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  1. Got the details on their new location in Asheville...it is building directly next to the current location, 10 Buxton Ave (formerly the Asheville Hardware, directly next to Urban Orchard). They bought it for $2.2m. It definitely looks like the old location will stay, if nothing more than for the outdoor space. 11,369sf for the new space. The current spot is maybe a Frankenstein 4000sf.
  2. They own their old location so I would assume it stays open in some capacity. If I were a betting man, the new location will have a much larger inside space and a full kitchen while keeping the old location as the "outdoor" venue. The old location is a great spot when the weather is nice, but when you need to be inside, its basically a no-go for me. Fun fact: I was in the "original" location a month or so after it opened. It was a small L shaped bar with 8 barstools....that's it. My beer buddy and I walked in and had a farmhouse coffee saison (known as Thresher now) and were blown away and knew these guys were going to do well. They slowly took over more and more space in the building to what they are today.
  3. Let me rephrase this: OMG OMG OMG BURIAL! This looks like it is going into the old Boris Natasha site. Looks like a ton of work to be done but this will be awesome. - Side note - they must be flush with cash. They just purchased a new location on the South Slope in Asheville for their new home just a week or so ago.
  4. Robinhood used to be the only game in town for zero-cost trading. Not anymore. Fidelity and others have no cost trading, including option trading. I moved all my stuff out of Robinhood to Fidelity. Fidelity is MUCH faster at filling orders. No, their UI is no where close...but you can still track in Robinhood and trade in another brokerage. I had to contact customer service twice in the past year at Robinhood and each time took TWO WEEKS to get a response. That is insane. Screw them. Oh yeah with Robinhood, expect to get 3 different 1099's, all late, because they can't send out the correct one the first time. I am already got my first corrected 1099 for 2020.
  5. At least we know it won't be customer service / call center jobs
  6. Most $775 billion dollar companies fold up after a few years. "Nobody is buying those cars anymore, they're too popular" - Yogi Berra if he were still alive
  7. If you have a garage and a few sockets, installing a hidden hitch that you can get from Amazon is quite easy for $120ish depending on your car (uhaul charges quite a bit more now). There is nothing to it besides removing 6 bolts from the frame, lifting up the hitch to the frame (a helper for 5 minutes to get two bolts started) and tightening the bolts and you are done.
  8. Yep. While my parents haven't fully gotten on board for moving here *yet*, they get closer every year. It one thing to live in PA and not know first hand of the much better weather here. But when your son (me) texts mom and dad in PA about working outside on the deck in shorts and t-shirt (me, yesterday), it hits home for them and they complain non-stop. Major point of issue for my parents in PA is that they are country folks and the city scares them!
  9. That's a shame. I work with the owner/chef's wife but I hadn't heard it was closing (but not like I see anyone in the office anymore).
  10. Same reasons malls have Christmas stores. Temporary tenant until you can find one you hope can pay a higher lease long term.
  11. Who would do any renovations (that you can't take with you anyways) to a space on a short term lease??? You extend lease THEN do reno.
  12. Fun de-icing story: One time I was flying out of Toronto in a massive storm. Crews were using special tools to knock ice off the engine and fan blades so they could actually get it started so we could get to the deicing pad. Seeing guys chiseling away ice from the engine you are onboard (since it was an international flight, we were not allowed to de-plane while they took an hour to loosen up the engines) is NOT the kind of things Southerners enjoy seeing.
  13. No HOA here. Half of my back yard is fenced so I am able to keep my garden in there (and they know the dogs live in there and have never hoped over). My next door neighbor on the other hand, they hop the fence and eat his clover yard. Out front, I use deer away on the few things I have planted that they seem to like (hydrangeas...which they arent supposed to like). Here is a pic of a bachelor party and another momma and baby (we had three fawns this year). Momma, easily identified by her dot on her head, got hit by a car and has a pretty bad hitch in her step but that was in fall so she is still doing ok).
  14. Fine by me! Sitting on my deck with a bourbon watching the deer as we speak. $7/m for corn and a slightly more $ a month for my corn based beverage and I am entertained.
  15. Fixed that for you. I find its easier to just feed the deer in the back yard and hope they aren't hungry when they leave and head through the front yard (deer corn is cheap at Walmart). My very wooded backyard has 10-11 resident deer that I see 2-3x daily (with another 8-10 I see occasionally). Its quite interesting observing them, especially with the fawns. They know me as "food guy". They come running if they hear corn in the pitcher. Two of them will approach me within 10-15'. I can have both dogs off leash and they know the dogs wont chase them and aren't scared of them. I often sit on my swing by the creek with both of my dogs and they walk right past now (been in this house about a year).
  16. Shocking you are from Florida. Please, go back.
  17. I assume that is going to be the new Roaring Riott hotel!
  18. I think it will be a "WFH if you are able and want to". Not a "you must work from home". Our office is open to 15% capacity because some folks hate working from their dining room table, or worse for some apartment dwellers. But for people like me, in IT, with a dedicated home office that looks out into the woods and a million times better than my windowless cube...if I am given the option to WFH long term, I will take it in a heartbeat. I'm an introvert that has no need, or desire, to be face to face with employees for 95% of my work. My fiancé works for a large progressive company right over the border and they have told their employees the same. "Come in if you need to, stay home if you want to, when this is over, there will be a mixed work week if employees desire it"
  19. Depending on the beer. Any hoppy beer I wouldn't drink past the expiration date in a bar. I was the Bahamas over Christmas this year and saw some well expired Anchor Steam at 1/3 of regular price at the liquor store. I figured its a lager, what the hell as the bohemian lagers are terrible and about $6/per bottle to go. It tasted totally fine to me and bought a couple more later in the week. But no way I am paying full bar prices for an expired hoppy beer.
  20. It’s a pale ale so 6 months tops. But it’s still a hoppy beer and 6 month old pale ale won’t taste like 2 month old pale ale. IPA is 3 months.
  21. That stuff is like 6 months old. Proceed with caution.
  22. They just updated the project last week and now showing an early summer completion date to Polk House.
  23. It has taken well over year from the work from 485 to Polk house and still not done. Highly doubtful the Brandywine section is done 12 months from now unless there is some crazy push to do so. The section from 485 south has been sitting relatively untouched for months.
  24. Say what you want about CItyFair, it was always busy at lunch (at least for the 4 years I was uptown). Now at night, it failed there for sure.
  25. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/charlottefive/c5-food-drink/article248673840.html?fbclid=IwAR2g_eOIPhd-STixlgVs3XE8SIzFj9_PnSpVPS8uPJBOp-k9SNtj_Q0N3H4 Traust Brewery is NOT actually brewing out of the location in Wesley Heights like we first thought. They moved their brewing system into Thirsty Nomad's spot this summer (presumably a short term lease?) as it doesn't really sound like they have plans to open the tap room there and would still like to open in the Wesley Heights. They way previous articles were written, it sounded like they were in the Wesley Heights location but just not ready to open the tap room yet. Interesting. Either way, the Thirsty Nomad location is pretty terrible and hopefully they are there just to perfect the beers before a final plan.
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