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  1. If you say Wells Fargo 5 times into a mirror, a 600' skyscraper will appear.
  2. Just going but what the manager guy told me (he literally moved from Asheville to CLT the day before). They have already started on the "to-go" side on the left (but that could also be what they meant by open). If they moved a guy from Asheville to open the space, you have to imagine they are close to getting started as I can't imagine they are gonna pay him to do nothing but man the to-go shop twice a week.
  3. And to add: I talked to the Burial manager a few weeks ago and he also said "before the end of the year". He just moved from Asheville so they were ready to fully get started. HopFly: Expected opening January according to the brewery guys that were in Charlotte for the Heist beer festival. They said they will start brewing in the next few weeks (maybe this week...I had a few drinks by then). LOL. Heist Night and Day beer festival: Wow. They did an excellent job with the festival and worth every penny we spent to attend.
  4. In some possible future development news, there might be 5.5acres of office/land on Carnegie on the market soon. I can't see anyone buying it to keep it....the office building is, to put it nicely, is a dump for Southpark. Would be prime spot for some more apartments, especially if they could ever get Capital Tower 3 off the ground.
  5. Correct. The "Trail (County)" part was never built. So you can't get from LSCG to McMullen. No sidewalk anywhere around there except for maybe 50yds in front of Havertys. I tried it once and was running through busy parking lots and grass hills. Never again. City did their part and added new wide sidewalks and crossings all the way up to the Pineville town border. County (nor Pineville) did not.
  6. Adding a new pet peeve for the Charlotte "cross trail". You know the one that has no connection from Little Sugar Creek greenway to McMullen greenway unless you want to walk on a super busy road with no sidewalks. The southern terminus of Little Sugar creek greenway ends at the Polk site. Fun fact...you can't even park there on a Sunday. Gates closed. Next closest designated parking lot is the 3-4 parallel spots by the Best Buy or up by Target. Is there a town that has less regards for sidewalks than Pineville? No sidewalks around the mall. No sidewalks on 51. Little to no sidewalks on Polk St. Sidewalks to nowhere on Main St.
  7. Established or new? Eh...honestly no one has heard of them. Doesn't mean it won't be popular but not sure if it adds anything besides the AirBnB component.
  8. Weathered Souls opening tap room in Charlotte: https://charlotte.axios.com/275539/scoop-black-is-beautiful-creator-to-open-charlotte-brewery-and-incubator/ Now this one is surprising. One of the top breweries in San Antonio, and known for starting the "Black is Beautiful" collaboration stout, is opening a satellite brewery and tap room in SouthEnd. I think it will be safe to say that by the end of 2022, we will officially be a "beer mecca" and start entering the conversations of best beer cities. The Burial Taproom (world class), HopFly (already highly regarded), and Weathered Souls all are adding big, already established names to an impressive list of locals.
  9. They are quietly growing the brand all over. I was in Louisville two weeks ago and saw they had a taproom over in the "hip" part of town. Long way from Ashevegas!
  10. Not to mention, he already has plans to develop the area around the stadium into an entertainment district. I don't know why the "stadium to SC" thing keeps being brought up. We aren't Chicago or LA where land is scarce. The Braves moved because they couldn't buy the land around the stadium from the city so they had nothing to additionally development. We don't have that problem. Uptown isn't "full" and the Panthers sit on 33 acres that has a 99 year lease for $1/yr. Unless the Pipe and Foundry land is never going to be sold, a SC stadium will never even be discussed by the team. And I can't see how Tepper doesn't already have a deal in the works for that land. No one, and I mean no one, has deeper pockets than Tepper for something he wants. He is 64 years old and has 15 billion laying around looking to be spent on whatever he wants.
  11. Been there (coal rolled out in union county) while training for an Ironman. Also had water bottle and arizona ice tea can thrown at me (the water bottle hit me). Also had cars swerve toward me to scare me. Almost always teens, almost always in Union County. Almost always in a white pickup. Then broke my neck (3 fractures in C6/7) in a bike accident...who knows what happened there...I have no memory of the day until after I woke in the ICU where I spent 48hrs + another day in a regular room. I was riding 5000+ miles a year so I knew what I was doing on a bike. Needless to say I retired from triathlons and haven't ridden but maybe 50 miles total on a road in 8 years and most of that is on vacation. F that. It's not worth it.
  12. The fact that they can't staff the Starbuck there is mind boggling...and they permanently closed the one between D/E and will now be a Dunkin. That Starbucks at security always had the longest lines. They could pay staff $40/hr and still be making money hand over fist.
  13. Granite Falls isn't under a mask mandate...that's exactly what we looked like 5 weeks ago. Anyways, they make some good bottles of barrel age sours that pop up from time to time here if that's your thing.
  14. Correct on the willow oaks. They were planted because they grow fast and big. If those willow oaks were white oaks, we wouldn't have this discussion about having to cut down 100 yr old trees all the time. Same with the thousands of stupid bradford pears that were planted when the big housing boom started in the 80's. They are all past their life expectancy and need to be cut down.
  15. Lower Left is a throwback to what breweries were when they first started in Charlotte: small, friendly, relaxed. You don’t go here to impress your buddies. You go to have a good beer and chill. Their “Three Hour Tour” is legit. I find myself there when I drive down Southside Dr and there isn’t a parking spot to be had and I’m totally fine with that.
  16. I am guessing warehouse space costs pennies on the dollar in Newton vs here. Haven't been (nor heard of them before) but I crept on their untappd page and it shows 19 drafts. D9 also opened a tap room in Henderson so it seems they are trying to expand their "footprint/name recognition" around the state.
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTRyjvLADnI/ Interesting news regarding Unknown Brewing. They are going to continue brewing but in a whole new way. CBV (Community Brewing Ventures) is sort of a contract brewery started by D9. They do all the "other stuff" while the brewers just brew. It's up in Newton. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT There is no end when you Live Without Boundaries. We may have closed our taproom, but we have a new home at the CBV Brewery & Taproom, and the fun is just beginning. The folks at CBV know just how much we love what we do, whether it's making crazy new beers, being on the cutting edge of the industry, or connecting with our amazing fans. When they heard we were going to be closing up shop, they knew that they had a way to not only keep the brand alive, but growing and innovating. So we aren't going anywhere. You'll still be able to find your favorite Unknown beers at all of your favorite spots, and our new home in Newton. Keep an eye out for new concoctions, too, straight from Brad's wild imagination.
  18. Johnny Utah? Not sure why the FBI is chiming in on this!
  19. Yeah I noticed that as well. If they set it up for 10k for football, they can get probably get concerts up to 20k people as well.
  20. Speaking of: The Rock https://www.panthers.com/news/rock-hill-development-rising-up-from-dirt?fbclid=IwAR13vuQPVzbde_4e3wfhxb6PiYuiLf4D55MVf5i0C63U6Qah1iIu28uoA9o
  21. As I have mentioned before: Tepper isn't going to put 1/3 of his net worth into sports franchises. No way a hedge fund manager would put that many eggs in one basket. He is already in for 3 billion and likely another half to full billion for a new stadium. His net worth is only 13.5-14bil. He wants to develop properties around his teams...that's where he is diversifying. Real Estate development is where he will be building the wealth (the growth of the franchise wealth is just on paper until he sells). I'll eat a shoe if he buys a MLB team to relocate to Charlotte before I retire.
  22. Imagine the luxury saltwater pool or dog wash tub after the C-shift is done at 3pm
  23. Railfans? Pfft. I’m marrying into a family of full blown foamers
  24. This is VERY true. I have to take a taxi from downtown Hamburg to our office every day and so few drivers spoke anything more than broken English. But almost none of the drivers were German. Thank God for mytaxi app for most of my trips. They also like to pretend to not speak english when it comes time to pay with a card and try to take you to an ATM, insisting their machine doesn't work. Then when you refuse...they suddenly understand what you saying and then the machine suddenly works. Get this almost every time from the airport, but never when the hotel called a cab for you.
  25. Yes. I work for a German company. 1200 employees in HQ in Hamburg and every one speaks English fluently. In the 12+ weeks I have spent in Germany (mostly for work, some for vacation), I have run across less than a handful of people that spoke no English in the cities (Hamburg/Berlin/Munich) and they were all older (60's). Learning English has been mandatory in schools for a while now. I don't know about out in the rural areas where they would be less exposed to English on a daily life but in the city they sure do.
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