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  1. Wooden Robot debuted a beer a Brawleys Black and Blue, a sour IPA collaboration with Fullsteam, and it one of the bigger hits of the night. That doesn't really mean squat since it was brewed on Fullsteams system with Fullsteam's help...but a good step in getting your name out on a high quality product. Look for it around at a few places...it was called Hop Rocks.
  2. If he has the capital to already order the tanks and other equipment (don't know that he has) but I don't see a late summer opening all that bad. Since he is a contractor himself with brewery building experience, I assume he would have his ducks in a row and is probably doing a lot of the work himself which I am sure can speed up the project. Of course that is assuming he is well into the permitting process, not just starting it.
  3. Update on Legion Brewing in Plaza Midwood on their anticipated summer opening: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/entertainment/restaurants/article13794413.html
  4. Rumor has it (via the Cotswold Elementary principal) is that in addition to the demo of the BP station, the Cotswold Bojangles is set to be/is sold. The principal also stated that Publix is working with the school to create some sort of bus turning lane to help alleviate the backups there during drop off and pick up. The school is also trying to work with Sonic on adding a road along the apartment property they bought along Colwick and demo'd to add another entrance to the school, specifically for buses. Sonic said they don't have any plans for the site at this moment. That would go a long to alleviate the traffic nightmare at pickup time. Since Cotswold is a magnet and half the kids live many miles away from the school, many many parents (myself included) drive in to pick up their kids at 4pm.
  5. I have been to Brawleys a hundred times and I don't think I have EVER seen a car (other than the minivan of the owner) in the parking lot for Mike's Discount. No idea how it stayed open for a decade plus.
  6. The Encore at Southpark (8 story apartments at the corner of Barclay and Morrison) has their topping out ceremony tomorrow. Even though it is 8 stories above ground, I really doesn't rise much above the treeline on Barclay due to the weird position on the corner and the giant trees they actually left.
  7. Forgot to mention that the pilot for Outcast (Cinemax show by the creator of Walking Dead) was filmed in Rock Hill/Fort Mill this winter and was picked up as a 10 episode series. My wife talked with one of the local actors on the show recently but they still didn't know if the regular series filming would take place in the Rock Hill area or not.
  8. The Park Rd location isn't really setup as a sports bar but the Ballantyne one is. Duckworths Uptown likely will be known as a beer bar with decent food that doubles as a sports bar, not just a place to watch the game. The folks looking to catch the game with $8 pitchers of Miller Lite won't be going here (except maybe for Monday night $3.50 specials).
  9. I went to Duckworth's soft opening last night and was impressed. Great looking space. Yes, there are 50"+ TV's everywhere...definitely not a place to grab a quite dinner but not overwhelming. This will be the top sports bar uptown for sure. Due to the impending snowpocalypse that was coming, I didn't wander around much other than getting to my table. Same good food and service as the other locations. My favorite feature....the beer list on ipads. Click on a beer to see details. Search for beers. They also had this at Dogwoods and I thought it was great. Side note, there is another soft opening Friday. It wasn't very crowded at 6pm last night due to the crappy weather. I am sure they want to have a packed house to work out the kinks. Anyways, people were just coming in off the street and were re-directed to the bar area. They wouldn't seat you in the dining room w/o a reservation but you could go to the bar area for drinks (maybe food as well but not sure since food was 50% off)..
  10. It was open to anyone on their email blast list. You just replied email with one of the time slots they were offering, first come first serve.
  11. Duckworth's Uptown has their soft opening tomorrow (for lunch and dinner) and opens to the public on March 2. The Cellar is not opening until April/May. Can't wait to check this out tomorrow. I think this place will absolutely kill it uptown. Great specials, decent food and good price point, and typically has bartenders who understand beer.
  12. Hate to say, but SwimMAC has nothing to do with MCAC. SwimMAC are the private facilities at Charlotte Latin and Huntersville and Lochte swims at Queens University. That said, they MCAC uptown has always been busy when I have been there. Between masters swim, open lap swim, lessons/clinics, and swim teams...there is always a crowd. I use this pool when the Harris Y closes theirs in the spring for cleaning. It is also a much better deal to swim there than the YMCA (if that is all you use).
  13. The problems with the "connect it to the blue line down fairview" is this: LIke 90% of the people working in SP are South Charlotte residents which have no access to 485 unless they are going way out of their way to Pineville station. Park/Colony/Providence/Sharon from the south are the biggest feeders of the Southpark area in the morning. At my work, there might be one person who could take the future blue line in from Noda to Southpark. Pretty much everyone else lives in the Park Rd/Monroe/Ballantyne corridor. Now going to the mall is a different story but I doubt they are going to build a rail line for people to go shopping. Now if you created a hybrid of morecowbell and SouthendCLT ideas (from Ballantyne to Scaleybark)....that would be a winner.
  14. Heard the same rumor this weekend. A patient of my wife lives in the apartments and they have been told no new/extended leases and they plan to sell and demo the site. The "office people" hinted to the renters that it was a Target.
  15. Looks like Whole Foods has been confirmed by Charlotte Restaurant Traffic: http://charlotterestauranttraffic.com/news/whole-foods-coming-uptown/#.VNn4efnF91A
  16. ^^ all those options would be attractive to a prospective brewer. When u get closer to planning, go pitch the idea to Carolina brewmasters at one of their meetings. I bet you would come away with tons of ideas and you would be talking to your prospective clients. Heck even invite them to a big brew day event in the prospective building. All you need for that is decent water and a bathroom and some open windows!
  17. As a homebrewer myself (however with no inclinations to "turn pro"), I think this is a great idea but distance "may" be a limiter depending on locale. Lot of daily work like gravity readings, etc that take no time to do, but not evryone will travel an hour round trip for. Also, I think areas like Union county are more passionate about craft beer than someplace like Rock Hill/Gastonia. Word of mouth travels fast but you have to get people into the tap rooms to spread the word. So if I wanted to do it, this is what I would do/want if this is a true incubator: Have an experienced brewer "on call" to help these guys brain pick. Jumping from homebrew size to commercial system is a big learning curve. A few different size systems. 1.5bbl/3bbl/5bbl, etc. with (pie in the sky hopes) one full size 15bbl setup. Most full size startup breweries start at 15bbl and go up. Really good web presence for the location (with good social media presence). These startup rarely have money for a web designer so if the location had a good setup site that the renters could update with their own info like events, whats on draft, etc. Really basic tap room. I mean really basic. Nobody wants to move to their start up place and have customers say, "I really liked your old place better". Nice but just no frills. Ability to get hop/grain contracts for the brewers. Thats just a few things but then again I have never started a commercial brewery so I am sure there are better folks to ask!
  18. Definitely beer-centric. 20 taps, separate menu and kitchens, no tv's, proper beer temps, appropriate glassware, beer cooler/cellar. They do plan to hire a mixologist and offer wine as well.
  19. Still in rezoning until March 16th. Staff recommends approval.
  20. Speaking of that location, when is Camden Pinehurst going to demo those nasty apartments that is adjacent to this property? That will quite the busy corner if the Camden project gets built, this gets built and if Strawberry Hill ever finishes their retail expansion.
  21. Well at least Jeff Gordon is going to retire at the end of the year so he will have time to go over and weedwack his neighbors yard because I sure it won't be finished anytime in the next year. Most homes don't take 3 years to build...
  22. Noda has done a lot with others but none with any other CLT breweries that I can remember. The author, Daniel, has this directly in the article: It’s the first collaboration beer either brewery has done, as well as the first between two Charlotte breweries (NoDa and OMB still plan to do one later this year).
  23. It really looks like they are missing a huge swath of highly populated/high income areas. From what I can tell, the areas south of 51 and east of Rea road will not have access. How are they missing a hut area around the Arboretum to serve the middle of south Charlotte? That is a huge chuck of higher income homes that wont have access. No Stonecrest, no Piper Glen, no Arboretum, no Providence Plantation, no Blakeney. These seem like the exact types of homes that would have the disposable income for google fiber.
  24. WOB is flat out piss poor in almost every sense. Poor knowledge. Poor servers. Menu rarely updated. No food. We went a few weeks ago before the Panthers game to get out of the rain. There was maybe 6 people inside (as opposed to a wait at All American Pub). The server tried to sell me 6 month old bottle of Sierra Nevada harvest IPA....ummm no dude. Asked for no less than 4 beers before I found one that wasn't kicked. They didn't start changing the empty taps until after 4pm. I also agree that Craft is great (although the flights are very expensive). Regular pours were priced good and the flat bread was really tasty. Good crowd the night we were in. I have no problem with the Brass Tap if it is a good concept. Not everything needs to be local if they do a good job.
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