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  1. Oh 'cmon I mean Charlotte is bigger than any city in CO. How stupid must that TV station's authors be!!!
  2. Something just poped up in my mind! Why don't they use the new land between the new runway (currently under construction) and 18R/36L to build the extension or something in between (maybe the proposed international terminal). It could also be used to build a new terminal 2 which might even be less expensive than renovating the old one for 400M$. The planes that are landing/departing on the new runway also wouldn't have to taxi all the way back to the "old" terminal and probably disrupt flights landing/arriving on 18R/36L.
  3. I wonder how they will do the expansion? I would like to see something like the Terminal 2 at MUC / Terminal 5 at LHR / whole HKG Airport or even something unique like T4 in Madrid (see below) Obviously our Airport is way behind all of them and it might be impossible to renovate/expand it like that. What would you guys like to see?
  4. Actually Epicentre has its own Website. Just found it http://epicentre-charlotte.com/ But you can't get any information there. It's in developing phase (just spaceholder text and tenantlists)
  5. Even Emporis picked the whole story up (or maybe knows even more)! On the Detailpage http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=trumpd...harlotte-nc-usa they defined the location and that it's gonna be 72 stories and construction end around 2010. Sounds pretty unbelieveable (maybe they didn't change the details).
  6. Fox Charlotte has an article on their website http://www.myfoxcharlotte.com/myfox/pages/...mp;pageId=1.1.1 They also have some video footage. Somebody at Fox also had fun with PS.... http://www.myfoxcharlotte.com/myfox/photo_...&isP16=true
  7. ^^ I think his magic number is 1024 because Bank of America Plaza (Atlanta) is 1023 ft. Anyway if it is over 1000 ft it will be one of the highest 30 buildings in the world (today, might look different when it is built) According to: http://www.emporis.com/en/bu/sk/st/tp/wo/ edit: and of course (maybe) the tallest outside of Chicago and New York
  8. News Update about the Charlotte-Montreal flight Charlotte.com / News about CLT - YUL flight Apparentlly they'll use an Embraer 175 Jet (86-seats)
  9. I was curious how google maps would look like when the third parallel runway is finished. Didn't know if there's already a rendering or something like that on UP so I was playing around in Photoshop a bit. Here it is I just took the layout from the airports website. Hope you enjoy it anyway (it's kinda crappy)
  10. I just came back from the airport overlook (waited for a friend that came from munich)! A couple of minutes before the LH flight landed a USAirways plane tried to take off but apparently the plane that was trying to land was just right behind it (also US Airways) so take off was aborted and the plane pulled over. The plane that was trying to land was right behind the plane that pulled over and had to take off again flew a round and landed. I'm just curious if that happens a lot i've never seen something like that or even was in a plane when something like that happened (luckily).
  11. Shot from "Midtown" Target Parking lot Wachovia Cluster Shots from [Convention Center / Westin]
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