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  1. SNOW @ ONE. Think Charleston model.
  2. Nose Dive has a very eclectic menu, but priced great and tastes great. All made from scratch. Many items you can't find elsewhere in downtown Gvegas. Their lobster roll is really good.
  3. I'm hearing that it's definitely more casual and that burgers will play a role (which is also what's happening across the street at The Carolina Ale House). Should be interesting to see what happens there in the next few months.
  4. That's it. I show an old turn of the century photo of that building on my walking tours. There are 3 windows still there in the upper right of the building that reveal part of what the old building looked like. I've always been curious to see if and when the new tenant comes in if they will take off the silver/grey bricks and reveal the rest of the old building (if it is still intact under the current facade).
  5. Is that the tan brick building that was the former Hale's Jewelers?
  6. I went down Main St. to give a tour yesterday and noticed that workers were starting to build the serpentine brick sculpture that has been planned for the sidewalk between the Greenville News and the Reedy River.
  7. I remember reading about this building before it was a cigar warehouse that it stored lots of cotton and boasted it could hold up to 500 tons of guano. I'm glad they chose not to put up an old ad for guano
  8. Just noticed yesterday that Haus Edelweiss is closed on Wade Hampton after 25 years in business. Maybe it's been closed for a while, but I hadn't heard. Too bad.
  9. I believe the Greenville Journal TBAs mentioned (a month or two ago) that something was coming to the area around that intersection but it didn't say what. It's desperately needed something. Too bad WHHS didn't do anything with the land behind it either (where the theater used to be). If it's privately owned, I sure hope something larger comes to that space. That's a lot of land that is a blight on the area now.
  10. Yes, my understanding is that the Heimbach statue at Court Square is privately owned by Ben Rook to decorate the entrance to DesignStrategies.
  11. Owned by the same guy that started the original horse and carriage rides (at the Poinsett Hotel) and also the "gondola" rides on the Reedy.
  12. I don't know about plans for a potential future front entrance yet. I'll ask the owner and let you know. The owner of Christopher Park tolder me earlier this summer she plans a coffee/tea space in her expansion. I don't think food will be part of it, though.
  13. Spill the Beans will have their "official" opening and dedication/ribbon cutting next Monday (Sept. 22) at 11:30 a.m. Mayor Knox White and others will be there to cut the ribbon. I will also be having a book signing for my Guide to Historic Greenville, SC from after the ceremony until 1:30 and also from 5:30 until closing. The facility turned out great and has an enviable view of the falls from their back window and main entrance spilling out onto the piazza going into Falls Park. The front part of the building currently has seating for people watching out of the front window, but will eventually be turned into more of a retail/news stand area. The conference room in the back is pretty cool too.
  14. Very sorry. I thought I was posting this in Coffee House.
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