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  1. greenvillehistorytours

    UPDATE:New Greenville Restaurants

    The new farm-to-table restaurant at Hyatt Plaza (now called NOMA Square) will be called Roost. Here is the logo.. and rendering of the water feature/fire pit outside of the restaurant
  2. greenvillehistorytours

    The Rumor Mill

    SNOW @ ONE. Think Charleston model.
  3. greenvillehistorytours

    The Food Thread

    Nose Dive has a very eclectic menu, but priced great and tastes great. All made from scratch. Many items you can't find elsewhere in downtown Gvegas. Their lobster roll is really good.
  4. greenvillehistorytours

    The State of Downtown Retail

    I'm hearing that it's definitely more casual and that burgers will play a role (which is also what's happening across the street at The Carolina Ale House). Should be interesting to see what happens there in the next few months.
  5. greenvillehistorytours

    UPDATE:New Greenville Restaurants

    A new Asian restaurant, Red Bowl, is now open at the plaza where The Fresh Market is on S. Pleasanburg. They ran an ad in the Greenville News and in this week's Link that announces their opening and offers a coupon for 50% off your bill at dinner! My family of 6 had 6 appetizers, 4 entries and a drink for $37. The food was incredibly good and the portions were very large. We'll definitely be back.
  6. greenvillehistorytours

    How does the outside view Greenville? includes Greenville as #6 - America's Top Places For Boomer's To Retire CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SLIDE SHOW (GREENVILLE #6) CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE As the article mentions: "... with the Boomer generation .... Unlike their parents and the generations before them, Boomers are increasingly willing to relocate upon retirement, and their choices of locations are becoming more active, youthful and far-removed from the stereotypical retirement spots ... For individuals looking to retire in the next 5-10 years, Lynch suggests an interesting strategy: "Start looking at places where you'd go on vacation ..."
  7. greenvillehistorytours

    UPDATE:New Greenville Restaurants

    Went by the old Surratt's (between The Pomegranite and the new cafe next to Christopher Park's) in the West End yesterday and noticed a sign that said "Dutch Treat Ice Cream Parlor Coming." Interesting choice of location since STB is already across the street and Blueberry Frog is just a few doors down. I think they'll have to have a real unique spin to make it. However, good to see activity in that long-vacant spot!
  8. greenvillehistorytours

    The State of Downtown Retail

    That's it. I show an old turn of the century photo of that building on my walking tours. There are 3 windows still there in the upper right of the building that reveal part of what the old building looked like. I've always been curious to see if and when the new tenant comes in if they will take off the silver/grey bricks and reveal the rest of the old building (if it is still intact under the current facade).
  9. greenvillehistorytours

    The State of Downtown Retail

    Is that the tan brick building that was the former Hale's Jewelers?
  10. greenvillehistorytours

    New Statues downtown...?

    I went down Main St. to give a tour yesterday and noticed that workers were starting to build the serpentine brick sculpture that has been planned for the sidewalk between the Greenville News and the Reedy River.
  11. greenvillehistorytours

    The West End

    I remember reading about this building before it was a cigar warehouse that it stored lots of cotton and boasted it could hold up to 500 tons of guano. I'm glad they chose not to put up an old ad for guano
  12. greenvillehistorytours

    The Food Thread

    Just noticed yesterday that Haus Edelweiss is closed on Wade Hampton after 25 years in business. Maybe it's been closed for a while, but I hadn't heard. Too bad.
  13. greenvillehistorytours

    New Greenville developments

    I believe the Greenville Journal TBAs mentioned (a month or two ago) that something was coming to the area around that intersection but it didn't say what. It's desperately needed something. Too bad WHHS didn't do anything with the land behind it either (where the theater used to be). If it's privately owned, I sure hope something larger comes to that space. That's a lot of land that is a blight on the area now.
  14. greenvillehistorytours

    What would you destroy?

    There is a photo from the 1960s in Jeff Willis's "Remembering Greenville" on p. 35. It has the ugly metal covering. He says that the southern end of the block in the 1960s consisted of new construction, but he must mean facades. What is now Mary Praytor's gallery is in the photo (and looks much different) and we know that that is an old building. BTW, you can see the Poinsett Hotel the "Jack Tar Poinsett Hotel" on the sign at the top of the building. I'm sure the Historical Society has older photos of that block as well.
  15. greenvillehistorytours

    What would you destroy?

    It's probably not very salvageable at this point, but I believe the ugly grey and white stucco building on the northwest corner of Main and McBee is actually a late 1800s building. In the early to mid 1800s Vardry McBee built a community gathering place there called "McBee Hall." According to AV Huff, Furman held its first classes (c.1851) in McBee Hall before buildings were built on their campus overlooking Reedy Falls (presumably the little wooden buildings that were moved to their new campus--before the Italianate stone buildings by Edward Jones were built). In the later 1800s, an opera house was built on this corner--only to be burned down 3 months later. It was built again a few years later and I suspect that the current building is what is underneath the stucco. The building was hideously covered in aluminum in the 1960s as most others were. It's an older brick building underneath--how old and in what condition I don't know for sure. Don't know if the DPC would want it restored if the current facade came off or if it could/should be torn down.