest problem around here is finding bottle shipper boxes. uhaul sometimes has them (and you can get them online). When we go to Napa, we always ship it home rather than use the airline. At least there you can get it insured via UPS. I have a friend that uses a the Wine Check luggage all the time and has had a 100% no break success rate on 100 some trips around the world. He is the highest level on some airline and doesn't have to pay for two bags so he always fills it with beer to bring home wherever he goes. He got the luggage out in napa on sale for $50 but you can find it online as well. http://www.thewinecheck.com/
  5. Just an update: Free Range has posted some pictures of progress in the brewery. Just a trench drain being installed but it looks like a start. Very excited for these guys as they were making some excellent beer in their backyard brewery.
  6. That is what they have mentioned before. Taproom to stay in Noda. However with the craptastic parking situation at the current location (and zero greenspace), it wouldn't surprise me to see then move. I am sure they have to pay the automotive place across the street some nice coin to let them us it for parking. That Ray building looks to have much more parking and a sweet grass outside area (if that is part of the property).
  7. Still the same terrible service, mediocre food, and old overpriced beers.
  8. Cotswold Teeter carries Olde Meck mixed 12 packs, single variety 12 packs, and 6 packs. Plus they are one of the only HT in town that currently has Noda Hop Drop (and very fresh at that). Almost every Teeter I have been in at least has the 6 packs of Olde Meck. Have you checked the end caps at the Uptown Teeter (just spitballing at this point...never been in the uptown teeter).
  9. i just think that with 1000+ currently under construction on Carnegie and Barclay (with another 200 planned for phase two of old maersk site). It think it will be hard to lease 1200 "higher end" new apartments over the next 12-24 months, let alone 1600 units. Southpark has little appeal to the young crowd as there is nothing hip/cool to do in the area. No easy access to anything. No night life to walk to. Gotta drive 2m through bad traffic to get to a Teeter. And I am sure prices will be as high or higher than SouthEnd which has access to much much more. It is nice for the sightly older professional but only so many of those folks are apartment dwellers. I wish wish wish SP had an "entertainment area" that would make the area more attractive for living, not just working. No one says "YES! We get to live next to Taco Mac and some office buildings!"
  10. This isn't about urban design and isn't about being pedestrian friendly. It has everything to do with being automobile friendly. Shoppers would hate getting in and out of there, especially if they are heading south. Just like HT folks despise trying to go north out of there. Unless you frequent the area, during rush hour, you have no idea of the traffic mess that Cotswold is. I drive to Cotswold, every day, at 4pm. Trust me, that intersection of Greenwich and Randolph is already terrible. If you removed the elementary school from the area, the effects would be negligible. But it is still there. There are hundreds of cars lining Greenwich, Colwick and Randolph 5 days a week, 9 months a year. Plus school buses and city buses at the same time. All at 9:00am and 4:15pm at prime time grocery store and rush hours. Getting out of the Teeter is a nightmare and there are 4 different exits. I really like the idea of a timed turning arrow light at the shopping centers entrance. The one at Greenwich is a joke. No turning arrow and 99% of the cars are turning left.
  11. 400 apartments? Maybe but with almost 1000+ apts under construction within walking distance of that site, I doubt it. Definitely need the hotel rooms. I work near Piedmont Town Row and our out-of-town guests always complain if they have to book a last minute room as the preferred hotels are usually booked. I am sure they could lease an office building but I would just be skeptical of another 400 apartments. There are so many apartments going in that area I really wish we could get another grocery store on this side of Sharon so those new apt folks could actually walk there. Hello Trader Joes are you listening?
  12. Both the Sonic and Publix in that area will suck balls. Way too much traffic on Greenwich and Colwick as it is. It is a giant cluster f*^k trying to leave Cotswold Elem at 4:15. Add a Publix and another office building and a general rush hour traffic? You will never be able to get out and go south on Randolph. Thank god my kid is in 3rd grade and should be in Randolph middle by the time these come online. I hope CMS puts up a big fight on this.
  13. Sort of. A new brewery might push out a less popular local handle but only if that handle is not a good seller. For example, you used to see Birdsong's Lazy Bird Brown all over town. Lazy Bird is very average beer. As more and more locals came up, that handle would get pushed out by lets say Triple C's 3C which sold better. But that some bar would still tap Honey Pie or Jalapeno PA because they are good sellers. As that bar changes their customers taste buds to better locals, something like Lazy Bird would head to places with less discriminating tastes (like a pizza joint or something) and maybe/hopefully push out a macro like a Newcastle. And one thing to consider, do y'all remember what the craft beer scene in Charlotte looked like 5 years ago? Most restaurants I have been to have added taps, sometimes doubling the number because of the demand. Places that used to sell nothing but macro's (like a Red Robin), now feature multiple NC and CLT taps. This will continue as long as the demand is there. I would bet the margin on a local beer is better than that of Bud Light or Newcastle. The more breweries that come along a make a great product, people will make room for it, either by expanding or pushing out less than great sellers. Yes it is true that when you go to places, you no longer see multiple OMB beers on tap anymore. Maybe Noda took over that tap handle. BUT, you can now find OMB at practically every restaurant in town. More local options is changing the consumers tastes and if the options are good, it will create more demand for beer. If there is demand, restaurants and bars will certainly make room for it. So what I am saying is, it really isn't a "limited amount of taps" out there. Consumers determine the number of taps because if a restaurant/bar can make money with more taps, they will.
  14. The way I see it is, they only way the craft beer bubble starts to burst/implode in CLT is if breweries plan too big from the start. Huge investments are needed for the some of these larger scale breweries like Unknown. It is best to start small, perfect your craft THEN start expanding to larger levels knowing you will be able to sell your beer quickly. Olde Meck, Noda, Triple C and Birdsong all did it right. Start small (and smart) and build your brand and then start expanding. Something like Unknown started out big but has yet to make a splash locally (but they are getting the beer out to other markets quickly). I haven;t been yet, but D9 took start small to extreme as they were a very very small brewery and now after a year of not being able to keep up on the old system, they were able to move up to a full size system and move to a larger location knowing they will be able to sell enough to justify the expenses.
  15. Triple C expanding in their current location: http://www.charlottebeer.com/2014/09/19/triple-c-brewing-announces-expansion-plans/
  16. Interesting that Publix will go head to head with Teeter directly across the road and another HT 1.5m away on Carmel. I guess you will really see if people will switch.
  17. I find that kind of funny. Almost every brewery I have been to has a "brew dog" in the back and allows dogs in the tap room (if not serving food). My guess is that is a 1pt deduction and that they don't care about. They just ask that the dog be on a leash.
  18. They signed a distribution contract with Tryon Distributing the moment they opened. Most all CLT breweries distribute locally themselves but I believe even CLT distribution will go through Tryon for Unknown.
  19. Possible plans leaked here: http://screamscape.com/html/carowinds2015_3.htm
  20. I wouldn't be surprised if OMB was brewing at the new location very soon (if not test brewing already). Construction delays could slow the "Grand opening" but still allow back of the house operations. That would free up some of the smaller fermenters/brite tanks for Sugar Creek to brew on. Of course grand opening delays mean delayed refit of the Olde Meck tap room, but I can't imagine there is much they need to do in the brewery itself. PS - A batch of pale ale (which they brewed yesterday) only takes about 2 weeks to make and they won't be holding on to Pale Ale for 3 months before selling it. If they are brewing this week, look for this to selling in August (Sept at the latest). A saison can take longer (up to 4 weeks). So at the least, OMB has two empty brite tanks they are "letting" Sugar Creek use.
  21. Where are these $11 beers? Noda and Olde Meck were $7/pint when I went and B/M/C all less than that (or much larger size).
  22. Barclay Downs would literally implode if that Target ever got built. It can't handle the traffic it already has and with 1000+ apartments and two office towers under construction... However the Park South extension to Carnegie (if it ever gets built) would help alleviate a lot of that traffic mess.
  23. Sharon Arms apartments are officially gone.
  24. Well not quite :under construction" however they did close off Congress this week. This area is quite the construction mess. I work on Carnegie and have a birds eye view. Crescent SouthPark is in the process of adding windows now. JLB apartments looks like they are very close to doing the same. These two projects can't get finished soon enough. They regularly block all lanes on Carnegie with little regard for people who still have to work on this road. Add to it that the curve is a 90 degree blind turn. Fun times. Oh and lets make sure the mexican food truck blocks a whole lane everyday for lunch as well. /Rant It will be interesting to see how the JLB apartments lease. The amount of dust and mess that projects create is astounding. I can't imagine wanting to live in the JLB apartments when there will be two office towers under construction for 18+ months and then another apartment building planned in the other quadrant. Two sides of that apartment complex will face the construction mess for years. The Crescent one should have no problem filling up and looks to be the nicer location of two, especially with the pond and natural area out back.
  25. No idea but super excited to see this go! My daughter goes to Cotswold Elementary and we have to walk past that dump every day. We were wondering what was going on as there were 5-6 fire trucks there on Wednesday and it looked they might have been doing some "practice" in the complex.
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